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  1. I wonder why Project Cars (and a lot of others racing games) doesn't include rules for crashing drivers, so sad to see either online or the IA bumping on you intentionally and going without any punishment…

  2. i'm no an expert but in the case of video-games the classic drift is usefull even for speed since you can pass any high angled curve (like a 180° one) with high speed and arrive at the end of the curve with the perfect position to continue on the track

  3. I like being aggressive…touching, bumping, taking advantage…changing positions, defending, annoying, teasing. Fair/unfair doesn't matter winning with fun is the sole objective.

  4. Is it dangerous for different cars with different speeds to race on the same track? Its just a little concerning to see a ford gt racing a Chevy Impala

  5. I play in GT6. I have a problem in which my car lifts front forward and when the tyres hit the ground, I lose control. Hp of the car:1013 Hp. I would like advice for this.

  6. This is a great video and the pressure part also really brings up a memory of when I was just 11 and driving my first Go-Kart race in a double seater (when you too young to drive solo) in Sunway Lagoon last time…

    Man those drivers were just pressurising me and I didn't know the track well, since it was my first time driving that track – but it was a great experience till I got an unfair pit maneuver from some greedy Malaysian driver (well I'm their neighbour across the border and a girl so maybe that contributed to my slower driving style rather than those daredevils tsk). Never gave up though I had to wait for some marshall to help pull me back on track. Guess that value was brought over!

    Oh yeah, viperconcept can you do show more of your wheel cam, it's helpful to see the driver's wheel movements with the hands for some drivers like me who are really unskilled with the 900˚ degree wheel still.

    And do continue these videos and your normal gameplays – they're funny and exciting!

  7. I had a battle on the Nordschleife with a Formula A vs another Formula A, i tried my best to drive fast and precise, but he keeps ramming me using as a barrier for breaking, then he wait for me so i can overtake him and then in the next corner the same situation, it takes the fun away. I´m a beginner, but i´m trying my best to improve my skills and to respect other drivers.
    Nice videos btw.

  8. I tried manual transmission, absolutely shit at it (lol), I'll try again when I get a wheel or want to try again.

  9. I have a question , how do i drift on project cars using the manual overdrive also , i am stuck on tje first mision of the campaing because i dont understand the objective , i never win that race. Need help pls
    Pd : i play on pc

  10. Dude awesome content…
    I bought a Multilaser driving wheel to start playing racing cars after I saw your videos
    MORE 1 Sub dude

  11. I watched a few of your videos and think, that you know, what you are talking about. I´m watching the cars behaviour in such a detail as you do and came to the same results;)

  12. SIR Viper!! I have just bought my g29 and assetto as projet cars i woukd love to know what steeri g wheel option i need (so tgat i dont have to turn my wheel all the way for the understeer to stop

  13. Thanks for the great tips. I'm happy to say I figured out most of this on my own, but it's nice to have my theories confirmed by someone with more experience and expertise. I'd love to see a video on the basics of car setups. For instance, if the car is doing this, you can adjust this or this and this will be the pros and cons of that change. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  14. Great video! A lot of amazing tips. The thing about drifting though is i wouldn neccessarily call it oversteer. Drifting is very complicated and utilizes the grip capabilities of all 4 tires on the road. Proper drifting utilizes a lot of grip and is actually more of a balance between oversteer and UNDERsteer. Many drift cars especially higher horsepower amd higher level drift cars are actually tuned to understeer. Utilizing a well balanced setup and proper driving skills to push the grip threshold, drifting can be accomplished.

  15. I rather prefer the car "run by itself", let it in automatic to focus only in the racetrack. In real life sure, but in a videogame it only kills the experience.

    PS: Crashing other is the best thing in racing games! >:y

  16. coud you make a video comparing differend racing games, like assetto corsa, project cars (2) iRacing, and maybe some others and wich would fit best to who. for example: if you only like circuit racing you should buy pc(2). (dont know if that stamement is correct but it is just an example)

    edit: nvm you already did a video on it 😀

  17. Was playing project cars i was in California was in first person and land made me screw up I couldn’t see the bump so my car spun out screwed the car up and made me lose the race was in 3rd place out of like 10

  18. I have to say, these tips must be working, 'cos in the last two days I got two race wins (from 2 starts) and a pole position in GT Sport.

    Edit: I retract my previous statements, 'cos I have been having a shocker of late. Nearly spun at a GR4 race at Suzuka and retired from an outer loop MX-5 race.

  19. Subbed! Great videos dude. Keep up the good work. As for your next video, how about a guide on the basics of car setups for different race tracks? An easy-to-follow guide for people like me, who know absolutely nothing about even just the very basics of car setups.

  20. Забавно, когда ты, из NFS, находишь видео из хардкорной тусовки у себя в рекомендованных) Жаль, у меня нету стимуляторов. С радостью применил бы Ваши советы на практике.

  21. for the drifting you need to be aware of:
    the speed you're carrying
    the angle of the slide
    how you want to manage it

    No need to go flat-out all the time to keep the rear out, same goes for the countersteer , you just need the right amount of each to keep a smooth drift [whether you abuse the power with the e-brake, dive with the brakes while shifting the weight accordingly or apply the pendulum technique]

  22. Engine braking actually is more powerful the higher the rev, not lower the gear, but lower gear = higher revs so it works the same.

  23. I'm not a pro, but I like to drift. So in racing games when I feel that my car is going to spin out (or I lost control of it) – I just basically drift.
    Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.

  24. Sorry but that is not engine-braking. 4:12 4:40 that is just foot of the throttle. Engine braking is with downshifting.

  25. Thanks for the tips, i only play Real Racing 3 on my phone and keep failing follows my own racing line and crashing other player even know they only TSM

  26. 6:20 Stupid shitty arrows, instead of the same UI 😉
    What I see is: Automatic gearbox made you go ~10km/t faster in 4th, while you manually changed to 5th early and had to accelerate up to the same speed as the automatic gearbox 'starts out with'.
    And that shift up to 6th sounds so depraved of PAWAAAAH its ludicrous – ffs the first clip is going JUST AS FAST in 5th as you're going while granny driving ?

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