Racing games – Tips and Advices (Part 1)

Racing games – Tips and Advices (Part 1)

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  1. Isn't the overtaking off the racing line just common sense? What else can you do, drive through the driver? lol

  2. Disabling the break assist is really an important step forward. It's the point, at which you'll learn to feel the car. When to brake, when to go back o the throttle. It's not an information on the screen any longer, but a feeling. Disabling the rewind function in forza is also very helpful, since it makes errors much more relevant, so you'll learn when to brake, instead of trial and error your way through the corner.

  3. Your doing a great thing helping people out but its still not helping. Because the largest reason can't drive in a game or simulator is depth perception. I drove a real race car around a track and my fastest time was 5 seconds faster than it was when i was practicing on my computer. On a computer screen everything is flat get out in the real world and its like boom i know where the braking points are how hard i can accelerate because you will feel the whole car react not just force feedback in a wheel.

  4. could i also use like indicators or hazard lights to let them know there's a braking zone?
    like in GT Sport?

  5. short L corner needs to downshift at least 4th or 3rd gear, if the next corner seems hard turn you need to downshift to 2nd near apex point to gain full speed when exit

  6. For me, my driving style, I turn in very very late. Essentially parallel with the apex when I turn in. So a lot of these tips don’t work for me. But I enjoy that people post videos like these. Because a few of my buddies have tried sim racing and just can’t get it. Bottom line though is you can tell someone what to do. It’s all about practice.

  7. If you do not know the track, you have an obligation to activate the virtual path. Only then do you know the track and then turn off the track. I usually always turn on the tracing, just to know where to brake and always use the automatic change. There is no need to waste time passing gear, as this is a distraction! for driver who want to focus highly on the track

  8. My way:when turning,when u know ur nearby the curve,gently brake to avoid tire damage (real life) and to avoid slowing too much and make a slow turn and when off the curve,speed up gently to avoid engine heating and slow acceleration.

  9. "Driving lines are useless! You can't see it while driving/battling!"
    8:18 "Replay from behind – Look at mah brake lights that can hardly be seen while people should look at the corner/apex"
    E) 12:48 "Due to a mistake made on the 9th lap, the driver had the punish his tires a lap earlier on lap 8 to make up time" ?

  10. superb video, lot of time put into that and i thank u for that. I'm far from being a good 'online' driver because of the lack of feeling compared to real car and the controller but some say it's better than a wheel & pedal, what would you recommend ?

  11. The racing line isn't bad. It's totally acceptable to use it while racing. I use it mainly as a guide while I'm racing so I can keep tabs on where I'm at and what's coming next. In Forza I don't use the full line only the braking and in GT sport I use the cones because the full line bothers me. I'm forgetful so the braking lines comes in handy when I randomly forget my instincts.

  12. This video: Using your brakes as a warning will prevent accidents.

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