Pyrros Dimas relives his Olympic Weightlifting career

Pyrros Dimas relives his Olympic Weightlifting career

Going to Barcelona I was personally expecting that
I’d win a medal. Based on my performances in the European championship in Hungary. But you always worry you may have a bad day. Only a few people knew about me,
only people involved in Weightlifting. When I arrived in Barcelona,
a journalist from Greek TV asked me what do I expect to achieve in these Games and I said to him that I’m expecting to win a gold medal. Both the cameraman and the journalist looked at each other with surprise as if they thought this guy is crazy. I started by lifting 162.5kg and it was
a really good attempt. I lifted 165kg in the European championship two months before the Games and got third place, whilst first place was 167kg. I knew that if I could lift 167kg in Barcelona I would definitely win a medal but didn’t know which one yet. When I failed in my first attempt in 167kg, there were 5-6 other failed attempts made by other athletes and mine was the seventh one. Going into my third attempt I said to myself
I have to succeed so gave my best performance
and everything worked perfectly. I didn’t start too high in the clean and jerk. I had lost a lot of weight during my training and I felt that affected me during the Games, especially in the clean and jerk. Things didn’t unravel the way we hoped for us but things didn’t go well for the other athletes either and that was good for us in the end. For Greece! When I failed the second time on 207.5kg I didn’t believe the Polish athlete could win against me because even though we were tied, I had a lighter body weight. When Siemion failed in his attempt I knew that I had won a medal but I didn’t know what colour it would be. When I saw the Greeks, my coaches, the President of the Weightlifting Federation and my friends celebrating, I started celebrating too but I still didn’t know which medal I had won. but when the crowd started cheering
“it is gold, it is gold” I shivered. I had the chance to take part in the Games
that took place in my country and this is not something that happens often. Being part of those Games was more important
than actually winning a medal. I wanted to compete for myself and for the crowd to enjoy the Games and for these Games to be my leaving party. People were expecting me to win and get medals. Back then I was going through a really tough time as I was growing older and had many injuries. Surely when you are unknown people don’t know you and they don’t expect anything from you but when they get to know you they expect
big things from you. People say it is easy to become an Olympic champion but it is very difficult to sustain your status. I went to the Games thinking I would come last. I said to myself compete even if you come last,
and whatever you win is a bonus. Go and enjoy the Games,
do it for yourself and the people. I wanted to start my first attempt by lifting 167kg, but during warm-up, I realised my wrist
was hurting me I spoke to the doctor and
they said we need five minutes. My coach, Lakovou, said in order to do that we would have to go for 170kg in our first attempt, and that’s what we did. Discussing with my coach about the second attempt, we decided to go for 172kg, as there was not much difference between
172kg and 175kg to me. My experience, my will and the people supporting me made it very clear that I had to try for the 175kg. Of course this (third attempt) was putting me back into the game. This is what we wanted. The crowd was very supportive, when I entered the stage the cheering would stop
and that helped me a lot. I felt the crowd by side at that moment and I was very concentrated on what I was doing. I attempted the 202.5kg, thinking it’s 200kg like what
I had done during training, not 202.5, so when I went for the lift I tried to rely on my leg
but it was too weak. When I lifted it, it felt as if it weighed 500 kilos
but I had to complete the lift, I took a deep breath, thought of my technique, and I pushed the way my coach had told me. With the 202.5kg we didn’t know if
I was going to win a medal as many other athletes were fighting for a medal too we just knew that my attempt was good
with the 202.5kg. I was confused when I won the medal. As I didn’t know what I really wanted, whether it was a gold, silver or bronze medal. What followed though, at the award ceremony when I got a standing ovation from the crowd and for 12 minutes everybody would stand still, that was for me the best medal people could offer to me. It was one of the most beautiful moments
I had as an athlete. I learnt a lot by taking part in those four Olympic Games and winning four medals I met great athletes and celebrated with my
co-athletes’ wins and medals. I feel blessed for all these great moments I’ve lived.

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  1. Αθλητής που αγάπησε το άθλημα και όχι τις σελφις και το χρήμα και τη δόξα.

  2. θα τον θυμομαστε μονο σαν σαβουρα πολιτικο που εκμεταλλευτηκε που ηταν μελος μιας ντοπαρισμενης Ελλαδας…

  3. Ευχαριστούμε για τα μνημόνια… Ούτε ήξερες τι ψήφιζες ….. Σαν αθλητής όμως….

  4. Το πιο ηλιθιο αθλημα που εχει υπαρξει ποτε. Η συλληψη του ειναι επιπέδου ποιος θα σηκωσει την πιο μεγαλη πέτρα. Και δεν θα μιλησω καν για το γίβωνα που μιλάει. Απτο να ναι καποιος στην κατασταση σου μαλακα πυρρο αρχοντα των στεροειδων χιλιες φορες πρεζακιας.

  5. πυρο εισαι ενας αθλητης που με την παρουσιασου μας κανεις περιφανους

  6. You know man, my county has a lot of problems, but when we win medals Like that, when we show the love to each other… Man those times i am so proud to be Hellenic.

