QUALITY GAMEPLAY / Bayonetta 2 / Part 1

QUALITY GAMEPLAY / Bayonetta 2 / Part 1

oh! best game of all time *heroic music starts playing* what game… *pauses to remember what he was going to say* has such amazing gameplay a story so deep and complex that few people can actually understand it? i’m talking of course about “Bayonetta” but anyone who plays it for the story or the gameplay is clearly lying *giggles* i think this is gonna be an awesome let’s play it’s been a while since we did an older game this is a game that i’m really really excited about, i can’t wait to play this and uhhh hopefully by the end of it Marzia will still stay with me *giggles again* i should warn you tho…. don’t flag this video please the game is very confusing at start but i think once we get going it’ll be a very interesting daily let’s play so if you enjoy please do leave a like, i really apreciate it, it helps out a lot and uhhh here you go *kisses the invisible you* alright fine, get closer *TONGUE* yeah fucking perv- let’s get wrrrright into the bewbs! *up there ^ just, look ^ there ya go* where is the ass and the titties? what is this, sailor moon? so i don’t know anything about the story so i’m gonna try my best t- ohhh my god fuck the story je- oh…. oh it gets better! this is the greatest story of all time OH MY GOD IT NEVER ENDS what the fuck is that?! that was a fucking cow bulge, oh my god edit that out (we won’t) i’m sorry that was too much jesus christ i did not expect that OH MY GOD i get to play right away! yeaaaaah i love when the games d- oh my god i’m naked! best game! oh there’s a story going on the background i could not care less honestly, i’m sorry *giggle* i just hear bewbs and ass i don’t knooow what’s going on, but i love it and this is the greatest game of all time jesus christ, what the fuck how could the Wii U perform all this shit nice ass shot, i appreciate that thank you very much okay and now the game turned into, uhhh… a mecha, of course! of course WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON I can fly and shit look at this, hah! *small laugh* i don’t know, oh my god shit happens all the time how can you keep up with this? jesus! what the fuck is that?! a fucking umbrella?! i got shot by an umbrella, awesome Bayonetta do something! she did it oh my god more sexy ladies fuck yes (don’t tell marzia) that is the most japanese sound effect of all- oh my GOOOOD oh my god she’s british that’s hot as balls Marzia please don’t leave me oh my god oh my god don’t scratch your beautiful face oh thank god oooooh that’s a great shot *inhales, surprised* oh my goood who is this? whaaaat? oh i wish my eyes could do that, can we do that effect? *gives you a sexy look* was that cool? thank you “Present Day”! okay! it takes place in 2016, that’s cool of course he puts on the monocle aaand that gives him strength *recreating this face: o_o* don’t question us just go with it that’s the first rule of Bayonetta oh my god what the fuck? it’s ca- *laughs* that guy literally looked like a pig you can tell this game is japanese just by looking at the style …or maybe this giant SEGA logo should be kind of a giveaway Nintendo as well well who the hell is this guy? oh my god heeeey there she is! *giggles* *what the hell?!* christmas? i love her accent! “beSIDES” i-i’d do that, i’d volunteer *dances* *dolphin pewds?* oh my! Sounds like a lot of nasty shit i’m into it *giggles* that’s not how you walk by the way *tries to walk like him* “fuhGET ABOUT IT” eyy! heyy! how is he carrying all those baggages? it’s making me anxious as fuck what? what? oh my goooOOO- *laughs* *sniff* jesus! of course she caught all of them, no problem and then just throws them! oh my g- *laughs* oh my god i think their periods are synced i…i *laughs* fuhgetaboutit!! Is Bayonetta a kid’s name? mm hm now make out please (pewds is gettin all crazy) they’re definitely talking about their vaginas I’m sorry oh you saw the shadow the what? god, so elegant they both have british accents why are they in New York? I don’t understand, I have so many questions (headache starts) oh my god *giggles* so Japan why couldn’t she just drive off *laughs* okay what’s up with the jets? what’s the matter?! *Stares awkwardly at the camera* what is his monologue? *giggles* the guy is just thinking, “what the fuck i’m not paid for this” this guy is my mentor *giggles* what? oh, he got his jet alright oooh, my gooood~ Japaaann~~ OOOOOOOH sHIT DID SHE JUST KICK IT???!! EH OH and now it flies? who’s steering it? i don’t understaaand ;-; oh my god, is this like the sailor moon thing? is this like the sailor moon thing? oh my god *nosebleed* O H! MY GOD! WAH! AH AAAAH OHMYGOD J E S U S O H BEST GAME! OF ALL TIME OH SHEEZ i can’t, i can’t play this i can’t O H! it keeps happening i’m i’m crying it’s so beautiful *oh my god what the fuck* *alright, okay, whew* *collect your thoughts, pewds* ugh ugh ohmygod yes what the- *laughs* i don’t even, i’m not even playing, and i’m totally fine with it that was the best cutscene of my life i’m gonna regret this video, i know it *laughs* it plays beautifully, i fucking love it just punches- SEEYA *fabulous voice activated*BUTTERFLY WINGS! YEAH! FUCK OFF WOO ohmygod i love the music (is that it, pewds?) did it crack? did it crack somewhere? oh they- dammit the guns broke dammit car oh my god, what is happening oh my god *more: o_o* is that, who i think it is? *laughs* OH MY GOD YES IT’S BLACK SANTA he, he takes the kids’ presents instead of- fuck it, it wasn’t funny i’m sorry *giggles* *small laugh* what a fucking badass- how did he start the car?? FORGETABOUTIT oh he, he drives the….the walls that’s *shrugs* why not? SANTA CLAUS GOT US NEW GUNS! FUCK YEAH oh is she gonna transform again? please aw, dammit she’s got fucking, guns on her heels oh my god, fuck yes that’s literally my face, of playing this entire game i- *giggles* *laughs* BEAUTIFUL *laughs* oh my god this game is ridiculous, i fucking love it oohhh, alright, i can be naughty.. (pewds no) OH, I’M NAKED (It wouldn’t be the first time on this channel) AAND, OH OKAY, SO I USE MY CLOTHES TO PERFORM ATTACKS G-GENIUS only Japan would think of that, wouldn’t they? OH, HERE WE GO BYE BYE, BITCH>:D AAAAH FUCK YEAH never been this happy in my life, i’m not joking this is like, literally christmas for me as a kid ohmygod fuck yeah it’s so fucking badass! jesus! oh she’s back i don’t know how to keep up with this, it’s so much shit happening all the fucking time of course a dragon would ff WHERE DID THAT EVEN COME FROM?? i know i’m not good at the game but, i’ll get better, alright? don’t worry about it OOH SLAP DAT ASS torturer attack OOH SLAP DAT ASS OOOHOOOHH YEAH SLAP DAT- *laughs* *laughing* OH YES GET IN THERE, SLAP DAT ASS YEEAAAHHH that’s right a nice bootay that’s what i’m talkin’ about they keep coming what is that- oh god what just happened? aw shit we’re going down we’re going down jesuS i gotta jump okay- WHOOP WHOOP BUTTERFLY JUMP! badass oh we got a silver that was fuckin’ beautiful okay. jesus christ jesus christ jesus christ jesus christ i gotta *deep inhale, exhale* *the sound of satan himself* gonna end the first part there, if we keep this going, i would really appreciate your support if you leave a comment and a like (what about subtitling? huh?) lemme know if you want more, i would LOVE to play more of this uh, it’s a fucking blast, this is so my type of game uuh, and, uuh, hopefully further on we can get into the story and all that stuff so let me know if you’d like more, like i said, i’d love to do it and, i’ll make the episode longer as we go, i like to start the first one off a little shorter that’s it for me for now though thank you so much for watching, i hope you enjoyed and as always *kissu the hand* stay awesome bros *brofist* щ(ºДºщ) ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) щ(ಠ益ಠщ) щ(ಥДಥщ) щ(ಠ益ಠщ) (ಠ_ಠ ) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ BYE

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  1. "Nintendo is designed for children" pewdiepie-soyboys video
    "*plays a porn game on the wii u*"also pewdiepie

    Seriously ?

  2. this might just be me, but whenever Felix wears overalls it looks to me like he's wearing some kind of Darth Vader/tool harness thing.

  3. This was honestly my favourite gameplay tbh it’s so frickin funny and I honestly miss all the swearing ?

    (Edited:) how is it 3 years already ?

  4. Yup definitely not, mom wont get this sugoi game with good graphics and combat because of nudity and stufff

  5. Why does Moon River work so well as the song in the jet scene? I mean to be fair it's a remix of it but it still subverts expectations

  6. I am from the year 2019 and you have 100millon subs and you are married and your a Minecraft channel most of you animals die

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