Real Madrid vs Schalke (2-3) 10.03.15 | Champions League Football Match Preview and Predictions

Real Madrid vs Schalke (2-3) 10.03.15 | Champions League Football Match Preview and Predictions

Hi this is Natalie Rydstrom and you’re watching Real Madrid who lead with a 2 nil aggregate are big favorites when they
host Schalke for their Champions League fixture on Tuesday. Whilst the value for the home
win is low for the average bettor, there are still plenty of value tips for the match and
Stuart from Talking tipsters joins us now to preview the match and share his Top Tip. Looking to the 3 way line here on,
Pinnacles offers Real Madrid priced 1.22, the draw priced 7.53 and Schalke 15.27 there.
the lines have increased since they opened. Now Real Madrid suffered an upset over the
weekend playing Athletic Bilbao where they failed to score on the road in their domestic
match but this is the champions League so are we looking at a clear win especially as
they will be playing on their turf? Yeah I definitely think we’re looking at a Real
Madrid win in this one by how many goals is the question. Schalke their a reasonable size
but I don’t think they’ve got the quality to live with Real Madrid and let’s not forget
Real Madrid is going for their 12th consecutive home victory in the Champions League which
will conqour a previous record so it’s going to be a good match to watch. Fantastic, certainly
will, Alternatives to the Real Madrid win with better value I’ve got some here, I’ve
got Real Madrid halftime full time 1.62 Ladbrokes, we’ve got Real Madrid to win both halves 2.2
also at Ladbrokes and then we’ve got Real Madrid winning at Halftime, a little low there,
1.55 also at Ladbrokes they’ll want to get a goal in to secure the win that could be
worth a look at. Is there any of those that I mentioned that you would suggest we take
the bet? I would look very very seriously at Real Madrid to win both halves match bet.
I think the way things have gone recently, Real Madrid has caught a lot of criticism
and vigilante in the soft arm people have been talked about and I think he’s an excellent
coach and I think he’s going to be setting us up to go out, attack and make a real statement
so would not surprise me if they win both halves in this one so that’s definitely a
bet worth looking at. Ok the question here is can Schalke score this time? Yeah they
could score they’ve got some reasonable players they’re not a terrible team they’re just not
up to the same quality as Real Madrid so they can score but I think I’ll possibly take the
risk that they won’t. Ok, well both teams to score is priced 2.08 888sport, Real Madrid
winning to nil is 2 Bet365 but it looks like it could go either way there. Stuart run us
through your predictions for the match. Well as I said I think betting both teams don’t
score and I should think it’s Schalke that won’t so I think I’m going to go both teams
to score “no” and I found that at 1.8 WilliamHill and you can get the same odds with Bet365
as well. Ok, fantastic so both teams to score, no there and there’s your top tip from Stuart.

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  1. Bring back Alex! What is this? First he said Schalke could score, then he gives his top tip BTTS NO. Where is logic? He isnt even confident with his picks, how can you expect viewers to be confident?

    Btw Natalie, you look absolutely gorgeous.

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