[RADIO LIVE | Game In A Waiting Room] BLACKPINK LISA’s Turn! Stone Flicking Game! 20170628

And now we are going to play a game with the BLACKPINK members! It will be a short game It is a 60 second interview game When the time is up and the bomb explodes the person answering the question or being asked the question will be caught with the penalty. If you receive the penalty, in a short while Whilst the song is playing You see that over there, right? “The waiting room of terror” The writing looks really terrifying. It’s terrifying. However, the inside of the room is not terrifying. Whilst the one song is playing, if you can’t carry out your penalty, you cannot return back here until the end of the broadcast. You will do the ending yourself in the waiting room. Oh my! Before the game begins, is there a member with a resolve? What do you plan to do with this game? I will definitely send Lisa to the waiting room of terror. Jennie has said she will send Lisa to the waiting room of terror Lisa, is there anything you want to say to your parents who are far away? I miss you. I knew this would happen. Jennie unnie! Exactly as Jennie said. She knew the future. I honestly got this feeling (that this would happen). I happened to get it right. You guessed it perfectly. Black Pink’s ‘Whistle’ While this song is playing, you will need to successfully complete your penalty. Alright, off you go! Hwaiting! Make ’em whistle like a missile, bomb, bomb Every time I show up blow up (uh) Please sit here. Hello Hello, this is the waiting room of terror (shocked) Beat him, Alkkagi game Lisa, do you know Alkkagi? No? First, lay out five of the black pieces on your right These? yes Oh, the line? yes Place them on the lines I’ll explain the rules of Alkkagi quickly You have to use your finger to hit your piece and hit your opponent’s piece off the board Ahhhh You’ll take turns and you have to hit all of your opponents pieces off before the song ends Please do rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first. Oh you do it like this? (the flicking) Yes, do rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first ok Rock, Paper scissors, scissors, scissors, scissors Ok so he will start first (Taking off bracelet) Ahhh, I’m doomed I’m nervous Ok, you can start now You don’t do this lightly? You should use more strength Failed after using strength lol Fainted lol I don’t think I can get out There’s two minutes left (Wiggle Wiggle) You can only do it once. Your turn is over. There’s not much time left. If you can’t succeed before the song finishes you won’t be able to go outside. It’s 2 to 3. Why don’t you try some aegyo so he’ll go easy on you? Please go easy on me. Not much time left I’m ruined. Last 30 seconds Lisa can’t leave Starry Night’s Horror Waiting Room. Oh no the members are telling me to come back. This is so hard. How can I do this? When I did this for the first time. I really couldn’t get the feel of it. So I really was going to lose. You did relly well for your first time. Really? I really was going to lose. Of course Starry Night’s Horror Waiting Room. The members received this question. There was Rose and Jennie. who said they would want you to receive the punishment Who do you want to give this honor to? Who would you want to come here? Jenny unnie! Because no matter what she says Happens exactly the way she said it would If she says I want this or I think red will come out Then it really comes out red So of course thank you Jennie I really like Starry Night’s Horror Waiting Room. It was so much fun. They also did this. Give us an acrostic poem for Kangta. Do you know what an acrostic poem is? Yes I’ll give you the syllables and you can recite them Kang Kangta oppa can you make good Ta Chocolate drinks? Thank you Lisa If this were the mission it would’ve been really hard for you to leave If you could go out without your manager. What would you like to do? I want to go to an amusement park. You like to ride the scary rides? Yes I can ride them well But I can’t go to haunted houses because I’m scared of ghosts Before I went with Jisoo and Jennie when we were trainees Right as I entered the first thing The first thing it was just a doll but I was so scared that I just sat down and did this and said I want to go out. I went out while screaming So I want to try Again So you’ll go again? Yes So you ride scary rides well? Yes I do Everyone Please look at me Jisoo Unnie!! Save me It would be nice if the others could do this too I was the only one Hello everyone today Blackpink came out on Starry Night Please listen to it and send us lots of love Thank you Thank you (Please excuse any mistranslations! Thank you for watching.) Final review by Bernadette M

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