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  1. viperconcept please excuse me if I'm unclear but I'll try to explain what the center LSD is.

    The center LSD is just like the front or rear one (just imagine the front is the left and the rear is the right or the other way around), the only difference being the base power repartition. That base value is the most important, as it's the value the LSD will revolve around on both entry and exit. Keep weight transfer in mind, but only the front and rear part (we'll assume front and rear diffs are locked).
    For the low coast setting on braking the LSD will try to send the power to the rear wheels as there is the least resisting force and the car will OVERsteer as it will act like a hand brake or low brake bias: your car is now RWD.
    However, on exit with a low power setting, the car will UNDERsteer because the front wheels have the least resisting force and the LSD will send power on them: your car is now FWD. Then, like the other diffs it's inverted for high values (UNDERsteer on entry, OVERsteer on exit).

    I hope you have understood and if not I'll try to make it short here: for a 50(front)/50(rear) repartition if your center diff is open (low values) it can go from 100/0 to 0/100 and if it is locked (high values) it will stay at 50/50. If your diff is set at 45% power and 70% coast your car will go between 50-(50×30%)/50+(50×30%) on entry (100%-70%=30%) and 50+(50×55%)/50-(50×55%) on exit (100%-45%=55%).

    By the way I absolutely don't know what preload does on a center diff, but I highly thank you for explaining it on a front/rear diff, I finally understood !

  2. Mom: Why is there this doodely music in your room?
    Me: Im just watching a Video about LSD
    Mum: throws her slippers

  3. Before watching your video, I've been having a hard time understanding LSD. People keep saying cars with LSD is good, bla bla bla. Now after watching your video I finally understand what the hell is LSD!!

    Thanks viperconcept. Now time to turn on GT Sport and tune it lol.

  4. I am voting for adding Polish subtitles with using such words like:
    Wzdłużny balans obciążenia, Blokada wiskotyczna LSD,


  5. Would like to see Nordschleife in night mode as new Car Roulette on Assetto 🙂 Cuz now there are patch for dynamic lights too :))

  6. This is one feature I love with my Audi S4's sport differential. The car is solid when accelerating and turning. It give a new meaning to turning departures from a traffic signal.

  7. please do an explanation video(similar to this one) on all the car tuning setting and how to setup for all the sim racing games ; assetto corsa, project cars, iracing, raceroom experience, etc….

  8. Nice tutorial man! I have one question. There are many ways to adjust over/under steer. There is springs, anti-rollbars, damping, LSD, downforce balance. But how do I know which one to adjust? Like i feel like my car has oversteer, which should adjust first? Is there a way to know which part do I need to setup?

  9. Viperconcept you deserve an award for your videos, I’ve been following your instructional vids for years, you are also the reason I took the step to start racing online and make me become a respectfull, sportive and comptetitive driver. I am the type that watches those videos multiple times and take notes to test it out later, LSD has always been a tricky one, even after watching your first take on iT multiple times, this one is very clear and your efforts pay off more and more every time. Fun is always key. Thanks for everything and keep it up Sir. Carry on 🙂

  10. LSD my favorite upgrade behind suspension and brakes its usefull in time attack just try it gives cornering traction braking traction people ignore but dont it helps u catch faster cars set faster lap times

  11. Awesome video. Would love to see you explain LSD on Forza 7. Makes me wonder if LSD in F7 is broken or not.

  12. Very informative video, along with all your other ones. You wouldn't figure that the LSD is part of stability and just as valuable as the suspension setup, but it's crucial for weight distribution for cars that are too light in the rear. Controlling the torque is just as important as distributing it, especially if your car lacks TCS, so at full throttle through a curve the wheelspin is greatly reduced. Pushing the drive tires to the ground using downforce, suspension, and LSD should work fine without the use of a TCS, since games like Forza give bonuses for higher difficulty settings.

  13. thanks Man . you deserve a like button now i understand something on the setup because i'm beginner on that. Please make a video about how to setup FFB and calibrate the wheel cause i have my first wheel racing the T150 ps4 pc . That's gonna help me a lot of.

  14. Well here is a thing… When you did the coast demonstration, you did it with cars that have a lot of grip on the rear (on the rwd demo), but, for example, what if you take a car with street tires and skinny, like 205-225 on the back, and you put the coast number high, when you engine brake is actually going to create oversteer, the wheel with more weight is going to break traction because the tire doesn't have enough grip been skinny

  15. Good video. I found that for accel 10-15 were good ranges for control and optimum traction on RWD cars. 18-23 on FWD

  16. Is the interpretation of PC2 LSD against the in-game description in the tuning menu? It says lower ramp angels prevent inside tyres from spinning and send power to the tyre with more grip (outside) and 90 deg mean no locking at all, while you say "max setting (highest angle) = power to the outside wheel"

  17. Hey man, great video as usual. I'm wondering if you have any tips on being able to set consistent lap times because my driving style makes me fast but inconsistent which often screws up my strategy.

  18. Excellent work viper! Keep it like that. I hope you can make some videos with some basic setups for beginners at sims. Sometimes it is frustrating to change some things and not see some results. Hope you make some more championships because they are litt!

