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  1. Hi, do you have any tips on controlling turbo lag. I find this an issue sometimes when trying to handle cars like the lotus 98t and Sauber C9.

  2. agressive is not = slower, u can be agressive AND fast. It is just art to find the points when u have to drive very smooth and when u can be full agressive as fuck. When u get slower when u drive more agressive OR less agressive, u cant get faster with driving style. Adjust car settings or rethink about your driving line. With other car settings u might have to change your driving style completely, e.g. u driving with more or less contact pressure. Sometimes it feels slower to drive with less contact pressure, but its faster.

  3. I probably will never play this game, but you got me on those very precise hints and I watched the shit all along

  4. This is lame, you would not tap the pedal but push it in a small amount and then increase it to full on exiting the corner.

  5. "note in this test I am using 90% of my skill" LOL….
    Who are you, a Dragonball Z villain? "This is merely a fragment of my true strength"…"This isn't even my final form"
    "My Ki is much higher than this!"

  6. Plz do keyboard racing tutorial, i cant afford neither a wheel or controller,, just very cheap keyboard and i really love racing games 🙁

  7. 1) Throttle management -> I wish I could afford a decent steering wheel rather than keyboard drive…
    2) Drift -> Well, with keyboard my car doesn't steer any smoothly
    3) Steering Corrections -> I correct only when I feel like it's the only way to avoid upcoming trouble;)
    4) New Track -> But you told me no new info
    5) Find Racing Line -> Yeah, yeah… As if I would be doing it else way…

  8. to be honest, i do really likes your videos..you aren't just showcasing those playthrough,but instead you give lessons and logic explanations. thumbs up and big respect from me !

  9. tapping the throttle gently is useful for peeking at available rear grip if youre in low grip situations (street tires / rain)
    and lets you adjust accordingly.

    obviously dont repeatedly stamp on the throttle

  10. All this technical talk is actually bs. When you're racing then you don't think about the weight transfer or how exactly I'm going to apply the throttle coming out of a corner. All you need is what I like to call "feeling the car". Racing and driving fast is basically all about pure instinct and you either have it or you don't. When I drive on a new circuit with a new car which handling characteristics I'm not familiar with then I first do a couple of test laps in order to get the feel of the car, or in other words I try to find the limits of the car, and then gradually start to go faster and faster as I get more familiar with the feel of the car.

  11. But on Forza, you can memorize every single track easily because you will have driven around them at least 100 times.

    But great video, nonetheless.

  12. thanks man i watched your video and i like that. i think its my third vids of you. but in a video you talk about "racing etiquette". could you do a video about that and learn more people how drive in online race? thanks keep up your good work!

  13. supra. the Queen of turbo lag XD
    i love the version of gt500 on japan of Castrol (white red Green)

  14. Thanks a lot for the videos viper. Very educational, helped me a lot. Are you planning a setup guide series? That would be awesome too.

  15. My way of learning a track:
    – take the first 1-2 Laps slow (primarily to see if there are crossing roads where you're not supposed to go and to see, where the long straights will end)
    – start to take the lap as fast as possible and try to avoid mistakes in upcoming laps. Doing many mistakes which cost you huge amounts of time will be your best teacher
    – After 30-60 Minutes there shouldn't be that much corners anymore, where you're too slow/fast, but it wouldn't look smooth either
    – now look up some world record/fast lap videos on this track (with the same car if needed)
    – don't try to memorize the whole lap, just pick 1-2 corners and try to perfect them, repeat this with the next corners if you feel confident enough
    – from there on it's all about beating your lap times.
    – but don't race competetive yet, you would just crash into everyon anyway. Play against AI (if possible) and learn to recognize, where you can safely overtake and where you can run wide to prevent crashing. Here you can also see, where drivers with racing lines will be in any corner. If you drive against real persons, there will propably be many drivers (depending on the game) who actually try to follow this line as much as possible while not being aware, where you are.

  16. Yea shifting down into first gear in a corner in a rwd car is risky because you have to worry about corner exit.

  17. Treat the car like a nervous dog.
    If you approach the dog quickly it will bite you
    If you go up to the dog slowly, get a feel for its temperament it will be more relaxed with you.

  18. What do you mean its hard to drive when doing small taps on the throttle , thats exactly how I drive using my keyboard

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