I told you there was a possibility of Boise and today I’m gonna fill with one of the most balanced to keep from the UK oh no no mine is old London [Music] [Music] Oh caramel the first challenge with your fast feet you tried to not make me in the figure of a you have 30 seconds I did it on my channel before but I’m sure you can do well in this trend so you know how is it right your thirst signal and you do the maximum figure of [Music] kids nowadays no respect from you that’s crazy you know you almost broke the world hooker you did seven and the world worker is 9 yeah that’s close yeah that was close man plus I like that I like that and what is your favorite skills okay all the dribble you like to dribble can you show me your favorite skis are gonna try to do it what is that okay I gotta try you judge me there are skills no so much time where my skills my best [Music] I need a bit more energy [Music] yes I’m so proud man okay now my time once kids I invented myself for dribble someone because that’s the dragon step over you go slowly at the beginning yes yeah I feel like I’m 40 years old my friend okay Rommel [Music] [Music] Karamat one day you do that you you make a dedication from you okay yeah the chance for you in France guys don’t try this at home it’s too dangerous for you how many the specialist is too fast with speed we’re gonna move on to the next challenge it’s time to see your occurrence so you’re gonna try to eat the crossbar how many try you need to eat the cross body high five try okay let’s see what’s good five try never just do my friend done I don’t know if in to try I can do it okay that’s right it’s my day to be honest with you guys I had so much pressure guys what time is it it’s caramel time [Music] what about your right foot Yeah right oh you can’t be dead okay show me I [Music] don’t want to test my right foot now [Music] [Music] I get it never leave your album good long night sighs okay boys is the end of the video I hope you enjoy it don’t forget to drop a like i’m and my boy here it was so good every single challenge you can do it I gotta put all his information in the description below with Instagram you do a lot of video on Instagram right yes and it’s crazy to go to follow him and [Music] [Music] for you prison do like Hamer get your Bourbon boy on every bat calm don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and we see you next time please remembering is on board and you’re gonna pan a me I better check something [Music]


  1. record a video with leo freestyler who is your fan here in Brazil .. it will not be difficult to find him here not he is your colver here in Brazil

  2. Je viens d'Indonésie, je m'appelle haïkal, je suis très impressionné par votre enfant #sean garnier je veux te rencontrer #

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