Real Reason Stone Cold Steve Austin WALKED OUT On WWE!

Real Reason Stone Cold Steve Austin WALKED OUT On WWE!

He was the biggest star in the WWF, and helped
them win the Monday Night War against WCW. But it was stars from that rival company coming
in that helped pushed him out the door. It led to a match he didn’t want at WrestleMania,
and a follow-up he liked even less. I am Luke Owen, and this is the real reason Stone Cold
Steve Austin walked out of the WWF in 2002. Let me take you back to 2002. WCW was dead,
ECW was dead, the Invasion was over, and Chris Jericho was the Undisputed Champion, getting
ready to face off against a returning Triple H. Austin had once been the focal point of
the company, feuding with The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, The Rock and Vince McMahon, but
the landscape was changing. New stars like Brock Lesnar were coming in, Jericho was getting
a big push, Hunter was positioned as the number one babyface, and positions on the card were
being shaken up. “Steve felt he wasn’t the most important
thing in the company back then, but you also had a s*** load of talent that you’re trying
to get over and guys you’re trying to bring up, so you have to shuffle a little bit.”
– Bruce Pritchard, Something to Wrestle. In February of that year, WWF finally came
to terms to bring in Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall as the New World Order. This
included the Icon vs Icon match at WrestleMania X8 between Rock and Hogan, which left Austin
to face off against Scott Hall. Now, Hall was battling a lot of demons at
the time. He had drink and substance abuse issues that often got him in trouble while
in WCW, and there were those in WWF who were warning Vince at the time that bringing Hall
and Nash into the company could cause issues backstage. “They just would be a cancer in the locker
room and do we need that right now with the locker room that we have? That was unanimous
for the most part. The agents, the writers, everybody… Triple H was an advocate for
them to come back.” – Bruce Prichard, Something to Wrestle Austin had no issues with facing Hall on a
personal level, but felt that it didn’t work creatively as he’d only been in the
company a month which wasn’t long enough to get him on Austin’s level. He has said
over the years he just wanted to face someone else at Mania – probably someone who didn’t
sell the Stunner in the most comically goofy manner. Worse yet, the original plan was actually
for Hall to win due to interference from the newest member of the group, X-Pac. The week before WrestleMania X8, WWF creative
begged McMahon to change the finish after watching Hall’s less than stellar performance
on the March 11th edition Raw. McMahon agreed, but oddly didn’t tell Austin, Hall, Nash
or X-Pac. So here you have Steve Austin, the man who has been your biggest draw for years
and your number one merchandise seller, who at this point thinks he’s jobbing to Scott
Hall at the biggest show of the year, even though many in the company felt his behavior
meant he wouldn’t be around much longer after Mania. And then, Hall gets drunk with
fans the night before the show, and turns up to WrestleMania X8 with a hangover. According to Bryan Alvarez, “Austin blew
his stack” – April 1st edition of Figure 4 Weekly He demanded the finish be changed – which
it already had – and Vince being the genius he is acquiesced and pretended like it was
Austin’s idea. Of course, Hall and Nash weren’t keen on the finish as the NWO would
lose both of their matches in their first PPV, effectively killing the group – which
by the way, it did. On the Monday Night Raw after Mania, the main
event was Hall and Nash vs. Rock and Hogan. Austin was just scheduled to cut a promo.
He decided a better use of his time was to go home. He wasn’t on the following show
either, which angered fans who bought tickets just to see him. On a May 31st episode of WWE’s Byte This,
Austin aired his grievances with the company. Hilariously, host Kevin Kelly tried to play
down Austin’s disgruntlement as mere “Internet rumours”, but then Austin replied: “The
bottom line is that everything sucks. I’m not happy with the way Stone Cold Steve Austin
is going. The writing has been pretty substandard. I’ll go one better than that. It’s been piss
poor. I guess it could have been a whole hell a lot better creatively than what it’s been.
It’s been pretty s*****. I wasn’t happy before WrestleMania X8 and I wasn’t happy after WrestleMania
X8.” Austin was looking at a WWE that was different
to 1998 and 1999. He was still the company’s biggest draw, but he was no longer their biggest
star. He wasn’t in the hunt for the title because that was being held by young, plucky
upstarts The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan, who had an on-the-fly babyface turn due to the
thunderous reaction he got from Toronto at WrestleMania. He had been asked to do a job
for The Big Show in an unadvertised match in England, and then – the straw that broke
the camel’s back – he was asked to lose to newcomer Brock Lesnar in an unadvertised
King of the Ring qualifier on a June 2002 episode of Raw. Austin felt like this was
something that should have been built up to, not given away free. Upset, he stormed out
of the building and went to the airport to fly home. In his autobiography Austin wrote, “Here’s
the bottom line: I’m Stone Cold Steve Austin. I’ve drawn more money than anybody in this
business. I’ve reportedly sold more merchandise than anybody in this business, and I’ve sold
more Pay-Per-Views than anybody in this business. So Stone Cold is not the first in line to
do a job to Brock Lesnar… I had no problem with putting him over. But I should have been
the last in line, not the first. It made no sense to me. I thought it was poor planning.”
– The Stone Cold Truth Vince McMahon and Jim Ross weren’t in the
building when he walked out, and when they found out JR frantically tried to call him
to get him to return, but Austin was already boarding the airplane. Raw had to be re-written
on the fly. So Austin walked out, again. No big deal,
right? He walked out the night after WrestleMania and was back in a couple of weeks. But then
on June 13th 2002, reported: “On Monday, June 10, 2002, Stone Cold Steve Austin
again failed to appear for the scheduled Raw event in Atlanta, instead choosing to return
home to San Antonio without notice and without company approval. Although Steve was unhappy
with his character’s creative direction, Steve made the personal and unprofessional
decision not to report to work to address his concerns. Therefore, Stone Cold Steve
Austin is no longer an active member of WWE’s talent roster.” That same afternoon Vince McMahon and Jim
Ross taped a segment for that Saturday’s WWE Confidential saying Austin was not welcome
back and that it was impossible to build storylines around a character that never shows up. As
they put it, Steve Austin, “took his ball and went home.” In The Stone Cold Truth, Austin notes that
creative issues were a part of the problem, but he was also suffering mentally and physically.
“The stuff that was going on at WWE was only part of the picture. It was a tough time
in my life because I was standing on the sidelines, people were throwing rocks at me, my body
was quitting on me and I didn’t have any recourse but to try to get out of it.” But do you remember when Vince made Trish
Stratus strip and bark like a dog? And what are some of the matches at WrestleMania YOU
WON’T BELIEVE happened? Find out more by clicking the videos to the left. Press subscribe
and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Luke Owen, and that was reasons.

