Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (2019): Rapper’s Delight ft. Ice Cube (Clip) | HBO

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (2019): Rapper’s Delight ft. Ice Cube (Clip) | HBO

Ice Cube’s latest creation…
Big 3 Basketball.The world’s first
professional league
based on a sport from the hood:three-on-three pickup hoops.ICE CUBE:We drew this
from the neighborhood.
We takin’ that spirit and sayin’
“Why leave it on the streets? Why leave rap music
on the streets? Why leave our movie ideas
as just side ideas? Let’s elevate that spirit
to the professional level.” -This is the latest incarnation
-Yes. of what you’re taking
from your upbringing. That’s why it’s working
because that’s so real. KREMER:The idea
behind the league is simple.
Cut a normal basketball court
in half,
then pit three guys
against three others
in games up to 50,
Just like they do
on street corners across America
every day.
The difference is
these aren’t just any players.
Most are former pros
who’ve aged out
or washed out of the NBA,but are not quite ready
to hang up their high tops.
Some people just wanna get fat.
They don’t wanna play no more. That’s fine.
You can come sit by me. But if you wanna play…
we got a place for you. Why is Gilbert Arenas
in the Big 3? ‘Cause I’m a big fan of Cube’s. And then, I just wanted to play
against my old friends again and old competitors. How competitive is it out there? I mean, look, you’ve played
at the highest level. It’s the same players.A little bit older,
a little bit slower,
but the competitiveness
is still there.
Already getting physical.
like Amar’e Stoudemire,
are here to try to claw
their way back to the NBA.
Oh, what a block by Amar’e!
KREMER:What do you wanna
get out of being in the Big 3?
Oh, I love to compete. And so, it keeps me in shape
in the summertime. Uh, it allows the world to still
see that we still can play. For guys like myself who are
looking to make an NBA return,it’s great to compete
at a high level.
Put that man back in the NBA!
Who’s your dream recruit?
I got about a list of 20.Kobe and…Kevin Garnett.Vince, when he come out.Can you sell them on that? It’s not about me sellin’ them. The league sells itself. ♪ (“REAL SPORTS” THEME PLAYS) ♪

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  1. This is a great idea former NBA players wanting to still play on the court, have fun, and just add on to more exposure.

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