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  1. Just want to clarify as a sim racer myself, some of the defence in this video could be seen as excessive. Racing is about picking battles, all you do by defending is slow yourselves down, as you covered Viper. Also some of the moves are very easy to detect if you're the other car, you don't want to telegraph your moves otherwise it's easy to defend or pass depending on what position you're in. Just a friendly tip to all budding racers. Make your moves decisive, but make them undetectable.

  2. The attack and defense techniques are mostly for multiplayer lobbies with people,but by any chance is this possible with A.I cars?P.s. I am not able to play on pc multiplayer so I play on mobile(I mostly play offline) on Real Racing 3 Game and the A.I cars always stick to the racing line and are not agressive but I want to practice.Anyone has suggestions,especially viper?

    [Edit]:If someone does know a good real time mobile racing game,please reply.

  3. Too bad I play forza and anytime you try to race clean or use psychological tactics, they just use you as a bumper and run you off the road…

  4. If you slam your car into the car infront of you can make your overtake alot smoother since you dont have to worry about him anymore.

  5. That MX-5 dude is the opposite of me, he's calm and ready to defend

    I'm either easily ticked off and ready to pressure or pass and then run away under pressure

  6. "The driver who attacks mustn't be frustrated. He has just to insist until the driver in front of him makes a mistake…"

    This same concept can be applied to many aspects in life. Patience is key to winning battles, and if you can't win by attacking, wait until your opponent makes a mistake. Look at high level esports tournaments, usually the victorious are the ones who capitalized on the other team's errors rather than going out and risking error themselves.

  7. Me: As a forza player….i love to race clean. Its so satisfying to see how you destroy your opponents not ramming the shit out of them…

  8. these are great advice… but people in Assetto Corsa don't give a fuck about keep left or right side if they have a driver near them, so they hit your car cause they take curves as they were alone. This kind of drivers are sons of the grand "beach" of the universe.

  9. Could you make a video about paitence. I have this problem online when im behind a slow driver my mental and physical state are battling out. Mental says "Pass NOW A.S.A.P" while physical says "Do NOT go out of your comfort zone. Fingers are starting to hurt from all that shifting and ive forgotten the last time you blinked so don't" My weakness for paitence is more appearant in endurace racing and rally racing as I now do 30min to 2.5 hour races online. And most of the time i start at the back due to me using up qualification to learn the layout and practice some useful techiques on passing, accelerating, braking, and feints.
    Ever heard of "If he can do it, so can I!"? Well, thats me but i take it to 110% when im behind the wheel. After a while waiting for the chance, my focus starts to slowly drift off to the point where the slow driver is now faster than me?.

  10. …. good advices but use the aspiration , it looks like you drive too carfully but give distance in the corner to exit faster

  11. 10:25 He taking good 10:28 always good but 10:29 why he deport inside the turn so quickly when he's got advantage?

    Not good configuration in battle mode,he need take good turn,if he let you win:no battle. In normal condition,you having to deport + exterior then him or stay just behind in aspiration to take opportunity,playing with rpm to take couple advantage at possible in exit.

  12. I have an easier advice but I need to ask you if it's right : isn't the best way to win a race is to ignore other cars and race on the shortest and fastest line in the track? By this we don't need to defend anything, we won't need to look in the mirror for cars, other racers are just barriers to avoid.
    Was this right?

  13. Hmmm, if your childhood game was GT4, you have no problem overtaking, cornering and braking….

    Thanks to the driving line ヾ(o◕ω ◕)ノ

  14. You are very tallented i can see that by the way youre taking those corners. No offence but in some corners you stayed hard to protect the inside line but this affected your cornering speed. Correct me if im wrong but before a corner i go from the outside to the inside and that way i do less braking. That improves my cornering speed a lot! Keep up the good work i learned a lot from this vid <3

  15. Bro your videos have very good stuff and its professionel, you can buy a microphone and speak this shit, i think it would be easier to do this! 🙂 Thanks for the lesson!

  16. This is brilliant, really true racing craft. Would really enjoy to see videos of these in real life racing. Does anyone know any?

  17. Great video but what about the bad drivers or "the noobs" that they crash into you. Is there something we could do to avoid their stupid moves? Make a video on this. It is really helpful!!

  18. Your videos have helped quite a bit because i am currently horrible at racing games but slightly less horrible than before i found your channel.

  19. 5.23 any reason why you dont open up the corner more by going back to the left? seems like you have to slow down way to much by staying all the way on the right

  20. Love the disipline here.. Giving each other space… Sometimes it is also a Good tactic to let the faster driver go..

  21. Tutti buoni consigli e ottime tattiche. Unica pecca è che nei simulatori online il più delle volte ci sono persone che non sono corrette come noi e quindi il tutto si trasforma in un demolition derby.

  22. I also have one strategy that might works but I don't know if this strategy is allowed or not on multiplayer lobby.

    If you intentionally give your position at the beginning of a straight and your opponent overtakes, you can easily re-overtake by towing behind your opponent.

    I don't really know if it can be considered as dirty move or not, but sometimes I use that strategy.

    Edit: from what I know, it's legal if I do this strategy, but I still feel uncertain whether it's legal or not. I've rarely seen people do this strategy either.

  23. Idk what this tactic is called, I call it pick pocketing. When a car sneaks into you’re inside. You slow down and try to quickly get to there inside and (hopefully) pass them because they can’t get the racing line. That seems to always work really well for me

  24. Sir Viper, sir, I just started sim. racing a few days ago. I was wondering on how to determine which side is the inside lane?
    (aside from watching the map)

  25. my tactic is i brake a bit early but not hard and i acclerate earlier too and i attack in the curve

    But i dont know wheter the Players are bad or that tactic is good xd

  26. You forgot to include not to abuse late breaking, you should have included that rule because if you come in faster, you also come in with less grip, and you can skid, which means he can overtake you

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