  19. Isn't an LSD's job is to distribute even power to BOTH wheels? Why does viperconcept say it transfers all power to the outside wheel?

  20. You are a major help for noobas like me
    i always thought that preload has to do with some forces on differential part which means when the differential effect will take place faster or later but it is more that this and very coplicated as i see cause there is a difference between small and big cars
    well very good video
    it is a must see for many ppl who like to understand how these things works
    cheers mate

  21. also from what i understand from the high and low coast is that the understeer from high coast happens cause engine brakes takes place slower so the car travels more to outside of the track while cornering
    its a time effect yes ?

  22. ViperConcept,the Racing Sim i play only has the option to Lock and Unlock the LSD.
    Could you please explain to me how this would work in my game?
    Oh,just for reminder,my game is Enthusia.

  23. I think when we maximizing the amount of the power LSD both wheels will have the same amount of power just like a welded differential not just powering the outside wheel like you said on the video. please enlighten me if I'm wrong

  24. Hey Viper, nice video as always!

    Just wanted to point out 2 quick things on iRacing:
    1) You didn’t feel a big difference changing the Drive Ramp Angle because you only had 2 clutch plates (more clutch plates = a more effective differential) and a very low preload setting. With more clutch plates, you’d feel a much bigger difference when adjusting the Ramp Angles.
    2) The Cadillac isn’t a GT3 🙂

    Keep up the good work man!

  25. I have one question: can the LSD be considered somewhat of an assistance? I mean, those settings can really solve some big problems while cornering…

  26. Can anyone please explain how to set the initial torque?

    I kinda suck at playing in GT6

    Edit : Nevermind

  27. LSD doesn't send more power to the outside wheel, it simply locks the driven axle. You're adjusting the LSD's propensity to lock the axles under different conditions

  28. Let's put it to simple terms: the LSD is a great tool to help the handling of your car. It gives you a lot of power to make the car behave the way you like.
    More acceleration lock gives you more predictability on gas, slightly less lock often gives more acelleration, but the point of losing the back gets harder to predict. The preload gives you mid corner oversteer, it makes the back tighter in faster corners and looser in the slow ones. If you like a kart-like feel you might want to try more preload.
    In projectCARS2, the stable setups often have less diff preload and acelleration lock to make the cars more neutral and better on the controller.

  29. Hello viperconcept!
    First od all – sorry for my english, it's not very well becouse I am from Poland ?
    I need to say that your lessons about settings are verry usefull, helpfull and EASY TO UNDERSTAND to a lot of begginer drivers, and let them improve their skills. Keep working, very good job ?. But i have a question, which of these setups should be done first, and which second/last. What is the sequence? Lsd, camber, anti roll bar, dumpers? Does it matter? Please help, i need Your opinion ?

  30. You got it the wrong way round on the PCARS2 LSD Accel, higher setting = 90 deg is no locking effect = understeer on RWD cars

    Lower setting = 20 deg is max locking = oversteer on RWD cars.

    Check the LSD ramp angle degree pictures online.

  31. In Project Cars 2 and iRacing the settings are actually the opposite – the smaller the ramp angle the bigger the locking effect and vice versa. 90 degrees = the LSD is actually disabled. And you have that thing written in the hint section on the right on the same screen where you state exactly the opposite…

  32. I really like some of your advice.
    But you are wrong about the LSD on Project Cars 2.
    A lower power ramp angle of 20° means more oversteer, on throttle. Especially when you add more clutches.

    A higher 90° Ramp angle will turn it off 100%. It also makes it much harder to power oversteer if you have an open differential (90° power ramp angle) on a rear wheel drive car.

    Maybe it's just the language barrier?
    I feel bad for saying this because you have helped me in the past.
    Maybe you could update the video?

  33. its only a game… by that theory you should care about wheel size/tyres diam. too…it gives diferent momentum/balance chasis force

  34. my brother drives F1 2018 in a league and always complains about the fucking settings. I can not do anything with F1 and think so … what is he talking about? I have now Assetto Corsa increased 4 weeks ago and now my brother laughs because I complain about the shitty settings ^ ^.
    Your explanations are so understandable that I can now build my own settings, let's see, maybe I'll make Suzuka soon under 2 min ^ ^. Thanks for the videos.

  35. How to tell if the Limited Slip Differential works
    1. Take any car that has an L.S.D.
    2. Do a burnout/elevenses (burnout is the car not moving at all, but the wheels are spinning, elevenses is when you suddenly floor it from standstill, and an I I shape will be left behind due to the wheels rotating much faster than the the speed the car is moving at, and also, a burnout works best).
    3. If the wheels rotate at the same time, the L.S.D does its job. If not, it needs a rebuild.

  36. 13:37 … so low coast and high power lsd transfer grip to the outside wheel and high coast and low power lsd transfer grip to the inside wheel. Is that correct?

  37. Those Aston Martin Drifts in the end were so Lovely. Great video as always Viper, you made it so easy to understand the LSD once and for all!…

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