Reacting to Old Snowboard Videos – Baby to Olympics! | Chloe Kim

Reacting to Old Snowboard Videos – Baby to Olympics! | Chloe Kim

– Hi guys! Okay, so today, I will be reacting to videos of me snowboarding
from when I was young, to the more recent days. Like the Olympics, and
all of everything else I’ve been doing, I don’t even know. You guys can kinda see the progression, I can reminisce on me snowboarding
as a little baby thing, and not having to worry
about breaking my back. So, anyways, let’s get to it. So, my mom sent me some videos. They’re a little grainy, ’cause they’re from way back
when, like 2003. (laughs) Aww, I remember this fit
too. This fit was fire. It was like, the hottest
pink jacket and purple pants. I almost died here. Almost went straight over and scorped. But, because I’m a boss,
I didn’t, and I saved it. And now I’m doing this
weird like, what is that? Chloe, what are you doing? All right, now we’re
good, and then I fell. I don’t know where any of these are! I wanna say, I don’t
think it’s Mountain High, ’cause it’s not, and normally on the run I think this might be on, there’s like a lot of boxes
and stuff, and I don’t see any. (gasps) That’s my mom! I’m riding with my mom. So badass. I don’t know where this was. Oh my… My cheeks are so chubby too, so cute. Oh. Wow, what a view. The look-back. Honestly, I feel like I was
such a risky snowboarder at this stage in my life, I’m
really taking big risks here. ‘Cause every time I go like forward, I’m probably gonna catch my
edge and fall on my stomach. Oh, look how small my snowboard was! So cute. Why am I not that cute anymore? Let’s go on YouTube now. So, from here on out, we
take a big like 5-6 year gap, because there was really
not much happening. I was in Switzerland and
didn’t really train-train, I would just ride for fun
and maybe train a little. (gasps) How did I forget about this? This is where things went up for me! Let me tell you about this one. Okay. So this was my first
contest, like actual contest outside of USASA
Nationals and all of that. And it was in Laax, Switzerland. And this is the first
time I like won a contest. I’m scared, I haven’t
seen this in so long. (energetic music)
(squeals) Wait. That was cool. Look at my face. (laughs) Baby, I was such a baby. Oh my god, also my dad’s like
right there just watching. So sweet. Back five, front five, McTwist, so loose. And that like scratch on my
face was from the day before. A dog like scratched me,
and I still have the scar. This contest in New Zealand,
I was 12 at the time, and this was the first time
I podiumed at a pro event. This was me against all the
big girls at this point. This is Gretchen Bleiler. She’s dope, like she’s a legend. I have so much respect for her,
she retired a few years ago. But very good, good, good. So good, like, role model. Amazing. I miss her, I haven’t seen her in so long. The people I used to compete with when I first started doing pro-events, and now, it just changed so much. You don’t even see anyone. It’s just like a whole new
field, which is awesome, but also, you miss the other girls a lot. All right, so here’s Chlo. Awe! This is kinda when I learned
how to go bigger in the pipe, and really worked on
my amplitude for a bit. Oh, crippler 7, and cab 3. And then Kelly won, ’cause she’s a badass, and like the best, I don’t even know. She had this crazy winning streak for like 18 contests in
a row, that’s insane. Little one! Look. But that was my first big podium. That’s one of the best
moments of my life, I think. ‘Cause I was like, “No way! So cool!” I made like $2500, I went and, I don’t know what I did with it. But I spent it on something
a 12-year old would. (laughs) Like candy. So this is Dew Tour. This contest was so fun,
it was such a great day. And let’s see what I got up to. Honestly, I think I got
worse at snowboarding. – [Announcer] Into the cab
7, coming in forward here. With a big front side 7. Whoa man. What an amazing moment. – Oh my God! – [Announcer] Let’s hear it
for Chloe Kim, 13 years old! – Good job baby Chlo! This was after Dew Tour,
so, really fun story. This was my first ever X Games, which was 3 weeks after Dew Tour, so I was like, we were driving back home, and I was like, “Yes! I
got invited to X Games!” It was the best, it was
very emotional. So excited. So, I ended up second at my first X Games. Also, look at this
scoreboard, 95, 94, 93, 91. Like, we were all in
the 90’s, that’s crazy. Nowadays it’s pretty hard to get a 90. Oh. Oh. The windup, let’s watch that. Oh yeah, you practice girl, and I fell. (laughs) Okay. – [Announcer] But this is
her third and final attempt. – Third and final attempt! So dramatic. – [Announcer] But does
she have what it takes to move up the leaderboard? Well, there it is. Can she throw the 900? She tried a second hit.