  7. Μπράβο στον Αλβανό καταγωγής αθλητή που κατέθεσε την ψυχή του για την ελληνική σημαία

  8. Χυδαιότητα, ξετσιπωσιά, θράσος. Βγαίνει ο Δήμας και «συμβουλεύει» τα νέα
    παιδιά να μην υποστηρίζουν την ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ, γιατί η υποστήριξή τους προς
    αυτήν είναι «ύβρις». Για το ΠΑΣΟΚ που κατέστρεψε την Χώρα, οδήγησε
    πολλά παιδιά στην ανεργία και τα έστειλε στο εξωτερικό για εύρεση
    εργασίας (και βεβαίως όχι με τις προνομιακές συνθήκες που έχει ο ίδιος)
    τι έχει να πει ο Δήμας; Για την συστράτευσή του, ως βουλευτής
    Επικρατείας, με το άθλιο αυτό κόμμα που έκλινε τις λέξεις «κλέφτης»,
    «απατεώνας», «λαμόγιο» σε όλες τις πτώσεις, γιατί δεν ζητάει καμία
    συγγνώμη; Μα απλούστατα επειδή δεν νιώθει την παραμικρή ανάγκη για κάτι

    Πύρρο Δήμα, ψήφιζες «δαγκωτό» Μνημόνια, χρέωνες ολόκληρες γενιές με
    υποδούλωση, στήριξες στο δημοψήφισμα το «ναι», που σήμαινε την εθελούσια
    παράδοση στους διεθνείς τοκογλύφους (ασχέτως της προδοσίας του «ΟΧΙ»
    που έκαναν ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ και οι ΑΝΕΛ) και εσύ κάνεις μαθήματα εναντίωσης
    στην… ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ, μιλώντας με ένα απίστευτο μένος.

    Τράβα καλύτερα να φωτογραφηθείς εκ νέου με τον ανθέλληνα Έντι Ράμα και
    μη μας πουλάς «πατριωτισμό». Αλήθεια, για την δολοφονία του Κωνσταντίνου
    Κατσίφα γιατί δεν έκανες καμία δήλωση στην συνέντευξη; «Δεν ρωτήθηκα»,
    θα έλεγες ίσως. Θα μπορούσες, ωστόσο, να πάρεις πρωτοβουλία από μόνος
    σου. Δεν το έκανες, όμως, με ό,τι μπορεί να σημαίνει αυτό. Κοίταξε να
    «τα κονομήσεις» εκεί στην Αμερική που βρίσκεσαι τώρα και άσε την…
    ανησυχία σου για τα τεκταινόμενα στην Ελλάδα.

  9. the swan song of a giant as a gentleman left his shoes to the weit stands for the next who wants to challenge his records

  10. MOTIVATION!!! nice hope we will see again in greece a top class weightlifter..until then fingers crossed for more olympic medal from PETROYNIA

  11. Albanos me megaloi psikoi H elines einai duprosopoi otan ekoun sinferon gia tous ellines tha eisai panda albanos kai gia tous albanous palei albanos .

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  13. oute athlitis einai …..otan epaize mpala ligo argotera se erasitexnika swmateia to ITHOS tou athliti eixe e3afanistei ….traboukisma se diaithtes swma se an8rwpo 60 kilwn …..DEN EISAI ETSI A8LITIS !!!

  14. μετριος ως ακετα καλος αθλητης Κατεμε η παρουσια του στην πολιτικη ειναι απολυτα περιττη .

  15. A true champion at life! Four Olympics, four medals, the man is a warrior. I am so grateful for men like this, inspirational!

  16. A true Olympic legend. With an emotional life story, worthy to be told to the next generations. Thank you for the memories Pyrros

  17. I saw him lift in the 2004 Olympics, I remember because the whole arena chanted DIMAS, DIMAS, DIMAS!!! I’ve never seen something like that at any strength event. The house was shaking with DIMAS, DIMAS, HELLA, HELLA!!!

  18. ja tus komplikus elines ego dulepsa stin elada 15 kronja qe gjirisa stin albania ma den tin pira tin elada opios elinas theli na zizi stin vorio ipiro as erthi emis i albani mzume mia hara me ales thrisqies i izoi ine mikri as tin apolavsume thelo na simfonite

  19. Ο πατέρας μου είναι φίλος με τον πηρο Δήμα και δεν λέω ψεματα

  20. I came to have my daily dose of Pyrros. ^^ I wish I had a chance to have a career in weightlifting.. but I didn't. Now I enjoy it as a hobby I like it so much!

  21. Ποση υπερηφανια..με ανθρωπους που σηκωνουν την σημαια μας ψηλα…

  22. More videos of this athlete please! He truly is a champion in the full sense of the word- humble, hard working, courageous! He faced and still faces lots in his life but remains a bright example of a true Olympic athlete!

  23. Παιδί του δημοτικού τότε ζητωκραυγάζα δημας δημας… Δάκρυα συγκίνησης μετά από αυτό το βίντεο


  25. Thank you for this awesome video. The epic music at 2:20 gives me goosebumps. The greatest lifter of all time . Every generation has it`s legend. For our Greece Pyrros we love you. Ελλας!

  26. Till 5:00 i forgot to on captions,,
    And till the video ended I forgot that I clicked but it never started,,
    Dimas the legend for you…

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