Range Rover Sport SVR vs Porsche Cayenne Turbo track battle

Range Rover Sport SVR vs Porsche Cayenne Turbo track battle

Welcome to another Auto Express track battle.
This one between the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and the blistering new Range Rover Sport SVR
where we’ll be finding out which one is fastest around the challenging circuit of Croft in
North Yorkshire. One of the key things that the Cayenne has at its disposal is a thumping
great twin-turbo 4.8-litre V8 with 514 horsepower and a monumental amount of torque – quite
a bit more than even in the Range Rover. It’s also got an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox
– that makes quite a difference on a track. The Range Rover has an eight-speed gearbox
as well but it’s not dual-clutch so it’s not going to be just as snappy. And it weighs
a couple of hundred kilos less than the Range Rover so that’s key. Right, out of the last
corner which is a hairpin. The gearbox just picks ratio off like that, right we begin
our timed lap now. Flipping heck! It feels so fast, into the first corner. It feels as
if you could really come unstuck very rapidly into there. I’ve got everything switched off
because it’s definitely quickest. Just the agility this thing has – for something that
weighs 2.2 tonnes maybe with me in it, it just mental how fast it is in a straight line.
And, how it responds when you kind of pile it into a corner and ask it to change direction
properly. That’s the really freaky bit when you’re driving this thing. It’s quite nice
when it slides, too. It does that in a four-wheel drift which is great because you know where
both ends are. That’s a pretty senior bit of track through there, I have to admit. So
is ti through here, madly fast. This one’s got the optional ceramic brakes so it really
really stops beautifully. You know just where the front end is so that you can stick the
front tyres into the middle of puddle like that, pile up to a corner like this and it
just stops. It shouldn’t stop this fast, this car because of how much it weighs, but it
does. I mean, how could you not like this thing? Let’s see what the time ends up – short
shift out of there because it feels like it’s about to light its tyres up. That is the lap
time to beat. Blimey, one minute, forty-one seconds around Croft. That’s really fast.
The Cayenne Turbo really is the car to beat in this segment. Question is, can the new
Range Rover get anywhere near that time? I’m not convinced, I mean it’s a heck of a piece
of kit, the new Range Rover. They reckon it’s a good 20% sharper, faster, nimbler than the
existing Range Rover Sport which is saying something actually. When you do the maths
and you look at the figures, I’m not sure the Range Rover can do it. It’s got 542 horsepower
so it’s more powerful than the Porsche, but it weighs at least 2.4 tonnes with me in it,
it doesn’t have as much torque as the Porsche by about 50 lbs/ft, it doesn’t have as sharp
a gearbox as the Porsche. So I don’t know, it’s going to be really close. Okay, so, up
to the last corner to start the lap. Good traction, good traction. The gearbox works
nicely, not just as well as the Porsche. I think it’s just as quick as the Porsche in
a straight line, but goodness me, into that corner there’s more understeer than there
was in the Porsche. It just feels like there’s more vehicle to try and maintain control of.
It’s doing something quite weird through there. It’s kind of cork-screwing and then it’s trying
to kill me. It doesn’t like that at all. That big oversteer moment there where the DSC just
went “What are you doing?” and just threw all of its toys out of the pram. It does stop
pretty well, though, for a big barge, and it does turn in well, so long as you can stay
off the mud. Okay, through the S, it’s just a lot of car to maintain control of. It doesn’t
feel anywhere near as good as the Porsche through there. I’m having to go across the
grass there. That was almost out of control. it’s feeling pretty exciting, I mean very
quick, but it just hasn’t got the grip, it just doesn’t have the ultimate composure of
the Porsche. When you really start to chuck it about, the front end doesn’t feel anywhere
near as nailed. You’ve just got to wait, wait, wait. Go on, gently, gently, gently, gently.
No, I don’t think this is anywhere near as quick as the Porsche. It’s a whole heap of
fun, I’ll grant you that. In the end the, the Range Rover SVR is fast, but not quite
fast enough to deal with the seismic event that is Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Does that really
mean anything out there in the real world? Does it prevent eh Range Rover from being
anything other than a great new car? Not really, no. On the other hand, you can’t argue with
the numbers. And in this case, those numbers add up to one, very simple result. The Porsche
wins by two and a half seconds. That’s some margin. The Cayenne Turbo is some car. Click
on the video windows to see what the Range Rover is like on the road, and to watch our
track battle between the Porsche Macan Turbo and a Porsche Cayman GTS. Click the play icon
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100 Replies to “Range Rover Sport SVR vs Porsche Cayenne Turbo track battle”

  1. porsche is going to win because it is faster than the ranger rover my dad has a Porsche and my uncle has a ranger rover

  2. One other issue you failed to mention is that the Porsche is $50K more than the Range Rover and seats more people. And I'm a Porsche owner!

  3. Any one who thinks these cannot off-road with the right wheels and tires is just ignorant and should do some research.

  4. 1. See cool review,
    2. Notice this guy is the reviewer.
    3. Consider closing it.
    4. Skip to the track times instead.
    5. Write comment about his review style being great for insomnia.

