Range Rover Sport SUV 2013 review – CarBuyer

Range Rover Sport SUV 2013 review – CarBuyer

The previous Range Rover Sport was a lie — it
was neither particularly sporty nor was it a proper range rover as it was based on a
Discovery. This time though the Sport does share the
same architecture as the Bigger Rage Rover even though in terms of the design it’s actually
more like a giant Evoque… There is a trade of for this — and that’s
the fact it’s boot isn’t quiet as big as before, though to be fair it’s still larger than you
get on any of its rivals. And the clack of load lip and the fact the seats lie flat when
you fold them down makes it great for carrying wardrobes and stuff. There’s no more leg room than you’ll find
in similar sized SUVs though the wide body does make it the best of the bunch for carrying
three adults in the back. It helps the floor is flat so the person in the middle won’t
have to compete for foot space. If you need to carry more passengers you can get it with
seven seats, but we’ll come back to in a bit. First we need to talk about the luxurious
interior. Range Rovers always feel very special inside and the latest models have a much more
mimimalistic design with fewer buttons than before. There’s also loads of standard equipment.
You get Sat Nav, leather interior, laminated side windows, xenon headlights, rain-sensing
wipers, climate control, rear parking sensors, sat-nav and a DAB radio on all models. Storage
is good too with big door bins, a large glove box and centre cubby which you can have as
a fridge. As you’d expect with a Range Rover you sit
nice and high to give you a good view up the road. However, the sensation is quite different
to the bigger range rover as the design of the seats, the way you are separated from
the passenger, and sloped windscreen make it feel more like a coupe to sit in — only
of course one that’s driving on stilts. Despite being tall though the Range Rover
Sport is very quiet on the move with very little wind or road noise — you can thank
the laminated windows for that. This makes the Rage Rover Sport a very comfy cruiser. It helps that the air suspension does a great
job of smoothing out the bumps in the road. The set up is slightly firmer than on the
bigger Range Rover but the ride is still better than other Sports SUVS. Speaking of which it will trounce them off-road
too. The all-wheel drive set up includes a low ratio gearbox and locking differentials
all of which are controlled by various electronics so that even the novice can exploit the Sport
off-road. Thing is most people will never use a quarter
of this car’s capabilities. But what they may want to do considering the Sport name
is thrash it down a back road. And while this Range Rover corners very well it’s still nowhere
near as sharp handling as the Porsche Cayenne. So while it may be a proper Rangie Rover it’s
still not that sporty! Then there are the engines. You can get a supercharged petrol
which flies, a hybrid diesel which is swift and economical, a V8 diesel which is super
smooth and a V6 diesel which is punchy and quiet. The diesels will be the biggest sellers, but
like for like the diesels in the BMW X5 are faster yet more economical. That car also gets a better infotainment system
too. Land Rover’s system is getting a bit old with low resolution graphics, confusing
menus and a slow response time. And now we need to talk about reliability
and Land Rover doesn’t have the best reputation for that. In fact click here to tell us about
your car at driverpower.co.uk Then there are those optional third row of
seats I mentioned earlier. They may be electrically operated, but they are neither good for man,
child nor beast as they are just so cramped. And getting out isn’t easy either… They are a waste of the £1,500 quid Land
Rover charges for them, speaking of which the Range Rover Sport is more expensive to
buy than it’s comparative rivals. But do you know what it’s worth it because there is something
special about it — and I’m not just saying that cost I’m British… Honestly… Now you’ve seen our review of the Range Rover
Sport click on the video windows to watch our reviews of the BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne.
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  1. This dude is a liar! Look at his 2014 bmw x5 review and he says the range rover sport is the best in the biz in road handling but just said that the Porsche is better on road…

  2. Range Rover and Land Rover are becoming more of a road car than an off road, I have spoken to some guys that have came back from Afghanistan, not only they don't have much protection BUT they are gutless!

  3. Can I just point out that because Land Rover and Jaguar is owned by Tata Motors it doesn't make it an Indian car.

    Tata Motors basically owns a larger share of the company. This means it gets to appoint the company's Board Of Directors and influence management of the company.

    But it doesn't make it Indian. The cars are designed, manufactured and headquartered in the UK.

    It is British!

