61 Replies to “Racing Simulator Collection | PS VR”

  1. Sony should update Driveclub to support PS4 PRO. It's still one of the best looking racing games of all time, and it's look even better check-boarded to 4k.

  2. Eve Valkyrie Warzone
    DriveClub VR
    RAW Data
    Doom VFR
    Code51 Mecha Arena

  3. Collection???? An indie game, a tacked on VR mode and a rushed low res Ps2 looking version of a polished racer. I love PSVR but racing is some of its weakest titles

  4. Make better VR racing game. Add more cars to race against in GT sports. You can do so much for racing in VR but playstation is holding back.

  5. Needed to mention Dirt: Rally. Only full fledged racing title that didn't have to make major compromises to work in PSVR.

  6. Driveclub VR is the VR game I spent most time on, but I definitely need to check WipEout's VR update reading all these comments

  7. I want The Next GTA V to be on VR , but Seeing How i heard That Ps4 Is slowly coming to a end , i can bet where not seeing that coming true
    and Vr on ps5 Unless they can be able to have Ps VR also going from ps4 to ps5 The same one.

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