Racing Games – Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Racing Games – Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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100 Replies to “Racing Games – Ultimate Guide for Beginners”

  1. I started playing Project CARS 1 with controller, then noticed how people with wheels just pass me. Then I went on to buy Thrustmaster TMX. It was the best wheel I had, since I had no experience from any other. Then I moved to Project CARS 2 when it came out and decided to invest in better wheel. I bought Thrustmaster T500RS with the Ferrari F1 add-on. The difference on FFB etc was like night and day. Never regretted that purchase.

    Started racing PC2 more seriously and now I am one of the top GTE drivers, my safety rating in PC2 is S1855.
    PS. Not a single usable button in my steering wheel is un-used 🙂

  2. Honestly, i would NOT tell any beginner to say no to RWD but yes to FWD, in so many games FW is super understeery and if you have tration controll on RWD isn't a big deal for beginners.

  3. I play assetto corsa with mouse steering and keyboard and i'd really like to learn how to drift on touge and stuff like that.Can you please make the video about begginer's guide on drifting?

  4. You got a lot wrong about what games come on what platforms, Forza comes on PC too and im pretty sure GT Sport does too.

  5. following the ai, yep, that's how i learned when i began
    and watching replays really helps too
    but i've learned much more from viper than anything else

  6. Forza Motorsport 7 is xbox / windows 10 pc, to start, you don have buy game, start with windows 10 forza motorsport 6 apex, its free,, and its have little pay to win called "pay to unlock now this car"

  7. Ever since i sold my steering wheel ( i know, i wanna cry aswell), I started using a controller, i found it easier to use the triggers since it allows me to break while accelerating and stabilise the car mid-corner and keep some weight on the front tires so i can turn better while still maintaining some speed and keeping the turbo spun up 😉

  8. I'm seriously outdated, being that I'm stuck at GT4, but I still decided to check out this video and slowly apply the tips you give out in it. I'm focusing a lot on working without any driving aid and so far I'm learning quite a lot on how to make things work with my cars. This is resulting really helpful, thanks for posting it!

  9. Is it Renault clio cup good for beginners? I use authentic assist, So this car, in project cars 2, doesn't have ABS.
    Without ABS, I feel it's harder than Ginetta Junior or Ginetta gt5(with authentic assist, no ABS)
    Do I need ABS must? Without authentic assist, I feel like I'm using a cheats.
    Can you recommend something project cars 2 career mode for the beginners? Kart? GT5? Clio?

  10. Love your videos, very educational at times. A bit dissapointed Automobilista didn't make your list of versatile simracing game. In my personal experience it's a great choice that offers alot of quality content. Downsides are a bit dated graphics but with SweetFx you can enhance that considerably. And no VR has been a reason for some to pass it by. Anyhuuuu… thx for your videos!!!

  11. I set my controller up to accelerate with x,brake using square. I race in manual and L2 and R2 for shifting. Just used to that since the old ps and ps2 days. Seriously tried other setups and i can't do it.

  12. You said that you would recommend a t150 as a beginner wheel. But what do i do if i have a budget so tight that i can't afford one? What do you think about the dfgt? And wouldnt a g27 or a g25 be a better choice as it has an H-shifter and a clutch pedal?

  13. Another great video . I have been racing for quite a while but only on console . I have a had a rig and a wheel for about seven years and have been upgrading my wheel along the way . This year I have been lucky enough to upgrade to the Thrustmaster T GT wheel and also invested in a beast of a pc with the htc vive .I thought it was time to start trying my hand at sim racing on pc .I absolutely love it . I find project cars 2 and assetto corsa much easier to drive on pc rather than console for some reason and find it much easier in vr . So even though I have been driving for a while I feel like I'm learning so much since switching to pc . I suppose what I'm trying to say is that for even someone who has been driving for a while I have learnt so much and picked up some great tips from watching your videos. Thank you keep up the great work . Regards Borowillow

  14. Nope, my friend. Choice between controller or steering wheel has three variables, not merely the two you wrote.

    Amount of time, yes. Budget, of course…


    Take my case for an example. I could very well afford a steering wheel, I'd like very much to have and use one, but have absolutely no place to mount it anywhere in the cramped place I live. This the steering wheel alone, figure if I wanted to invest in a stand. The blasted thing comes in my flat, and I must get out to maybe find a place to sleep in the elevator.

    I could theoretically use it perched on my thighs, if I wanted to look like a clown. Just imagine the comical scene of someone trying to control a car on screen while trying to control at the same time the wheel on his thighs and trying to operate at the same time the pedal-board, and try not ot laugh, I dare you.

    Mission: Impossible.

  15. Forget this
    1. Real Racing 3
    2. Your hands
    3. Ford Focus RS
    4. All of them
    5. Look at the races you failed
    6. Cut every corner you see and smash into the ai
    Done now you are a douchbag

  16. Dang Viper! I've been racing for years and NEVER thought about watching the A.I.'s racing Line! EXCELLENT Advice!!

  17. I refuse to believe Gran Turismo Sport is a Sim-Arcade game. It's definitely a Full-Simulation game.
    Edit: Also, for beginners, if you want to start with the steering wheel option, I recommend the Thrustmaster T300RS, because you're probably gonna start with an automatic transmission, so you won't use the clutch pedal (the clutch (the pedal to the far left if it has three pedals) is for manual transmission cars only). Also, it has paddles on the side of the steering wheel, so I recommend making one of them the handbrake and the other the reverse gear.

  18. I think starting off with a rwd low power car would be a better learning experience and prep you more for what is to come than any awd car. AWD under-steer can be difficult for newbies.

  19. WHAT??? Why Forza MS7 only on xbox? That insane because that game was be ported INTO WINDOWS 10! I am super angry 'cause of that!

  20. Found your channel. Very helpful and informative videos (I recently bought assetto, my first sim), subscribed 🙂 keep it up!

  21. Can i do serious sim racing with a $100 270° rotation steering wheel? If so it sucks, like bad, i wish i had a little more money.

  22. Im buying a wheel with a budget from 500$ to 700$ must have clutch and H shifter, handbrake is not too important but would be nice, suggestions?

  23. thank you for all the afford you give for new players to play fair. Ifeel so sad when i see new players drive like mainiac . If we have 5 good players at one race all have same posibelites of be first but the game will be more competitive anf all will have fun

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