Real Racing TV Game Team 11 – 6.6 Launch

Real Racing TV Game Team 11 – 6.6 Launch

Hey race fans, update 6.6 from Real Racing 3 is upon us, and we’ve got an an exciting partnership, amazing cars, and awesome new racing coming your way! Hey, race fans. This is Sean, and starting right now, you
can compete in the Technic Motorsports Championships, whereby competing in this Time Trial Competition, you could earn a brand new exclusive Lego livery for the 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R. Straight after, you’ll be able to enter in
the exciting finale of the McLaren Shadow Project Time Trial Competition. We already have two winners, and we’re looking for a third. Grab that McLaren 600LT out of your garage, and show your fellow racers what you’re made of. 6.6 is jam-packed with new cars, and electrifying events including the brand new Motorsports category, Euro Track Masters, where you’l
be able to race the Mercedes-AMG C63 touring car, and the BMW Driving Experience M4 Racing. You’ll also be able to race the jaw-droppingly fast Porsche 911 GT2 RS in the thrilling special event called, King of the Ring. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Head over to Real Racing TV where Jack and I talk about all the new content heading your way. Thanks for joining us for the latest episode of Game Team. Keep racing!

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  1. a futuro deberían mejorar la IA, actualmente son solo un obstáculo, mas cuando tienes los autos mejorados es muy fácil sacarles una gran distancia en media vuelta, eso vuelve las carreteras aburridas

  2. We want all the super cars of bugatti, the new lamborghini terzo millenio, the new car of the audi the PB12 e-tron concept, the new of the ferrari, damn this is the best game of cars, it has been updated with the best

  3. Please Lamborghini Diablo, Lamborghini Murcielago, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO vs Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Mercedes E63 AMG vs Audi RS6 vs BMW M5

  4. why there is no brands hatch hp full track version yet???just why??it has been more than 5 years and still u guys cant bring it?

  5. Can you guys add the supra and maybe other imports? Like you have the rx7 and r34/r32, i would like to see others

  6. Guys, when you race using onboard cam, brake lights never light when watching the offboard replay, its like you wasnt braking

    And also brake discs never glow red hot either

    Plus if you went off on lap 4 of the race the tyre marks will be there from lap 1 of the replay

    Fix all that

  7. Por favor quiero que las carreras del modo historia o de la serie automovilismo o de la exclusiva como en el project Cars 2 en que te salga el mismo evento pero con distintos climas ya sea lluvia nieve niebla etc ya que eso mejoraría la dificultad del juego,aparte quiero que pongan eventos de drifting ya que hay varios autos como los mclarens o los Lamborghini o los Ford que derrapan muy epicamente y no estaría mal tener un evento nuevo aparte que podrían poner competencias de rally y de rallycross con el Focus RS el Audi A4 y el Toyota Yaris también podrían hacer un campeonato de JDM ICONS con el RX7 el Impreza WRX el Toyota SUPRA y el Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII además de poner más prototipos como el Mercedes amg proyect one o el lykan Zephyr y también que se pueda personalizar la carrocería de los autos y quiero más vehículos R3 spec como un Skyline R34 o el fxxk o el Toyota SUPRA y Charger RT 70' también no quedaría mal que puedas crear eventos personalizados con cualquier auto y pista sin necesidad de que te den dinero por completarlas y además que reduzcan el precio de los autos que cuesten oro y/o las mejoras en general… Con todo esto sería un gran juego ya que lo tengo desde que salió y siempre me ha gustado ya que no todos tenemos para el forza o el gran turismo y espero que tomen en cuenta este comentario para las actualizaciones a futuro son los mejores y quitan con este gran juego 10/10

  8. Too many cheaters in McLaren time trial…first place of mice and men…only fame of 261 but has nearly all the cars and fully upgraded…didn't be agree to the terms of the competition…should be banned if is as I suspect. I race fair and honest.

  9. Great game pity you’re busy destroying it. All multi player racing is simply a time trial. Shove it and if I could I’d ask for a refund. No skill required just buy the best car and win. I’ve built up over years only to find my own cars no use to me in multiplayer and no holding the racing line to win. Stupid as shit.

  10. Idea for January/February update:
    American Motorsports Update (and others)
    New Cars-
    2019 NASCAR Ford Mustang
    2019 NASCAR Chevy Camaro
    2019 NASCAR Toyota Camry/Supra
    2018 Ferrari 488 Pista
    2018 Chevy Corvette C7.R / 2018 Chevy Corvette Le Mans
    2018 Ford GT LM
    Aton Martin DBS Superleggara
    New Tracks-
    Sonoma Raceway
    Watkins Glen
    Circuit of the Americas
    Charlotte Motor Speedway + Charlotte ROVAL
    Road Atlanta
    Removed Tracks-
    Porsche Test Track
    Any Formula E Circuits
    New Game Functions-
    Removed any Formula E Series
    Revised Motorsports Section
    LTD Time Series-
    Mastare Ferrari 488 Pista Championship
    Quanticfire 2018 Ford GT LM Championship
    Turbo Boost Corvette Le Mans Championship
    Main LTD Event-
    American Road Course Excursion (Chance to earn all 3 new NASCARS)
    That's it!

  11. When are you going to add new cars like Koenigsegg Agera RS,Bugatti Chiron,Bugatti Divo,Lamborghini Aventador SV,Murcielago SV,Lykan Hypersport,Feynr Hypersport

  12. نزلت اللعبه والعبها وهي حلوه بس ابغى شرح علشان اتمكن منها لانه مانا فاهم شي انجلش كلها

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