Real Life Psychopaths (Crime Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

Real Life Psychopaths (Crime Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

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  1. who told the psycho at 14:06 that the black polo neck and gold chain were a good idea with the earings? Was he trying to be Tupac in his video Two of Amerikas most wanted.

  2. This therapist is brilliant, and it's actually hilarious to see these psychopaths thinking they're tricking him succesfully

  3. When are you going to tell us about the real psychopaths pedophiles and satanists that control the world from London Belgium New York Etc

  4. Very interesting videos to watch, especially as someone who wants to go into forensics and stuff connected to that world.

    Learning more info on how big different the minds like between a regular person who just snap and someone who can be listed as a Psycho intrigues me.

    Sorry if this doesn't make complete sense honestly quite tired (falling asleep to this) I'm probably not explaining myself the clearest.

  5. You can't change people, nothing causes another, effective treatment only helps psychopaths to understand, but it doesn't change them.

  6. Ok it is a disorder which is really understandable,at the same time it means when these people are released they will continue to kill or abuse the innocent individuals….

  7. Read the psychopath test. It’s a good book. Some banks used to use this test for recruitment apparently as it helps to be ruthless but wait when they turn on you….

  8. Fly agaric (red-white magic mushroom from santa clause), cures psychopathy/narcissism.
    It raises the empathy and cures the ego to a normal level.
    Just collect them, dry them, and eat a few of them.
    And NO, you will not die, that's a lie from the church.

  9. This is pretty much garbage. I don’t believe in any such thing as someone born a psychopath. There have been children who they called psychopaths that have been put into environments where they were taught accountability for their actions. These children no longer showed any signs of being a psychopath. People may be born with a tendency towards certain behaviors, but how they later behave depends on the circumstances of their raising.

    Adults who have little evidence of a conscience are a result of ignoring the conscience over and over until the twinge is no longer felt. At that point, there may be no coming back, or at least no way to know whether they truly are reformed.

    As for brain differences, it has been shown time and time again that the behavior and life choices of an individual can absolutely change the brain. It is much the same as the way you use parts of your physical body, and thereby change your physicality. If you do a lot of lifting, the muscles used will grow. If you don’t use a certain muscle, it will weaken.

  10. According to Sylvia Browne and other psychics, Psychopaths doesn't come from heavy, they are considered dark souls that die off from earth and then go through any woman womb, they continue to repeat the pattern. Dark souls are part of the falling angels who are not allowed in heaven ever. This is why they are born evil with no conscious.

  11. So many mental illnesses and disorders have a check list, yet they remain the most unknown of illnesses. A check list could be used as a general guide line but it's not even touching the tip of the iceberg. While some psychopaths may share certain characteristics, they are all on different levels and very adaptable in changing their demeanor or personality. They are manipulative and cunning. You cannot necessarily "group" them or think you can "understand" or "predict" the extent of their behaviors. Even many "normal people" have psychopathic tendencies or characteristics. I feel like we have a long way to go to understand this on an individual basis but I do agree that they are born this way.

  12. I've been saying for a while that my ex was either a sociopath or a psychopath, this has only confirmed that. Nothing about that man was normal, curious as to what his score would be

  13. Had to go there with OJ huh? Out of all the psychopaths seriously Ted Bundy? Jeffrey Dahmer? Charles Manson? But I guess🙄

  14. If a surgical implant is capable of making positive changes in psychopathy, it would greatly benefit society; either that or put psychopaths somewhere they can't interact with normal people, be it an island or a massive prison-type system.

  15. If anybody is interested, you should do a search on the documentary about corporate psychopaths. It seems that most psychopaths never kill anybody…unless the circumstances require it, so it is likely that at some point in your life, you have interacted with one. Apparently they are numerous in the corporate world, especially high up in the ranks, because their mindset is suited for that sort of work. Driven, heartless, cut-throat (no pun intended), will do anything to succeed, etc. This makes sense to me. When you hear of these corporate millionaires who testify in congressional hearings, these guys have zero empathy for anybody but themselves and their profits. I truly believe that many of these high-up corporate executives have no conscience at all, that they live for the money and success and the destruction of anybody who stands in the way, including their own workers. When you listen to them talk, they often seem to have no emotion at all. Scary, actually.

  16. This video has been viewed over 6 million times at this writing. That means that it is likely that hundreds of psychopaths have seen this video…and perhaps will even read this comment. Is it you?? 🤔

  17. It seems a proper diagnosis of psychopathy is only made in hindsight, with a sufficient amount of corroborated evidence. I suspect there's no conclusive way to immediately and properly diagnosis anyone, at any time, with such a personality.

