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  1. dude I love how in depth your videos are, so educational and useful in real life applications. A lot of the science that you're explaining helps me think about what I should do on my car for real life application. track of course, not necessary for street use.

  2. İ swear im gonna binge watch all your educational videos once i get a good computer And a wheel. Your awesome<33

  3. Hey Viperconcept is it true that if you have a stiff front setup and a soft rear the car will understeer, and if you switch it around the car will oversteer

  4. There is 1 complaint I'm going to make that is missing here in this video. (And you HAVE to make a video to explain this)

    In Assetto Corsa the complexity of the Dampers (Some cars are different than others) and also the Advanced Suspension setups. (The tab for Advanced Suspension, that area can be rather confusing on some cars)

    How do you tune these? I cannot for the life of me understand how this works. I think Project Cars 2 even has something similar to these but it's probably named different and isn't as confusing.

    I know I know, your video showed how but it's a basic tune idea.
    In terms of a complex setup (And also for better alignment of tires and balance of suspension) this actually needs to be explained as a advanced setup tutorial for some people who don't really get the idea behind it and would like to study about it a bit more.

    I've sim raced around the likes of GT5-GT6 but currently been playing Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2. Now in GT5-6 it was simple to know what to do. But however, Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2 are a bit more advanced and not a simplified. (Same with other more complex sims like Iracing and the old fav Nascar Racing 2003 season)
    Both games are far more detailed than GT is but it doesn't mean it's not realistic. It just means there is more to play around with just like the real world and is a complex system that does take a bit of working around to get the handling and performance just right. (Hence why drivers and teams spend HOURS and DAYS on 1 setup tune job for 1 race and Qualifying)

    I mean yeah, I think people will bash me and say a lot of things that I just suck at tuning but I think even for advanced tuners this is a good thing to study about. This will even help amateurs to even noobies figure out the complexity of the system and work up to that point in learning about complex tuning.

    Hopefully, this will give you a good video to make and probably make people think about complex suspension systems being not as hard as it looks! 😀

  5. my car feels floaty, im not playing an arcade sim game (its forza horizon 3), but i take these infos as a base for me to do my tunes. Could you help me out? its like, i give a little tap on the wheel and i stop, but the car keeps on turning. whats is that? too stiff or too soft?

  6. I tried looking at some of my tunes after watching this video. Putting +0.1 rear toe has helped tremendously with not losing the back end while cornering, yet I still seem to be having trouble with how stiff the car feels. I get the whole anti-roll bar thing, but even when I make the front so soft it might as well not be there, and the rear stiff as a board, I still get understeer until I try to exit the corner, and THEN, the oversteer kicks in.

    I've messed with the differential so that I don't lose traction under acceleration, and yet it still feels like the car doesn't want to turn until I bring it down to unbearably slow speeds (and M. Rossi goes right by me.) Been having to lift off for the Kink at Nurburgring GP, which is supposed to be flat out.

    My only other thought is downforce, but the car I'm trying to work with has no option to adjust the aero.

    Also, can you make a follow-up video to explain front caster angle? I have absolutely no idea what it is or how it affects the car, because I can't tell a difference in performance when I switch it from one extreme to the other.

  7. This Video needs some more Gran Turismo "Style" CarSetup-Informations:

    1) tune the Carsetup for Handling, NOT for Grip!

    2) when you only stiffen anything on one axle, SpringRate, AntiRollbar or Damper, you are removing mechanical grip from that axle.

    3) Anybody who says Camber removes/reduces cornering grip, doesn't understand points 1 & 2.

    4) Increasing SpringRate push the wheels into the tarmac. 

    5) Increasing ARB tends to make the inside wheel light.

    6) roll resistance is the total of SR and ARB Front & Rear.

    8) When tuning the Suspension AND Differential most often you need to compensate, for adjusting one setting by adjusting a few more.

    9) Toeangles are used to dial in fine handling between the Axles, unless from the compromise tuned SR, ARB, Damper, Diff and Ride Height setting.

    For Example: a low power FR car has wheel spin but your car is balanced in the corner, what to do??

    Lower the ARB and raise the SpringRate. This will keep the roll resistance coupling the same BUT will make the inside tire more planted and capable of putting down the power. THIS WILL REQUIRE adjusting the differential to get the most out of.


  8. Thanks for the video, will definitely try playing around with my suspension settings now (also thanks for the cookie ;P).

  9. Thanks for updating the videos!
    I've watch the old ones and they are just good.. This update brings more practical information!

  10. If this video series had its own playlist, so I wouldn't have to search for them, I would be so happy!

    inb4 I know there are links to other videos in descriptions. But playlists are IMO more convenient.

  11. Clever Strategy -Driving on the Red Bull Ring to attract austrian people… well played sir, +rep for you

  12. Viper, can you add to this lesson, the Ride Height to improve car handling or top speed (if i'm not wrong) that's also a crucial part in a setup which help to have a controlled car and help with tyre saving.

  13. viper i just bought thrustmaster t3pa pedals can you make video for first timers using 3 set pedal for the common sim racing games

  14. Something that I never understand about camber… when I am going from -3.0 to -1.5 am I having the part of the tyre that touches the ground more inside or more outside of the car?

  15. Love your videos man! Your tuning videos are a gem. Could you do a video explaining tire psi and the best PSI for street, GT, open wheel? Your guides helped me immensely

  16. Great video! At 51:50 which setting have more Oversteer, Stiff front damper and soft rear damper or Soft front damper and Stiff rear damper? In my mind it's both plausible.

