Real Reason WWE RELEASED The Rock Dwayne Johnson In 2005!

Real Reason WWE RELEASED The Rock Dwayne Johnson In 2005!

Although he came in to the WWF as the ultimate
bluechipper babyface Rocky Maivia, it wasn’t until he turned heel that The Rock’s star
began to grow. He won his first WWF Championship at the 1998 Survivor Series and then main
evented the next three WrestleManias [4]. But in 2001 Hollywood came knocking on his
door, and a supposed clerical error lead to his departure. I am Luke Owen and this is
the real reason The Rock was released by WWE in 2005. To tell this story correctly, we have to go
back to the night after WrestleMania X-7 – where Rocky failed to recapture the WWF Championship
he lost to Steve Austin. In storyline, The Rock was “suspended indefinitely”, but
he was actually taking time off to film his part in Hollywood blockbuster The Mummy Returns
– which resulted in the PS2 level CGI graphic scorpion with his face on it. The movie was
a big success, earning $433 million worldwide, and Warner Bros. liked Rock so much they planned
a spin-off movie based on the Scorpion King character. Although The Rock returned to the WWF a few
months later, he was gone again in the summer of 2002 to make more movies. He came back
in 2003 but left after WrestleMania 19 again to focus on his film career. While he was cast in movies like Be Cool,
the video game adaptation Doom and Southland Tales, he sporadically returned to the WWE
in 2003 and 2004, reuniting the Rock N Sock against Evolution at WrestleMania XX – and
there was even talk of him working with Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 21 the following
year. But something strange happened. In early 2005, The Rock’s contract expired
and the company didn’t bother to renew it. One of their biggest stars of all-time, and
they just let him go. He told Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer: “The company and I are at an odd crossroad.
It was an oddly quiet ending, without any interaction or communication from the front
office or the old man. Surprising to say the least, especially after eight years.” – The
Rock, Wrestling Observer Newsletter, January 5th 2005 And that was it – Rocky was gone from WWE.
This has led to a lot of speculation as to why The Rock was so quietly let go. The official
WWE story is that head of talent relations at the time John Laurinaitis simply made a
clerical error and didn’t realise his contract was up – and Vince McMahon didn’t know anything
about it because he was healing from the injuries he suffered at the Royal Rumble. Many wrestling
journalists, however, have called this story simply preposterous. In fact, some believe
that another WWE superstar with a bit of backstage power may have had something to do with it. “I’m not one to speculate, but I think
there might be a certain wrestler who is also doing movies that doesn’t like Mr. Rock,
especially since Rock’s movies are generally well-regarded by critics while this person’s
are not. And if the comparisons aren’t bad enough for this person already, wait until
all those other WWE movies come out and bomb. In other words, I think it all boils down
to pettiness.” – Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly #501, January 31st 2005 Alvarez is referring to Triple H, who had
just starred in Blade: Trinity – which received awful reviews on its release and made the
least money domestically of the trilogy – and the two have a storied professional rivalry.
Allegedly, WWE felt The Rock wouldn’t make it in Hollywood and were happy to let him
go so he could fail – something Rock referred to in an interview when asked about WWE trying
to discourage talent from trying other projects: “If you’re lucky enough to get a little
bit of success and then you want to do something else which isn’t your forte, you’re met with
a lot of cynicism. But you have to fight through that and bring it.” – The Rock, The Celebrity
Expert, February 11th 2017 To further back up this theory, The Rock showed
an interest in being a celebrity guest host for Monday Night Raw in 2009 and 2010, but
WWE never asked him to do it. He did some pre-recorded videos in 2007 and 2009, but
he never appeared in front of the live crowd. By this point Rock was a huge movie player,
starring in Race to Witch Mountain, Tooth Fairy and Get Smart, and was set to star as
Agent Hobbes in Fast and Furious 5. So it was weird then on August 2nd 2010, when Raw
had skits with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg promoting their new movie The Other Guys,
without featuring their co-star The Rock. “You know, Dwayne Johnson is in that movie.
And they didn’t even mention that – on a wrestling show. You’d think you might want to drop that
in.” – Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio, August 3rd 2010 Rocky finally made his return to WWE on February
14th 2011, and began a feud with John Cena – a company man through and through who also
had a lot of choice words about The Great One during his hiatus from WWE. “Our fan base have so much admiration for
him, he’s got to respect that. He doesn’t give anything back. So explain to me why he
can’t come back for our 15th anniversary show or why he can’t make an appearance
at WrestleMania. I wish he’d just show up, say hi and leave. Do the eyebrow once and
get out of town.” – John Cena, The Sun, Date Unavailable Read into that what you will. Do you think WWE botched Bayley’s call up
to the main roster? And why not check out the latest episode of the WrestleRamble and
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  1. The Rock Is A Sell Out So Is John Cena Hollywood Owns Them Now But I Honestly Don't Like The Rock Finally The Rock Has Come & Left Again Or John Cena After Going From Thuganomic Rapper To Fruity Pebble Soldier I Am Done Cheering For Cena And How He Treated His Ex Lost My Vote Quick Now Randy Orton Is A Better Wrestler & A Better Actor So Is Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Miz Dont Get Me Started Starting His Career Being On The Show The Real World To Being In A Tag Team W/ John Morrison Then Goes On To Lose All Credit When Being Mr Hollywood. Who I See Is Really Good In WWE Today Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor & Dean Ambrose Of Course Matt & Jeff The Hardy BoyZ But Not Enough Oh My God Moments Unless You Wanna See Shane McMahon Jumping Off Hell In A Cell But They Need To Be More Extreme Bring Back The Hardcore Title or This Time If They Bring It Back As The Hardcore Tag Team Belts New & Improved

