Raven – How Vince McMahon & WWF Bankrupted the Territories

Raven – How Vince McMahon & WWF Bankrupted the Territories

(Let’s go back to when you were writing for
the WWF. I wanted to get your take on what you thought about some of the gimmicks at
the time. The best and the worst.) I wasn’t actually writing for them. I was
producing, it is a big difference. The writers were Pat Patterson and Bruce Prichard and
Jerry Brisco. I was being groomed to be a writer and I would put the secondary shows
like “All-American” and “Mania”. I think they had already phased out “Superstars”. I was
formatting “All-American” and “Mania” and I was associate producing “Raw” but I did
not actually write for them yet. But if I would have been writing. If I would have ran
the zoo. I certainly wouldn’t have put a guy who is a hell of a talent like Wild Bill Irwin
in hockey outfit with hockey boots. The Goon. It’s ridiculous because the guy was a hell
of a talent, awesome talent. They took a lot of guys who were really talented
territory guys and just abused them. (What are some examples of that?) I just gave you one. (Besides that! I know you mentioned Steve
Kiern when he was “Skinner”) Yes. Who else? Rip Oliver. They did a number
of him. Rip Oliver basically ruled the Pacific Northwest for like 10 years. I have to think
about my history because I was not there during the glory years. Let’s see. I was instrumental
in being the last big run of Portland wrestling before it went in the tank. And when WWE came through in 1984 and took
all the top talent out of each territory, they took it out and basically they wanted
to bankrupt the territories of all their top stars. And they brought Rip Oliver in and
made him the Super Ninja. Why? For one night on some pay-per-view against the Ultimate
Warrior – or some Saturday Night’s Main Event. And that was it. And basically once Rip had
given up the job in Portland then my buddy The Grappler took over. He actually gave it
to his buddy, the Grappler. The Grappler came in and had a nice long run there but unfortunately
for Rip, Rip ousted himself because he tought he was going to get a job in New York. It’s
(expletive). An even bigger case of that was Baron Von
Rashke, he was a legend. They brought him in and took away his German accent. They dressed
him up like the emperor from Star Wars. Sort of, with the hood he did. Maybe that was just
how I perceived it. The fact is they didn’t use him worth a crap and they took him just
to crush the AWA. It’s very predatory. Especially considering
how much Vince McMahon cried Ted Turner being predatory to him. And Verne Gagne was predatory
to other territories and then Verne complained that they were being predatory to him. Look,
I’m not a fan of predatory tactics but you live by the sword, you die by the sword. I
think it’s (expletive) the whole raping and pillaging the other territories knowing full
well you are not going to use them just so you can put them out of business with promises
of this and that that never occur. It’s even more (expletive) when you do it someone but
then turn around and cry like a little bitch when someone does it back to you. (Which was like the case in the 1990s with
Eric Bischoff and the Monday Night War) Right. Who were some other people that they
abused? (Bastion Booger?) Yes! Bastion Booger was a major heel in Canada.
He was a big star. And now that I think about it, I was actually with him in Global Wrestling
as part of the Cartel. We didn’t even really know each other then. I didn’t even remember
that I knew him before. But they brought him in and made him this
filthy looking animal. Terry Taylor. He was a big star in the UWF.
And they made him into the Red Rooster. And his first run was with the Brooklyn Brawler
that he did the job for I think so you know that’s not going anywhere.

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  2. He should be back in WWE and join some of the ECW finest to take out the Wyatt Family, maybe at WrestleMania he can face Bray Wyatt, The Flock vs. The Buzzard!

  3. I remember a great talent in mid-south wrestling named Hector Guerrero. Hector was a good singles wrestler and a tag team champion. The WWF/E took him and have him the worst gimmick of all time the Gobbly Gooker. It was ridiculous to do that to a guy with that much talent just because they could.

  4. Skinner, Mordecai, Kerwin White (I can't even count all the times Chavo has been shit on), the Spirit Squad, etc. A ton of wrestlers with shitty gimmicks. Let's hope this trend doesn't continue.

  5. dusty rhodes in polka dots,terry taylor the red rooster,ricky the dragon steamboat [he had a komodo dragon he took to the ring] lex luger the narcissist ,hector guerrero as the gobbledy gooker,one man gang turned into akeem the african dream,greg valentine into shake,rattle,and roll,with HTM,perry saturn carried a mop,

  6. 100% CORRECT
    wwe BURIED guys to make their FRAUDS look "good" to the dumb masses.

    vinnie-mac is the biggest POISON in the history of the business.