100 Replies to “Real Reason Stone Cold Steve Austin WALKED OUT On WWE!”

  1. I don't blame Austin for how he felt. However, he could of handled it better. that is something he has admitted himself. He will always be G.O.A.T. to me. WHAT!?

  2. Well look at the position they in now ? They fucked over stone cold and the product is suffering bad. Thats what they get for fucking over big stars what comes around goes around. R.I.P. WWE 1982-2002 Fuck you vince and Triple H!!!

  3. It's impossible to build storylines around people never show up?

    Now say that to Brock Lesnar

  4. So you're gonna talk about the "real" reason he left and not mention Debra and the fact that she had him arrested multiple times for beating her and Vince couldn't have that getting out?

  5. I don't give a damn who you are but if you're a wrestler and you had your neck broken by a fellow wrestler who was careless you'd retire too. Which is exactly what happened to stone cold Steve Austin when he faced Owen hart when Owen hart attempted a pile driver but instead botched it and dropped stone cold Steve Austin on his neck and thus causing stone cold Steve Austin to break his neck. That's the real reason why stone cold retired not because of some temper tantrum about Scott hall.

  6. Austin was right about not hot-shotting that match against an emerging superstar such as Brock Lesnar. WWE could've made a king's ransom from that match if it were put on PPV. However, I don't think Austin handled this very well.

  7. What? Never shows up!?!?! Look at my profile pic and see WWE's current opinion on never showing up

  8. A lot of BS from both sides in this. While I agree it was brick-stupid to job out a former KOTR WINNER to a rookie in a KOTR Qualifying match and he had every right to be pissed-off, I think the beginning of the end was his biased towards the nWo coming in.

    He had preconceived notions about the nWo and that is understandable considering their history, but he should have been smart enough to know that Vince would not (and subsequently DID NOT) tolerate such nonsense as Scott Hall was quickly shown the door. Nash obviously got hurt soon after Wrestlemania. That left Hogan and and he pretty much did everything that was asked for him. Of course Hogan had his own agenda of what he wanted to do and the reasons for jobbing to so many guys around that time such as Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and even Brock Lesnar, he still did what was asked of him to do. He can't be faulted for that. He was even willing to job to Austin at Wrestlemania, but Austin wanted no parts of Hogan.

    There probably was still some residual resentment there from the WCW days. HE says that he felt that Hogan's work-rate would not have messed well with his own. However he admitted that it was a mistake to prejudge Hogan because he saw how Hogan and the Rock tore the house down by basically doing nothing but working the crowd. Would have been the funnest, easiest, and most gratifying WM match he ever had. His ego got in the way of a huge payday. Had he of gone over Hogan at WMX8 things probably would have gone a different direction for him.