  2. it is pretty weird. the rock is probably the most popular wrestler of all time now. well actor. he's even bigger than cena, and he's constantly making movies.yet we dont hear from him in the WWE much at all when they could be promoting it

  3. Big fan of the rock but definitely criticised him for being away for so long when he said he loved the WWE, this makes a TON of sense.Big fan of HHH too, but can totally believe this theory. Very interesting, I'd literally never heard anything on this, even the quiet release.

  4. cena has mentioned recently that he was unaware of the politics of the rock leaving, he thought it was dwayne not wanting to come back

  5. Correction. The Rock missed a week of WWF in May of 2000 to film Mummy Returns. As Triple H even makes comment on a May 2000 Edition of Smackdown! when he claims Rocks excuse for not showing up this week is filming the sequel to The Mummy. Its April and May of 2001 when he films Scorpion King.

  6. WWE can only afford to pay The Rock barely hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Rock with Hollywood makes hundreds of millions. Simple Rock chose Hollywood for the same reason we all would a lot more money. Hollywood teamed with The Rock to make him the highest paid actor and entertainer in the World. The WWE needs The Rock. The Rock quit WWE because they can't afford to pay The Rock what he gets paid by Hollywood. Get it right you bunch of loser racists. The Rock is the best wrestler ever and the best entertainer. You don't like it racist white people too bad. For the whites that do like it you're not racist. Nuff said facts!.

  7. LOL, this uploader has a lot of time to waste…. mentioning things that come to his dreams…. either hate the rock or like him..dont waste others time just cos u have alot to spend and say bullshits …. have some better things to do….if you cant find any…. fidget spinners are really cheap this year…….(what an a hole)

  8. We know wwe is scripted and for entertainment but why create a monster so to speak and then when he becomes self aware that he no longer needs you you want to shut him down kid of sounds like a movie congrats rock

  9. So the rock left to make movies? Holy shit I didn’t know this? How do you youtubers get all this insider information ??

  10. The rock leaving wwe is bitter sweet would of been mint to have a other decade of him steady in the ring, but we got so many good movies

  11. Its funny how alot of ppl dont see john cenas fucked up side like bullying new wrestlers to the point they quit the business. Dont get me wrong i love john cena but that was before he changed the wwe. After he became the face wwe just went to shit. And its funny how he shit talks the rick about doing movies but he is slowly getting into that phaze and he even admitted that making movies is actually harder than he thought so he took his words back about the rock and his movies. Lol dont talk shit about something you dont know. Makes you look dumb especially when you have a good persona.

  12. Triple H is the biggest POS ever. He screwed over so many people. He and his little clique are all little pieces of shit (except maybe Shawn Michaels, he got himself clean and found religion).

  13. Lol they thought he would come back and stay in 2011 lol but nope, he had bigger fish to fry n to promote his career. Which was a great business move. I just hope that his daughter doesn’t reap the wrath of The WWE since she will be the fourth generation of wrestlers. She’s pursuing wrestling as well.