    Look at what they did to, Harley Race….. I rest my case

  7. raven aka Scotty the body from sandy Barr's Portland wrestling… used to watch him and colonel debeers and Brian Adams in some great matches. back then you had to come to north Portland to watch wrestling and it was a risk, gang activity and crime surrounding the venue but even the gangs went to watch Portland rasslin'

  8. I agree with Raven 100%. I remember at the time finding it very amusing that Vince cried about Ted Turner and WCW doing what they were doing (i.e. stealing stars, going head to head on Mondays). He's the biggest hypocrite on the planet.

  9. I hope WWE gets stamped out by the next up and coming indie circuit. If WWE PG era existed back during the territory days Vince wouldn't have to worry about being predatory as the WWE is a sitcom drama. It's just a shame that he bought real wrestling businesses so that he could defile wrestling and turn it into what it is now.

  10. WWE is not even sport entertainment anymore.
    It's a please Vince contest.
    Sadly it's perhaps only entertaining to him nowadays.

  11. Raven imo has probably one of the best brains in the business today, guys like him, Kevin Sullivan & Scott Hall, should ALL be on the writing team(s) today

  12. Remember when Roddy piper came down and turned art into beetlejuice? I remember when he died what a bummer…it was like that with gangs in Tacoma then, drive bys so huge, this one gas station had crime scene tape around it every other day…he's right about rip oliver, in my mind he had a stranglehold on the PAC. Nw strap easy ten years, seemed very down to earth real type individual well suited to our area…what say you?

  13. and it's happening again. I just hope every indie guy in NXT is getting paid at least as well as they might be elsewhere. Stay away, Young Bucks. Stay far, far away. At least for another 10 years or so.

  14. Is he on MDMA? He's got that rocking leg going, his blinks are very slow, he's rushing through his sentences and seems to be just soft haha.

  15. To this day, I remember a one-page spread in WWF Magazine featuring four of the newest "superstars" they were introducing. There was T.L. Hopper, a dirty-looking plumber (who was famous and successful as The Dirty White Boy in SMW); The Stalker, a survivalist or hunter with camouflage facepaint (better known as Barry Windham); Freddie Joe Floyd, who apparently had no gimmick other than obviously being a Southerner (most remember him as Tracy Smothers); and The Goon, who is mentioned in the video above.

    To take four successful wrestlers who could get over on name recognition alone, and give them these terrible gimmicks is almost vindictive. Scott Levy wasn't exaggerating, the WWF was taking these guys and just doing everything they could to humiliate them. It's almost a miracle and a testament to Mick Foley's personality that he could become a legend as Cactus Jack and then start from scratch again as Mankind. Any other person than Foley and that would probably be yet another gimmick lost to the winds.

  16. The WWE (Vince, Paul, creative, and writers) have lost touch with HOW to PROPERLY UTILIZE their most talented wrestlers.

  17. He's dead-on about Terry Taylor. He was a huge star in the UWF and I was really looking forward to him coming over to the WWF. Instead, his WWF run was an absolute embarrassment that pretty much killed his career.

  18. Rip Oliver. One of the top heels in the Pacific NW and he was terrific! He and Rose ruled the school! WWF also destroyed the Sheepherders, a ruthless and dangerous tag team, by turning them into the ridiculous Bushwhackers.

  19. After my time with NWA and then Dusty's PWF, I got the call from New York promising me the world so to speak. I was promised an early push to the IC title but as anyone who remembers my run with WWF knows I ended up doing the job for nearly every time I was booked. Around the same time NWA was interested in my coming back and I know I'd midcard at the best there because of politics (working PWF pissed them off) so I took the deal with WWF and regretted having done so soon thereafter. What Raven says here is dead on balls accurate. I was just one of many who was a victim of McMahon's need to rule the world without caring about who career he destroys.

  20. The Red Rooster wasn't a complete victim of WWF/E Creative. Upon his arrival to their promotion, they served him the Mr. Perfect gimmick on a silver platter only to be refused. As history would have it, Creative recycled the idea to a another young talent at the time – fans might've heard of him – Kurt Hennig.

  21. I remember when Vince brought in Dick Slater and made him the rebel.  He was there for only a month and left.  He was one of the biggest stars of the NWA and they tried to devalue him, by jobbing to Vince's guys.  However, Slater was a top star and could go elsewhere while others like rip Oliver couldn't.  Vince doesn't want other promotions stars to devalue his stupid gimmicky creations.