Oh, she butters it in! Into the McTwist, missing
the grab though, 720. Oh, making up for it with a
double grab at the bottom. – Wow. I was so stoked. Again, another contest,
I had 0 expectations. I was like, “I got invited, I’m just gonna “do the best I can.” Damn, that was big. – [Announcer] 13 year old, making her– – Okay, now we’re on to
the US Open that same year. There I am. Oh. Also, before the US Open this year, I got signed by Monster, it was like… I was so hyped, it was just crazy, I just never thought I would get signed by a big energy drink company or anything. So it was really cool to sign something. Get the helmet and put
the sticker on my board. It was a big, big thing for
me, I was really excited. Okay, I forgot that I did this, but I guess I started switch. So, switch method, to cab 7, to front 5, to McTwist, to crippler
7, to switch ending? Who am I? I didn’t know I
did that run. Wow, props. I can’t even do that anymore, so. So this was 2014 in Breckenridge. All right, dropping in switch, oh, almost fell. Cab 5, switchback 5, cab 7, front 9! And then McTwist, I really
struggled with McTwist for a really long time, because I learned them when I was so young that I was doing them completely wrong. I don’t know, I just did them
like a toddler, basically. Until a couple years ago,
but it was really hard for me to break out of bad habits, so. But then we got it fixed, so we’re good. So then after Dew Tour, we
got into X Games, again. And this was my first dub. Oh my gosh! Also, at this contest, I
fell on my face, last run. I have this thing where
I love hurting myself. If I do hurt myself in a contest, it’s always the last run of practice, that I don’t even need to take, but I decide to take anyways. So after this, we watch this, I’ll find the video of
me falling on my face. But, it was nasty. And the worst part was I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna do it. I’m okay.” My face got really scraped up. I got wrecked. I got wrecked. I had bandaids, I don’t even know if I had a bandaid on my face. It was just disgusting. So I was like, “Yeah, I
got this. I’m gonna do it.” So there’s a really big screen
at the bottom of the pipe where everyone stands behind the audience. And then there’s one behind you. And then there’s two TVs
on the side at the top. So everywhere I looked
was a screen, right? And every time before my run, these people would play the
video of me falling on my face. So I would be like, “All right. I’m gonna put
myself in a good head space.” That didn’t happen,
I’d look straight down, and it’s just me falling on my
face, just playing on the TV. That’s why my face is all scraped up here. Oh yeah, I did have a bandaid. All right, dropping in switch, that was my thing that
year, dropping in switch. So switch method, and then
cab 9, and then switchback 7, McTwist, then front 9. You can hear the announcers. – [Announcer] Interesting. – They’re like, “Oh! Interesting.” But that’s because this
last hit was the hit where I hit my face the
run before in practice, so I got super spooked,
and I just opted out. I just decided not to do it. – [Announcer] Decided not
to hit that last wall. – And it was just like,
my mind was just… I was so scared. So here’s the practice. This is the hit. – [Announcer] Chloe, going down hard! – That was the hit. I
slammed on, like that. And then I’m sobbing, ’cause I’m a baby. Look at my face, it was
all messed up, it hurt. I had a big ice burn
there, this one on my nose, my nose was bleeding at one point. So that’s why I didn’t do that. Pretty smart on mine, honestly, if you don’t feel
safe, then don’t do it. All right, Burton US Open. First time I did a front 10 in contest. I learned it a couple weeks before, so it’s still super fresh, super freaky. And I did it, I did it. So proud. I was just playing the right song, I was probably listening to Miley Cyrus or something, I dunno. All right, just focusing,
’cause focus is key. – [Announcer] She is your
average teenager in every way, except for the way she rides a snowboard. – Yay. Front 10. – [Announcer] Front side 1080!
We’ve never seen that before! Ladies and gentlemen– – Also, things got really loose too, ’cause I’d never really
put a run together with it, so I’m just trying to
get it together here. – [Announcer] Very, very difficult. I always just get so confused. You never know what
Chloe Kim is going to do. – Yay! So, now we’re gonna skip
over a couple years, ’cause things weren’t as exciting then. 2017 was when our Olympic
qualification process happens. Pretty much, if you won two
of the qualification events, then you had a spot. So, this was the first
contest, it was in Copper, the first qualification event. So yeah, method, front 10,
cab 7, front 9, McTwist, probably is what I did. That was a… oh, Front
5. Really, really safe. Yeah, pretty much a safety run for me. So yeah, with that run,
it put me in first, so I had won the first
qualification event. And then we jumped
straight into the next one, which was the next week,
and it was Dew Tour. I was wearing the same
fit. Very unlike me. So yeah, I mean, I was pretty nervous. – [Announcer] Chloe Kim, into
the front side, tail grab– – Pretty nervous. ‘Cause also, I love competing, but when the Olympics are on the line, it’s just definitely trying
to be as safe as possible, and doing enough, but not too much. And I almost fell, I almost
fell after everything. I won this contest as well, and that meant I secured
my spot at the Olympics! Which was like super exciting. And I did do the other two, but obviously I just tried to be safe. I think my whole thing was I just wanted to be with everyone. So I went and kept