  17. Hi I should thank you I have checks almost every video related to tuning and your videos are the best 🙂

  18. Question: does positive toe angle help with the wheelspin when you start? Or does it just help at higher speeds? Thanks!

  19. Hello guys, greetings from Istanbul, Turkey. I have some questions for you and all racers here, who play Gran Turismo Sport.
    1. Are these tuning tips usable and suitable for Dualshock 4? Because I can't currently afford a G29 and I think I can't afford for some time (currency issues, because our currency is getting less valuable, things we import become more expensive, 1€ = 7 Turkish Liras and 1$ = 5.40 Turkish Liras currently.)
    But I want to join Manufacturer Series and race online. I know most of them are steering set users like you, Viper, so I asked. Can I use these tips on DS4? Is it possible to be good with controller too?
    Second, I want to ask about a recommendation. What manufacturer do you recommend on Manufacturer Series? I saw Mercedes' AMG GT3, and it seems like a good car to race in Group 3 races. But I have an NSX Group 4 and I like that car too, so I am between Honda and Mercedes. Do you and other racers here have a recommendation?
    Thank you for answers!

  20. Viper great video! – but you are missing an update on the Dampers section, high speed damping (bumps, kerbs) and low speed damping (weight transfer rate/ speed) are 2 different damper settings, but more importantly how the soft and stiff compression and rebound (low speed) settings effect oversteer / understeer characteristics. I'm yet to find a definitive explaination, explaining this clearly, and although your old video explains how I think it's correct stiffer = less grip. Some SIM Racers here are using opposite tactics on YouTube Videos. Please can you do in depth Damper video so we can wrap this up once and for all! It's driving me nuts I've searched everywhere. Many thanks.

  21. Hi Viper, thank you for your effort to make this video. I have a question in regards with Assetto Corsa braking. I am using a G29 Logitech wheel and I find it really difficult to find the sweet spot threshold of the break pedal setup… It tends to lock the front wheels even if I tweak the balance (front to rear) and brake percentage power(I am setting it up to 90%) and I still lock the front end. Any advice? Cheers and keep the videos coming!

  22. Very very good video, as usual. Added to my "watch later" video list : just in case I forget the setups 😉

  23. Could you also make a tutorial on how to tune a car step by step? I understand what everything does but I'm not sure in what order i should tune all the settings (starting from the stock tune for example) and what settings should be changed first when troubleshooting

  24. Sometimes I put -3.0 to -3.5 degrees of camber on the rear for RWD cars. It doesn't always come out good. For long corners, the tail always comes out but on the tight corners its glorious

  25. viperconcet, I want to thank you a lot, your videos were very helpful to me. Keep doing like you are and I wish you happy holidays where ever you're from
    Cheers, mate

  26. Salut Viperconcept !

    Sur certaines vidéos "drift session", lorsque les réglages sont visibles, je remarque que certains joueurs (sur GT Sport) ont une feuille de réglages du genre "tout à gauche" sur l'arrière (super soft) et "tout à droite" sur l'avant (ou presque, soit plutôt dur)…
    J'ai testé ce genre de set up, et ça passe pas trop mal (mieux que 100% d'origine en tous cas)… Mais si je regarde ta vidéo, certains réglages ici sont opposés à ceux d'autres joueurs (axés drift, donc)…

    Tu penses que si je reprends tes conseils, le comportement des voitures en drift sera top ou qu'elles seront tellement sur-vireuses que je partirai en spin sans même devoir accélérer ? ?

    (sans forcément aller dans les extrêmes bien sûr)

  27. Wow. This is like taking classes on it. This is so good! Thanks so much for making these! You are such a professional!

  28. I think the stiff rear sway bar example is snap oversteer caused by understeer, at least in real life a stiffer rear sway bar causes understeer!

  29. Thanks for the vid, it actually helps with my builds for my cars.
    But, i will say
    The way the cars drive boils down to the driver him/herself

  30. For camber: Use tire temperatures (yay!)

    But what's the goal? Even temperature?
    I also read, inner temp should be 5-7 degrees hotter than outer temp. Then again I read, temp should be complety even from inner to outer.

    What's your opinion on that?

  31. Third time visit here. Finally figured out initial parts' effects. However, still not very clear about adjust which part first and what's gonna be the best sequence to improve suspension. Needs more learning on that XD

  32. 19:24


    So… What kind of suspension do i have to take for Monza?

    Stiff front
    Soft rear, right? Hi??!

  33. I don't mess with any of this stuff. I just adjust my driving style and adapt to the track and the cars natural settings.

  34. viperconcept
    your videos are gold dust, can you list in what order you tune the car just so i can follow, i guess its tyre pressures first?

  35. You can not imagine the help you gave me with this video, I have a lot of cars to adjust the suspension in the Forza Motorsport 3 for example a Supra of 1050hp that is still sweeping at 320km / h

  36. One problem with ac camber settings. At top it says the higher the number is more "negative camber" you will get. Alright fine thats a retarded logic but whatever , the real problem becomes when you actually do it. As you increase the camber you can see on the wheel of the car gaining positive camber instead of negative as it says in the setup settings. Im just confused , to gain NEGATIVE CAMBER should i put camver towards the left side of the adjustement bar or the right side of the adjustment bar

  37. dude you completely forgot about the preload/ride height, and the adjustment in weight distribution you can get, for instance i found that on the ktm x-bow in assetto corsa the front end doesn't lock up as easily while braking if you lower the rear end and raise the front,

  38. How to set dampers In Need for Speed Shift 1? There are so many options about dampers please someone tell…….??????? Plz plz plz

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