  22. Vince didn't just take the talent. He got the guys to leave in short notice, stiffing the promoters who had promoted shows. AWA had promoted dates with Hulk Hogan. He quit on short notice. So AWA didn't deliver what it promised.

    Not only did territories lose talent, they "broke promises". With less talent and lost trust, the fan base disappeared,

  23. great interview and good to see someones insite from the inside about killing the territories from someone besides vinces lying ass.

  24. it is a smart move in the short term take other feds top guys just to devalue them to the point they won't draw like they did when they finally go back after a couple years of either not being seen or being seen as a joke it's absolutely stupid in the long term and they suffered from it eventually it's funny how Vince cried when Turner vinced him though

  25. Why isn't Raven writing/booking RAW? He has an actual mind for the business and — most important of all — experience.

  26. And now Vince's wife is in charge of the Small Business Admins.. when her husband helped killed small businesses (territories) DEAD!

  27. All the top guys had terrible gimmicks to start out with for the most part! Remember, Kane was fucking Dr Isaac Yankem for god sakes loool

  28. Hope you're liking this clip from our new interview with RAVEN! Here's another 10 hours of Raven interviews we have conducted over the years: http://bit.ly/2nXtBzb Enjoy and don't forget to hit subscribe!

  29. Think about this if you were a wrestler.Would you rather have pride, win most of your matches, possible titles and get $50/$100 a night 4 nights a week or get beat most of the time and work 6 nights a week and make $500 a night plus get fed

  30. Rip Oliver wasn't the same Super Ninja from the AWA.Buddy Rose who was mentioned as being in PORTLAND was misused also by the WWF as was his great tag partner Doug Sommers.And speaking of the Grappler Len Denton he got jobbed out in WCW.I recall Steve Austin beating him in seconds but in any other promotion well regional that would have been a damn good match

  31. What WWF did to The Dirty White Boy was just fucked up. That pissed me off so bad. Vince took so many great southern wrestlers and tried so hard to ruin them. I remember just being pissed seeing Ron Simmons as Faaruq , Cactus Jack as Mankind, and to this day I still say fuck Golddust, that's the Natural Dustin Rhodes. Then brings Sting in in 2015 just job him out twice before he retires.

  32. Yeah sure,Vince McMahon loves to think that his version is always true even when its not.
    He even thinks that Ric Flair is a 16 times world heavyweight champion when actually Flair is a 21 times world heavyweight champion.
    Also,the promotion that once televised the territories is still in business but operating locally and now that it has a new ownership the NWA may go worldwide again soon.

    Simply put,I'm glad that Ring of Honor and NJPW are on the rise because it gives us something new to watch from Vince carnival acts and prime time soap operas.

  33. Vince pulling his "WAH BIG BAD MONEYBAGS TED TURNER STOLE MY GUYS WITH ALL DAT MONEY UNFAIR" shit is infuriating. Fuck off. You deserved every bit of it. Theres no difference between what the two did, and thats not up for debate. Of course once all the talent taken from other companies in the 80s dried up and it was the mid 90s, Vince had NOTHING cause hes a fucking creative void cancer to his own company, and couldn't do shit until ECW came along to poach from, and since he had his feet to the fire and was FAIRLY getting his ass handed to him by WCW, he couldn't micromanage anymore and guys he didnt even want to sign like Austin and Foley became megastars. Of course that senile idiot thinks he did it even though he fell ass backwards into success like always.

  34. raven was the highest level of character development in wrestling…hes right the with undertaker and was criminally underused

  35. Raven is really bitter here . These guys he's talking about didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of before their runs with the exception of Terry Taylor .

  36. Alot of those gimmicks are just the luck(or lack of)of the draw like terry taylor as red rooster he was inches away from being mr perfect but kurt hennig came in and they gave the gimmick to him

  37. Raven speaks like he has been on some really shitty meth for 20 years. Can't keep a story on a straight line to save his life.

  38. This is the Bottom Line Vince McMahon screwed his career ! Scott Levy Was part of ECW former United States champion in WCW And IN TNA Wrestling Was the NWA world heavyweight Champion ! He could have been a title holder in the WWF ! Vince McMahon no he did him Wrong ! Quote The Raven NEVER MORE !

  39. Vince fooled the whole wrestling world in the 90s and 2000s saying WCW stole all his talent, couldn't develop there own stars. The nah eve fans at the time soaked it up. Not realizing Vince stole- and didn't create Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Roddy Pipper, Vince Ventura- and made mockerys of legends like Harley Race and Dusty Rhodes.

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