competing with everyone, and just hung out with everyone. Let’s see, I was done around
January, like done competing. We did the Olympic team announcement, all of that stuff in Mammoth,
and then in February, I went to Japan for a
couple weeks to ride pow and just have fun, because I knew I was gonna be in a pretty high-stress situation the following week. So when I got back from
Japan, we went to Korea, and then this happened. Also, look at my nostrils, yes. I was very focused, just
had to land something. So, this is my first run in the final. Drop in, – [Announcer] The best snowboarder
right now, dropping in. – …method, front 10, – [Announcer] She goes
for it, but stops it. First 1080 down, into the cab 7. – …cab 7, front 9, McTwist, and then a crippler 7. I was hyped. It was the best
having my whole family there. And everyone was so
supportive, it was amazing. I was real hyped. And I had red boots. Aww, I love this. But yeah, this was really cool. This was my first run, and
then I fell on my second run, trying to do a cab 10. The thing is, this half
pipe was really, really, good, it was perfect, it
was just a little flat. So there wasn’t as much
speed as I could have gotten. And because I don’t weigh as
much, and a lot of the girls, we don’t really weigh as much, so it’s kind of harder to get speed. Whereas the guys, they’re a
lot stronger, and, I dunno. But, this first round put me in first. I got a 93.75 and I was like, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.” Aww, so cute. Oh my God, look at that. Love the support I had, that was the best. And now we’re gonna skip to my third run, ’cause I fell on my second run. Which is fine, we can watch that too, but, if you wanna watch a 100,000
minute video of me falling. Oh, that could be an idea,
videos of me falling on my face. Also, my girl Arielle got third too, and that was really cool, so, I dunno. The cool thing with Arielle doing well, or getting third at the Olympics, was she actually qualified for Sochi and during practice, she broke her arm, separated her shoulder, and she couldn’t compete
’cause it was really bad. She was so happy, and
I was so happy for her. Oh my gosh, I don’t… me and her had a good
cry sesh at the bottom, like, “Oh my God, dude. We
did it. This is insane.” Honestly, all these girls are
so amazing at snowboarding. It’s really so inspirational. – [Announcer] Just
coming up a tad bit shy. – Oh my god. – [Announcer] Your champion,
your gold medalist, Chloe Kim, realizing that
she can not be dethroned from that top spot. – [Other Announcer] 49.
What a day in office. – That was the best podium. Honestly, I love both
of the girls so much. Oh my God. I’ve never had a victory lap and not actually tried to do something. So, this was the same one. And also, back to back
10’s had never been done before at the Olympics
in women’s half pipes, so obviously I was gonna try
to do that, and get that done. So yeah, I was still pretty nervous. I had tears in my eyes during this run. I wish I could go back and relive this moment over and over and over again. – [Announcer] And Chloe Kim
could beat herself out here! – But girl, oof. I love Arielle so much. – [Announcer] A gold medal
here at the Olympics. – [Other Announcer] Chloe
Kim has led this competition, through qualifying, from start to finish. – Those girls! I love them so much. – [Other Announcer] A 17
year-old from the USA, she is going to be down for awhile. – What a good time. Okay girl, don’t fist pump next time. Next time, I’m not gonna do that. ‘Cause that was kind of embarrassing. I actually wanna go back
and watch Arielle’s run, I think it was her third run maybe. Yes! (claps) – [Announcer] Sitting in 11th
currently if I’m not mistaken. – She was in 11th, and then
she made the biggest comeback. All right, Arielle! I actually haven’t seen her run. ‘Cause I was on the lift, and it took 10 minutes to
get back up to the top. All right, go, go, go, go, go. – [Announcer] Gotta try
the front side 1080, – Yes! – [Announcer] She gets it around, stomps that front side 1080, into the– – Oh, I didn’t know she
did a 10, that’s so dope. Yes! – [Announcer] Inverted front side 540. Now, the backside there,
kicking out the method, Arielle having a great run here. – Yes! – [Announcer] Great execution on that. – Chuk. – [Announcer] Into the
Michalchuk, Arielle Gold puts down an amazing
run, third and final run. – [Other Announcer] This
is gonna be a good score. – Yas, Queen, you show them what’s good. That is like jumping into
a little time machine and going back, just
watching all the progression, and how my riding has
changed over the years. From me wearing a hot pink little jacket, and almost catching my
edge every other turn, to going to the Olympics
and doing well there. So that was really cool! We’re in 2019, which means there’s another three years till the next one. So, I think because there
is so much time left, I think I’m gonna take a
break and chill for a bit, and not compete for a season,
and just let my body rest. ‘Cause I haven’t done that before, or I haven’t done that yet. Hopefully I come back better and stronger, and be in a better place. Anyways, thank you guys
so much for watching. Hope you like the video, I loved doing it. So, hope you guys enjoyed
it as much as I did. And make sure to like
and subscribe if you guys wanna see more of these
types of shenanigans go down. This blanket is really comfy, shout out to Target for making these. Or, the company that makes
these and sells them to Target. So yeah, all right. We’ll see you guys next week. Ciao!

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