  5. Here is the thing-You cannot beat car manufacturers in their own game easily. At the end of the day, JLR makes world's bet SUVs and Porsche makes  the best sports car. F-Type will never be able to do what a 911 can do and Cayenne will never be able to compete with the Range Rover in terms of many many things! SVR is better than Cayenne!

  6. When you're doing timed racing laps it's better to get a pro racing driver to do these laps. This guy was struggling to control those cars especially the range rover which is a beast of a car.

  7. Has to be the shittiest driving I have ever seen. Those things called corners that you went straight across in the RRS…that added to your lap times. Apex, find it.

  8. im sorry but this guy just cant drive, he isnt even feathering the throttle. just mashes the pedal….ofcourse with a car with that power and shiftable weight its guna be unstable.

  9. Does this guy work for Porsche or does he really hate range rovers that much, I feel like the rover was to exotic for a person who isn't a professional driver and the Porsche is a baby's car which is why he preferred it better. The two second difference was just his Asian driving and not based off the performance of the vehicle.

  10. Now put them both through a dirt challenge,…..I bet you'll find the the Range Rover leaves the Porsche for dead,….and it won't be by seconds!,….Range Rover all day long for me!……

  11. This guy's father must have been laid off by Land Rover Jaguar because I have never seen him do one review where he has not tried to put the down their cars in comparison. If they are so bad why even use Land Rover or Jaguar cars for comparison. Do a BMW vs Mercedes head to head and stop wasting your and our time.

  12. I will not watch this to the end, can you tell did the Range Rover manage to come to the finish line?

  13. Did anyone else see the left front wheel of the Porsche Cayenne shake horribly at the 06:25 mark.
    Thanks Steve, love to watch your videos.

  14. The truth is clear to everyone

    if you want a SUV you buy a range rover
    If you want a fast car buy a porche 911 GT3
    if you want a sports coupe buy a BMW M3
    if you want a Grand tourer buy a Bently Coupe
    If you want the best sports car buy a Mcclaren
    If you want passion buy a Ferrari

  15. That Indian piece of ** weighs exactly the same as the Cayenne. You should have compared it with the 550HP Cayenne Turbo S. And then go and brag about your "British engineering" …

    Porsche all the way!

  16. not that surprising. the cayenne is lighter and has more torque. given those facts one could safely assume the porsche would be quicker.

  17. It seemed like you actually didnt focus on the driving with range rover half as good as you did with porsche and you even probably made more mistakes and didnt want to push the car as much. Your reflexes got loose when you started working with range rover. I am sure if you had a price at the end of it, you could make it an even match… This is extremely unprofessional and even dirty&weak in my opinion.

  18. Not as durable as japanese cars. Toyota fortuner, montero sport, mu-x/ alterra is more reliable than this super expensive car. Wont care bout the parts cause its cheap & easy to replace. Can go anywhere this ultra expensive crap thing.

  19. Its unfair how you pick your favorite car Ofcoars the Porsche looks beter in your eten but in my eyes the Porsche isn’t compatition voor the svr

  20. He mentioned Cayenne having 8 Speed Dual Clutch but there isn't 8 Speed Dual Clutch, instead Tiptronic which is torque converter like the ZF on RR if I'm not mistaken……From my experience, Cayenne's 8 Speed does not respond that well….

  21. Range rover is better. The Cayenne is too one dimensional in performance, but the Range is more luxurious and better AWD system.

  22. it seems you really dont like the range rover, you are so biased towards the porche and you were swerving ridiculously on a straight road

  23. RR unreliable $ pit. Who in their right mind would off road either one of these. RR limo, cayenne sporty SUV .

  24. The real test should be a flash dude going down some exclusive high street and giving a review on how cool and swag he felt by comparison. Or a blonde housewife doing the school run then going to the spa and giving her analysis on how gorgeous she felt. These are not bought for speed

  25. I have watched this several times. Near the end of the video I noticed something. At about 6.22 the left front tire of the Porsche is "wobbling". The left rear tire also shows a slight wobble too but not as much. The Rover tires at this juncture seems to be OK. What's up with that? Low tire pressure?

  26. Both companies should stick to what they do best! Range Rover to making great offroad vehicles and Porsche to making beautiful, fast sports cars. These SUVs are nonsense, made by marketing people for people who dont know how to drive either….

  27. After the negative experience with a Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic MY 2017 i will never buy another JLR one.
    Not reliable and Land Rover Italy does not solve the problems and let you alone…. Can you imagine what will happen in a car so "complicated" like this?……..

  28. I have a Range Rover Sport Autobiography, and would take it over that other car 10 times out or 10, and when you dive this slow or fast, you just know you made it, and are king of the road. Sorry, i am not a show but might sound like, but if if drive one, you will know what I mean.


  29. The SVR looks a little bland inside compared to the Porsche also the German car will hold its money better than the Indian one i'm told. wouldn't turn my nose up at either of them in conclusion.

  30. This is yet another ridiculous comparison. In order to drive the Porsche as demonstrated in this video, you'll be breaking more than a dozen laws and regulations. There is not one public road on this planet, with that many turns and no speed limit. So the winner is with no doubt Range Rover. Why? Because you can drive it off road without breaking laws. The Porsche is a joke off road and doesn't even come close to the the Range Rover.

    Try to be more subjective with your reviews and use more common sense and logic please.

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