  9. I think it should have been @Wrestlemania18 or Wrestlemania x8:
    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan.
    (Icon vs Icon match)
    The Rock vs. Sting

    and instead of having the Wcw title Wwf title unification match at Vengeance 01 they should have had
    Wcw Champion
    Chris Jericho vs.
    Wwf Champion
    Triple H.
    They could have had Y2j beat The Rock at vengeance as what happened and Triple H win the Royal Rumble as what happened, then have Triple H cash in his Wrestlemania title opportunity earlier (like John Cena did in 08) and Triple H could have beat Austin at No way out 02, and set up the undisputed championship match at Wm, and have Jericho go over (still the 1st undisputed champ) nothing changes except Jericho leaves Wm with both titles… Just my opinion though its sort of a twist to what actually happened. Except in reality there was no Sting at that point.

  10. CM Punk is today's Stone Cold Steve Austin since he took his ball back in 2014 and went home and never returned to this day.

  11. It's funny because when I saw the Austin Vs Hall match years ago I thought I was the only one who realized how ridiculous Scott took the stunner. Because nobody else talked about it when it happened now I'm seeing multiple videos where's it's mentioned. It's like people were just being quiet about it all these years. Lol

  12. I think Austin was too fucking full of himself. He just thought that he was god and everyone had to kiss his ass and worship him. The greatest of all time is The Undertaker not Austin! I'm glad he learned the hard way that not everything is about him. Good fucking riddance!!!

  13. Brock lesnar should know that if the guys like the rock, undertaker, Kurt angle wouldn't put him over in the ruthless aggression era, he wouldn't be standing in the wwe ring today. He should lose to other young talents. We are tired and getting bored of this suplex city crap

  14. because from late 2000 rock became the biggest star and austin got jealous so he left because of his ego issues of putting talent over and went home to whoop his wife debra thats the real reason lol harsh truth

  15. if that time he would hav left the show and went to some other wrestling showz WWE may not be such big company what it is now. It was Austin Undertaker Rock who work their ass to make it big

  16. Your a fuckwit mate do your research properly this is woman's gossip the man broke his neck and started ageing like the rest of us

  17. I was a huge Austin fan and is definitely one of the greatest and probably did sell the most merchandise ever ( hell I had a shirt) but after all it was the 90's and 00's so it was easier to buy merchandise thanks to the internet. (Not like the 80's). But the biggest name ever? I disagree . Maybe a close second. Hulk Hogan (especially in the 80' & early 90's) was by far the biggest name ever. Even people who didn't know wrestling knew Hogan. Austin was key in keeping WWF afloat until WCW imploded, but Hogan was the icon that bankrupted virtually every other great organization. NOW all we have is WWE trying to compete with itself.

  18. so when hogan dint put guys over he is a cancer, but when stone cold does so, he is on the right! stone cold, the NWO nearly took out WWF! stop complaining man!

  19. Stone Cold had a Awesome Career he was also dealing with a lot of injuries and personal problems. he had to think about his future to be with his wife,kids stone cold done the right thing shew if my body was giving up on me I be like well y'all it's been real but I am not trying to Retire in a Wheelchair….

  20. I thought Stone Cold left due to injuries to his neck. I also recall missing that Monday Night Raw episode and heard Austin left that night. So many rumors, not sure which one is right, but I'm going with the one I believe, which is, he left due to injuries.

    John Cena is already talking about feeling the pain his body has gone through over the years and has preferred to do stuff outside of WWE like shooting movies etc.

  21. to hear a man who's main part of his character is pouring beer down his throat and swallowing as much as he could, to hear him have issues with someone being drunk and hungover is just too funny to me.

    also the real reason Austin walked out of wwe, just from watching this ideo, he thought himself too big a star to do what he was told. #HappyRusevDay!

  22. Austin is the reason why WWE became relevant again, Vince saw this and jumped on board plus no wrestler in that roster could never bring back the north east like 3:16 did, even rock dx foley and taker caught a rub from Stonecold

  23. WRONG he left the WWE because of his neck and he said on a DVD that i have. it was also because to him he felt like his body was telling him it couldn't do it anymore. his body has had enough.

  24. Doctor told him to not play wrestling he will die that wise Stone cold Steve Austin icon leave the wwf , Stone cold Steve Austin evergreen icon king

  25. Why are talking about this 15 years late . stone cold said he made a mistake . what done is done . its in the past leave it there!

  26. Seems kind of selfish. Everybody has to do the job for the new talent. No one is a star without the writers and the fans. The rock had no problem laying down twice for stone cold. This is why the rock is the greatest. He was a huge star but did the job with a smile

  27. Austin refused to work with Hogan that wrestlemamia cause he knew Hogans ego wouldn't do the job for the real G.O.A.T

  28. what about the story where he retired because everytime he does a stunner his tailbone gets worse and worse or something like that

  29. And what happened when the Stone Steve Austin left the wwe completely. That's right it's been going downhill ever since. So Stone Cold was the best thing that ever could happen to them. And only a few others.

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