  18. These type of people need prayer and thankfully Jesus Christ died for these people too I pray for their souls and Jesus brings deliverence

  19. When i was diagnosed, my mom didn't know actually about the disorder, she was very scared when the doctor told her about sociopathy…It was wild lol

  20. Ye olde chicken versus the egg. Who first. Facinating nature versus nurture question. It has to be both . you might be ok….or it could be catastrophic

  21. This is a bullshit psych testing bunch of crap! Watch: The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes Now there's some real information. Psych testing will come back to control us all!

  22. What? They sing the lyrics but don’t respond to the melody? What kind of analogy is that? And seriously, isn’t this a question of nature vs nurture?

  23. I’m surprised the chomo is still alive in prison. It was my understanding that they hare the lowest of the low in there.

  24. I have been in psychiatric Wards many times. I also have Asperger's Syndrome. Post-traumatic stress disorder. Army veteran. Bipolar disorder. Anxiety. Depression. Stroke survivor. I guarantee I'm a psychopath. But I still love. And wanting to be loved. I'm very handsome but also suffer from low self-esteem.

  25. Who’s to say who’s normal. Why does the doctor get to say if I’m normal. What if I’m the normal one and he’s the crazy one. They give us meds to mold us to what they think normal is. Sometimes I think these crazy people. Are the ones who see the truth.

  26. The reason why therapy does not work & has an opposite effect on psychos is due to the fact that they're learning how to improve their techniques, become more manipulative while using better disguises, pointing out their errors/weaknesses.

  27. behavioral patterns have always been a debate for decades. they come up with relatively same results but then end up not sticking with it and do another tests a decade later and still get the same results. if the behavior is not triggered by the same sensations and reasoning compared to others, then why not project an idea that they do understand? one doesn't have to feel for everybody in order to live with others harmoniously. teaching respect to be respected is easier than forcing the concept of love that a person just simply don't feel. they are person who wants to gain something. get something out of something, like everyone else. use that.

  28. I don't believe for a minute that psychos are born that way. However little, free will, choice and intent have a part to play.
    Which is why we are repulsed by their behaviour and believe they ought to be punished and put away. They're not robots.

  29. The way Wade "tries" to explain having a conscience is truly terrifying. Not touching a stove because it hurts is not the same as not raping a child because it would emotionally destroy them and you(as it should!)

  30. the guy around the 27:10 min. mark compares conscience with "…we learn not to touch the stove because it's hot, until we touch the stove and get burned then and only then we learn to not touch the stove again…" He has no concept about conscience, he even said: "… I knew I had to get in touch with some deeper level of inner-connection so that I could identify with humanity…" These two statements alone show a dangerous human's mindset.
    He admits to have murdered his own brother, why is he not charged with that murder? He will be out soon and start all over…

  31. If I had one son who killed the other they would have to pull me off of the evil kid. My blood or not he killed my son…it's messed up to even think about it really happening. Those poor parents!

  32. How can some "definitively" say you're born with it when the mechanisms aren't even clearly understood? I'm NOT saying one ISN'T born with it, I'm saying how is it definitive???


  34. Ted Bundy, Iceman, Manson, Jim Jones etc; showed complex real emotions, so! i don't buy that psychopaths are "simple" and claiming its simple is a disservice and contradiction that its a complex mystery.

  35. U can look at these people and think ok i won't have him over! This first guy does not even have to say a word he just looks like adam and Eve's first kid

  36. Are you a psychopath?
    Who me:? No

    Me: what are u doing then?

    Psycho: fingering this cat , its ok i do it everyday and nobody says nothing!

  37. I swear, some of these fools are creeps. When you prey on the young and or weak, unsuspecting DEATH SHOULD BE YOUR ONLY OPTION AND I MEAN IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

  38. This guy is a psychopath, but you guys do also get too comfortable with that word and throw it loosely. Some people can do bad things but that doesn’t mean they have a mental illness.

  39. How do they determine who was born that way and who's brain has been damaged by drugs? I am all for studies but to often the studies are flawed.

  40. 48:16 Re: determining psychopathic traits: "this decision should be made by people with ethics like politicians." WOW what a sad ending to this unfortunate documentary. As if half our politicians aren't "non-violent/non-offending" psychopaths in some fashion themselves. They even explained it earlier in the doc when talking about the corporate worker who was trying to get his boss's job by manipulating those around him. He was basically playing office-politics to his advantage. fMRI's for all politicians now?

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