[PUBG MOBILE] Insane AWM Gameplay(ENG SUB)

[PUBG MOBILE] Insane AWM Gameplay(ENG SUB)

kisil/This game is so lagging.. omg kisil/He is behind the wall. athena/The wall? kisil/Yeah, at 5 direction kisil/Not there Athena/You mean a building under the mountain?
kisil/yeah athena/I killed athena/It was really insane… athena/Did you see that? kisil/No, I didnt. lol athena/It will be youtube contents!
Let’s Say Youtube cont…. kisil/You must always prepare a smoke. athena/Crazy! It was very insane! athena/what the pok? athena/omg… kisil/What? How? athena/My place is trash…How to go to there..? kisil/I think he cant get chicken kisil/You are very dangerous athena/.My place is very trash…. athena/This is legend match ever!

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  1. Hacker next update main band hoga.
    Hacker detection system is so powerful in next 0.15.0 update.
    Then we will know which guys is real hacker

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  3. You know what I noticed about you? And what all PUBGM Players have seen but haven’t realized? This guy makes too much unnecessary movements in order to appear faster. You, hw many times have I killed you myself? 6 so far. Your jumpy nonsense and your quick scope look so impressive when you have videos of it but what happened when I no scoped you? Stop feeding your videos bullshit you little Korean fuck.

  4. Finally Found A Real Pro Player In Pubg
    After Knowing That Panda Plays on gold tore , kill bots and predicts that he is bro
    Love From INDIA bro❤❤

  5. If athena is god then what would be team tes who wins pmco global finals by beating every single player on world and they have not a youtube channel 😋

  6. You are a pro player I come to your channel from a mortal channel mortal says that subscribe the Athene Gaming
    You are pro player 💪😎😎

  7. Online time please & Big fan bro like your game & voice bro I am from India Gujarat Gandhinagar 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 I see all videos & subscribe/like also…🤩👍 Nice music last 2 minutes gg

  8. Bro please play with me tdm only kar98 plese bro I want to prove I'm not noob to my friends please bro help me play with me this is my id osmツRohit143s plese plese plese bro

  9. Insane shots! One shot one kill!
    Unbelievable! Bro You deserve 5 million subscribers?
    Why you don't have I don't know???

  10. There is no doubt these Chinese team are pro but they still use cheat to spot enemy..no hard feelings guy I.e just my point of view..

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