  4. This car's okay but I HATE RR sport drivers; Thick neck builders done good or wags. It'd have to be a pukka RR autobiography for me 🙂

  5. the best car.. beasts the audi and mercedes.. This is best for off road in the hills and  in india.. this is only if you can afforrd it.. if you can't. stick with audi or Fortuner.. big boys toys 🙂

  6. at least this deserves to be called the range rover sport, not like the model with the chassis of a discovery (so it isnt a range rover) and it weighs almost 3 tons (so it isnt sport either)

  7. I dont uderstand the screen being tilted up, it was so annoying on the older range rover, and they kept it?

  8. why doesn't the big range rover have three rows of seats i bet the leg room wouldn't be so terrible especially with the long wheel base model

  9. Waited 18 months for my new RRS Autobiography, after owning the previous RRS. The old one had major build quality issues so I had high hopes for the new "improved" version. It's an amazing car, probably the best I've ever owned, but sadly it was same old when it comes to build quality. In the first 8 weeks of ownership I only had the car for 13 days. It had to go back to the factory twice and even now there's a constant stream of things going wrong. I'm fed to be honest, and feel conned by Land Rover. Do yourself a favour and buy a Cayenne.

  10. hmmm, so, if the last range Rover Sport wasn't a range Rover as it was on the Discovery platform, does that mean the future Discovery and Defender based on the Range rover platform are Range Rovers then?

  11. It is a tank, lol…I love how they take up a full parking bay, I park close to the drivers door when people park in shopping centers when I see big 4×4's..so the knob who brought it cannot get in. Not a city or suburban car folks.

  12. What car was he reviewing? No paddle shifters, no dynamic mode. Try the supercharged version on a back road in dynamic road compared to a Cayenne S. I did, easy call to call with the R.R.

  13. You English fools think this garbage car is good? Ha Ha Ha  Any German SUV is 10x better than this. We Germans will always be superior in every way.

  14. Just because it does not handle as well as a Porsche Cayenne does not mean it's not sporty at all. That's stupid, everyone knows the Cayenne is the best handling SUV.

  15. Shit shape. it looks like evoque from back etc.  Old shape is much better and looks great. Range rover sport lost its originality. shit shape new one.

  16. Actually German engineered and Indian built British cars there isn't any majority are German. Don't kid yourselves auto industry said goodbye a while back

  17. Dnt knw y so mch hue and cry abt land rover being owned by an indian company..this dsnt take away the fact that its still britain and manufactured in britain…they only put the money and it was owned by ford before tata and that didn't made land rover american ..

  18. These videos are great. Wonderful ideas I really love this. I would live to be apart of these videos. Great stuff keep going guys.

  19. like the honest review especially from a british guy who does a review from a british car. i wonder if they fixed the reliability issues on the newer models and the other issues like the display resolution/responsiveness etc… but for now the porsche is on the top of my list.

  20. still unreliable cars. driven a v8 supercharged. twice the battery died. once it pretended to die, wouldnt start for 20 mins, left it for 10 mins and then tried again and no problem. one time tried to start it, "gearbox failure" Land Rover said, just leave it for 10 mins and try agian. it started perfectly. bizarre

  21. The X5 looks much better IMO. Besides the looks, RRs have very low reliability. I was shocked to find out that one of the latest recalls involved the doors being unlatched. Driving like a royal and falling out of the vehicle… in style,

  22. There go those oranges again 😛
    I appreciate your reviews, very consistent for comparing and keeping things in context.

  23. Just because the BMW is German you should rather buy the x5. Simply, German cars are a lot better than UK cars.

  24. the inortanimenr system is so slow and bad in this car. RR did a bad job. German cars have better systems. shame, it would have made this car so appealing to more buyers.

  25. As a North American (Canada), I get a kick out of the British and Europeans calling these types of cars "huge" or "massive." Where I'm from, these are relatively modest sized vehicles. You guys should try getting into a Sierra, or a Yukon. You'd probably die of space.

  26. Owned a range rover sport and i told myself never again !!! So unreliable and expensive dealer bills…dont let looks of the range rover fool you!!!stuck with bmw and you cant go wrong …bmw all the way 👍

  27. I live in Alaska and drive a 2013 Range Rover Sport, great in snow, dirt roads and overall ha been a great car

  28. this car is so timeless, it makes me wet every time i see it even after all those years on the market

  29. When it runs ,it is the best but it has a lot of issues of reliability which makes it a bad purchase! Bring a few production control engineers from Lexus and learn how to be reliable!

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