  14. They didn T relased him he just in the movies and don't have time it . He will always be apart of wwe when they ask him ..

  15. The Rock is the most famous, most highly regarded, most successful, and most PAID WWE transitioned wrestler of all time, period!

  16. I talked to Dwayne Johnson and at the time he had a open contract. Vince had not contacted him, so it was just open and he didn't know what was going on at that time. He was filming that movie with Sir Michael Caine in Honolulu.

  17. not only is he wrong for saying WB when the Mummy is a Universal Studios product but has the cardinal audacity to keep his decaying hair.. show some mercy and let it go!!

  18. This is why WWE decided to do away with the multiple star formula & stuck with one single guy for years. That way, you can prevent anyone from getting too big & thus becoming part time or out right leaving. Vince could've expanded WWE into a legit respected entertainment conglomerate but ego got in the way. He could've been getting executive producer credits on major Hollywood films. Could've used Rock's success to get others in the door & have his wrestlers amongst the Hollywood crowd he desperately wants to gain respect & attention from. Since, Rock left in 2004, there hasn't been a single WWE wrestler that has come close to his crossover appeal. And, there never will be. WWE will never be mainstream again like 98-01.

  19. Okay…….. 20 million dollars a movie, 6 to 8 months making that movie opposed to 3 million dollars for one year 300 + days at wrestling making that three million dollars! Fuck wrestling I am a movie star!

  20. One more reason The Rock is not returning to WWE next to what the commenters mentioned is that the current WWE is just too small for The Rock.. If he returns as a full time wrestler he would be a very pale version of his former self and would simply bury his are right Rock.. don't come back

  21. first rock's major gig holllywood on mummy returns they even paid him around 5 million. this is one of biggest payment for new actor that didn't have any acting resume in hollywood. his greatness already start since his day one !

  22. He still made guest apperances. He has a career in acting. Plus hes gonna be in a movie produced by the wwe. And guess who is one of the main stars. The rock

  23. Best thing the Rock ever did for himself why be a slave to Vince when you can be your own man the fans have to understand that like who isn’t gonna leave a shitty job for a better one isn’t the idea is to make as much money as possible with out working so hard sign me up

  24. Can we say RE________ACH and the title is lowkey clickbait af They didn’t let him go they didn’t renew his contract because rocks loyalty was too inconsistent but that’s what happens when you’re trying to transition into big movies you got one foot in and one foot out. You’re making it seem like he was red hot in wrestling at the time and they just randomly let him go NO, after WM XIX Rock was loosing steam better yet after he dropped the title to Brock in 02’ he was met as exciting as he was in the attitude era and once that’s due to his attention to movies.

  25. Dwayne doesn't come back to the WWE anymore because he knows how bad WWE has gotten lately and he doesn't want to ruin his success/reputation by lowering himself to WWE's standards now.

  26. I actually heard that The Rock was originally planned to face & defeat JBL for the WWE Championship at WM 21. But WWE didn't think it would've made sense for a part timer to be champion & they ended up changing it to John Cena winning the title instead.

  27. WWE in 2005 : Yeah Rocks had it. He's not worth it anymore. Let him go.
    WWE in 2011 : Here's a blank check, your versing Cena at WM next year.

  28. ok I think the rock would want a lot more money if he were to  main stay ,  but the wwe is getting an older less charming rock.  long run   wwe might be a bit taxing on the older rock so no wrestling  every night  and on the mic  the rock goes to cheep pops rather than a slick tongue …..just aint worth it.   contract error my ass

  29. HHH would be a commentator in TNA if he didn’t carry Shawn’s bags and smash the boss’ daughter.

  30. Vince released the sex tapes on Paige because she was dating a mexican. And defame the rock making a movie over her.

  31. dwayne johnson was smart to do movies instead. wrestling is not a bad career but the travelling and the schedule is just brutal if you're a wrestler or people behind the scenes. Besides dwayne made way more money with movies than the WWE could ever pay him.
    vince mcmahon net worth = 2.8 billion
    Triple H net worth – 40 million
    dwayne johnson net worth = 280 million
    this means that vince mcmahon being as rich as he is, is only 10 times richer than the dwayne johnson.
    john cenas net worth is only $55 million.

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