100 Replies to “Real NASCAR Driver Races In Forza Horizon 4 • Professionals Play”

  1. I gave a dislike, because, you guys, didnt set up, a steering wheel and a shifter. U JUST GAVE HIM A FUCKING CONTROLLER….

  2. Using cockpit view would've let him get the best racing experience. Real drivers drive from the inside.

  3. Except that Forza 4 horizon is not simulation It is arcade style driving. He should be playing Forza 7. That is a car simulation game.

  4. I don't like it when they make it too easy with driving assist and racing line assist, gamers like me don't use that ..*proceeds to use driving line assist*

  5. States he prefers to play with no assists……. uses traction control, stability control and abs in every race ?

  6. How are you gonna have a NASCAR driver play a racing game were you have to change directions…….This is not professional lol.

  7. Maybe use a real racing sim like Assetto Corsa or Project Cars? With pedals a steering wheel and a shifter

  8. This would have been better if he wasn't playing on just a crappy controller. Where are is the haptic feedback steering wheel with racing seat and whatnot?

  9. Should have shown "Cookie and Cars'" "Rally driver tries out Dirt Rally 2.0 – C4 WRC"

    Then you can see a pro driver in the correct toye of race, with a steering wheel

  10. I'm literally cringing from this
    A NASCAR boi playing FH4
    And me..just watching this was a pain..
    1:traction was on
    3:Ummm…he was slow on the dirt races because ultimately I can just go all in rally and have my difficulty to unbeatable
    And bruh his reaction to expert difficulty

  11. Oh come on. Saying a guy who makes left turns quickly is a racer when F1 and rally BOTH exist is a bit pigheaded-americanism.

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