Real Life Video Game Drone Racing (FPV)

Real Life Video Game Drone Racing (FPV)

first time I did it I remember all I felt was panic. But once I got over that
panic, stressful feeling, it began to feel natural. I guess it’s the feeling
you’d get if you were a bird. I actually feel like
I’m the one in the air. MANUEL ALEGRIA: You’re
completely immersed. It’s a great feeling. For us, it’s a way to relax. MATT RANDAZZO: Like I
describe to most anyone I talk to about
flying, I say it’s like driving a hummingbird. I can fly around
through the trees. It’s literally a
technologically-enabled, out-of-body experience. KENNETH LOO: FPV stands
for First Person View. It’s flying through the
perspective of a camera mounted on the frame of the multirotor. MANUEL ALEGRIA: It’s
real, real all out racing. It’s about pushing the limits. We want to keep going and
get faster and better. MATT RANDAZZO: And there’s
no money, obviously, in these races. But it’s bragging rights when
someone can come in first or come in at all. MANUEL ALEGRIA: It can be
pretty dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s all out, nonstop. They’ll chop you up if you
get hit, crash into the trees. A few of them have
burned up on me. KENNETH LOO: I think
it’s a good day if I don’t break any propellers. MANUEL ALEGRIA: Oh! Bring it in. Bring it back! Bring it back! KENNETH LOO: And I only have
a good day if I’m not racing. MANUEL ALEGRIA: Out
on the field there’s a lot of joking, a lot of
anger, a lot of yelling. It’s a ton of fun. KENNETH LOO: To me it’s
definitely a passion. Some people say, is
that really a sport? But half the challenge
of flying a multirotor is building it efficiently. There’s just as
much time invested into building and
tuning the quads, just like there is into building
and tuning a NASCAR vehicle. And right now I tend to do
all of that stuff in my garage and then go race. But there are organizations
now, like Game of Drones, Aerial Sports League. And they’re truly
making it competitive. MANUEL ALEGRIA:
Am I in the lead? Who’s in the lead? It seems like a
community is developing. It’s a small community, but it’s
getting bigger and bigger now. KENNETH LOO: The
community of people, they’re just so friendly and
willing to share information on how to make your plane,
your helicopter fly more efficiently, fly
faster, fly longer, whatever you want it to do. MATT RANDAZZO: We
are experiencing a massive engineering
push on all these. In the last year,
these things have evolved so much that the
quad that you got a year ago is outdated. KENNETH LOO: Right now we’re
at a very exciting moment in this hobby because these
FPV racing leagues are just starting to form. So there are all of these
areas for the hobby and both the sport to develop. So it’s really exciting and
you can sense that anybody can really make a difference. MATT RANDAZZO: I think
this is going to explode. I think this is going to be kind
of similar to– I hate to say this– like a NASCAR event. There’s going to be
professional racing. I think this is going
to get really big. KENNETH LOO: I think it would be
awesome if the hobby developed into a real sport,
where pilots became as well known as quarterbacks. MANUEL ALEGRIA: I can’t stop. It’s like an addiction. I don’t know. It’s really fun. Woo! I can’t believe I– oh, hoo hoo! NARRATOR: All Points
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48 Replies to “Real Life Video Game Drone Racing (FPV)”

  1. I've seen some VR demo video's and i'm in awe that they can race while standing.
    Also maybe if the First person view will be livestreamed someday during a race could it be possible to watch that first person view with a VR headset of my own?

  2. Seems inevitable that Drone Racing is gonna be big, all they gotta do is get it on twitch, if they haven't already, and build up the fan base online.

  3. I WOULD TOTALLY WATCH THIS, Put them in an Urban enviroment! like going through open windows, maneuvering between park trees and sculptures and flying along streets!! -without the people.. or people with helmets could watch 😀

  4. le SIGH….not a drone, it is flown manually, if it were a drone, then the crappy toy cars you buy would be classed as drones too… notice how they say multirotor not drone… honestly the ignorance burns!

