100 Replies to “Range Rover Sport SVR 2019 NEW FULL Review Interior Exterior Infotainment”

  1. Oncelikle emegine saglik guzel insan ir nepze olsun insanlari umutlandiriyorsun ama Turkiye sartlarinda bu araci almak cok ama cok zor insan bedeni parcalayip kara borsada satmaya kalksan bile bunu alamaz turkiye sartlarin da

  2. can you do a video comparing the top 3-4 SUV for 2018 ? looking to get one but cant decide on Range Rover, Mercedes glc Coupe or porsche macan

  3. Nothing, and I mean…NOTHING in the world, comes even close, to this ‘work of art’!!!

    You shouldn’t even be touching anything without wearing white silk gloves my friend!!!! ?

    Royalty level.

  4. such luxury cars interior must be forbidden to be all black… that makes it look cheaper.. white, or beige makes it 10 times luxurious

  5. This SVR is too epic…!!! My love for Range Rover Sport just reached a whole new level….Thanks for the great review…

  6. Bro when are you going to do a full review plus drive review of the new Ls 500 and Lc 500. Would really love to see you do a video of these, if you can get the regular versions not the hybrids.

  7. Videoların çok güzel abi emeğine sağlık
    Abi eğer çekebiliyorsan motosiklet videolarıda çekebilir misin

  8. Love your channel bro, your videos are always very informative. Keep up the good work! Love from London

  9. Alaatin great video, would be nice if you could do mpg for your viewers that dont understand litres per 100km like me ??

  10. I would like to know so i can decide which to buy, thats why i haven't gone uet to dealer., i want a SUV but im in love with Land Rover brand but i seem too not decide which one because i love them except evoque too small. But i would like too know the differences in Velar(where the heck they get that name?) And SVR(special vehicle what?) In order of elimination i dont like the land rover range rover sport, evoque and if i can get more for less would be even better. Thanks. ✌??

  11. Maybe i'll go for another one when my 2017 lease is up. Better looking than the BMW, Porsche and the Bentayga. I like the fact that the body style is not round looking like other suv's.

  12. اللهمَّ يا الرزاق ارزقنا من رزقك الذي لا ينفذ يا رب العالمين آمين

  13. This is a "sports SUV"…pavement ONLY!! The new SVX would be more "off-road" driving. Even then it would be "light off roading" 🙂 NO SUV is as true off-roader. :)Notice the SVR's low ground clearance? Notice how the exhaust is out back (bad for rock crawling)? Wanna do off-roading? Ford Raptor F150 (but only sand dune jumping). Rock crawling requires heavy modification to a Jeep Wranger or a Ford F150 pickup truck…

  14. son zamanlarda bir çok aracin ekzosundan kukreme sesi geliyor, her ekzosu. kukreyen aracı kaliteli diye nitelendirebilirmiyiz

  15. Do you know what revving the engine so many times does?…pollutes the air, makes a lot of noise, waste gas, makes you an ass. ??

  16. I bought a Range Rover Sport Supercharged for my wife and didn’t want the SVR because of it’s seats. The Supercharged has nice leather plush seats that feel like you are sitting in a 5 star hotel. Of course, soon after I bought myself an Ebony Edition Range Rover Supercharged. : ) ; )

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