  5. New goal: acquire enough disposable income to get into this by the time it's blended with virtual reality.

  6. This is what it is really about. Not spying or flying way up where full size aircraft fly. All it takes is a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone. Now fpv is illegal in the U.S.

  7. Its a very cool but also expensive hobby. The props are not the only things that break and getting a drone in the first place is expensive too

  8. Don't forget about MultiGP and GODRONEX racing organizations! 

  9. Great air to air shots. We are using same pvc pipe airgates and having a blast with cheap quads racing for fun. Props are really inexpensive so even breaking 20 in a day is cheap entertainment.

  10. How about a first person view Oculus Rift video game where you put on one of these pseudo-Oculus Rifts in the video game and do real life first person view drone racing in the video game?! [6]

  11. I hate to say this.. This won't be a major sport like Nascar (much like esports). We've had plane racing (like drone racing except scaled up) and you never see or hear about it these days. Still it's an interesting hobby.

  12. I want one of those just for fun, not competition lol. Flying one would be so fun! I had a dream about doing so before I even knew that these existed. Now that I know about them, I'll have to find a way to get the money (probably the hardest part XD)

  13. Drone FPV racing is the future..

    There has to be a lot of problems to be solved as well for this sort of sport..
    Stuff like this will move drone development progress so much faster then before.

    Maybe in the future, drones don´t need rotors.

  14. "Technologically enabled out-of-body experience…" Didn't realize at the time it was going to become such a favored sound bite! April prognostication granted, what I said is coming true. Witness the Drone Nationals 2015 at Cal Expo, California Cup, and numerous other racing events happening nationwide. Any time spent watching YT flight vids will show you the flight experience is absolutely compelling… Coming soon will be professional broadcasting coverage similar to Formula 1, Nascar, <insert other racing sport here>, this will really get the racing off the ground. This is already starting to happen. Sidenote: Many of these events include 'freestyle sessions'… these are spectacular to watch and you can really get a sense of how some of the pilots are just plain Jedi. Cheers! – "the guy that said that"

  15. "Similiar to a NASCAR event"?

    Put down the bong, dude. FPV QUAD racing is fun to DO but boring as hell to WATCH. That is why the only people you see at most all of these "events" are people that actually fly FPV and the vendors that feed off of them. For the average Joe public, they could care less. Watching 250 size quads race around an open field through little PVC "gates" is about as exciting as watching bats fly.

    Just like RC planes and Helis before them, multi-rotor racing is a hobby, not a "sport". And as much as this small but growing number of pretentious self-serving narcissistic douche-bags would like you to think they are "Athletes", they are really no more than first comers to an exponentially growing hobby. They are no more special than the old timers who first started flying control-line or the first people who were flying remote control airplanes when radio technology was emerging. "Famous as a Football Quarterback"? Hardly! RC Helicopters, Jet turbines, 3D airplanes, all amazing to watch but NOT a widely accepted "spectator" event.

    FPV quad racing is no more special than watching fly fishing. Just look at the money that was thrown at F3 Expo. The only people who showed up to that event were the small handful of notorious pilots, vendors and a couple of has-been paid celebrities to "liven" up what essentially was a boring event. Look at the first "National FPV Races". A lot of wasted money accompanying these "pilots" and vendors, with no spectators.

    Joe public doesn't care.

    "Similiar to a NASCAR event"?

    Keep dreamin'…

  16. hey bro Greetings from me
    excuse me want to ask? FC drone for your brand and model of what ??? it is autopilot what has not? please explanation yes,,, For autopilot and GPS are very stable but cheap it made the brand what ya ??,,,, sorry i just learning to play the drones …,
    thank you

  17. Hey guys, I love your channel, I have watched many of the videos you guys put up. Its really interesting to see you guys are doing one on my area, RC, I am going to check it out later, cant really use volume right now : ) still suprised to see there is a lot I havent seen yet

  18. I saw a kickstarter with drones fighting virtually. So you have a laser that shoots at the other drones and you can hit them, make points, etc. Virtual laser of course.
    Do you guys know what I'm talking about? I can't find it anymore.

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