proving my athletic ability (not trying to brag)

proving my athletic ability (not trying to brag)

Okay, hey guys, what’s up, and good morning So it is 6:45. I was supposed to leave at 6:20 but I mean do you know what? we’re all human aren’t we? mistakes they happen and I made one today I’m only leaving like 25 minutes late. Today I’m going up to the city, San Francisco. I always say, San Francisco Just in case you don’t know even though most people probably already know by now. I have no fucking gas – too I have to literally go get gas holy shit. This is definitely off to a rough start today I thought I had enough gas but apparently I don’t so I have to now get gas as well. I’m gonna be very late I’m meeting my dad at a cafe this morning And then after that we’re gonna go take some pictures whether I complain about it or not my ass is gonna be late So I’m gonna not fucking complain about it, and I’m just going to move on and grow from it also I know it’s really dark out right now. It’s because it’s very early in the morning So you know how that is so I do have to get fucking gas, so that’s so fucking sad. anyway but yeah as I was kind of saying earlier this morning did kind of start out on a rough foot I would say and I Woke up late originally, which is just the first problem It was hard for me to get up because I was so freaking tired even though it was only like 6 a.m. It wasn’t even that early And then I sent out my outfit the night before then this morning when I tried it on I was like why is this so ugly so then I was like ok fuck can’t wear this outfit gotta pick out a different outfit So then I took another like 20 minutes. That was my morning. It was a little bit Bumpy it was a little bit rough, but hey guys let’s turn it around am I right. Yeah, let’s turn it around Lets do it let’s turn it right around let’s turn that frown upside down right, baby It’s kind of peaceful getting up this early in the morning And I like it so if you’re wondering where we’re shooting today and taking photos I was on Pinterest per usual and I saw a bunch of these Photos from a tennis court when I saw it I was very hashtag inspired and I thought it looked super cool Let me give you a quick little OOTD today because you guys get really mad when I don’t shoes are converse Pants are brandy melville shirt is brandy melville jacket is forever 21, but I do like this outfit It’s better than the first one first one was tragic, so I’m not even gonna talk about it But I looked kind of like a I don’t know I just didn’t look good. Okay. Don’t ask any more questions Probably can’t even see my face right now cuz it’s really dark out. Can you let me know are you kidding me? I okay? I’m not gonna be negative because do you know what there’s a lot of negativity on the internet right now So I’m not gonna add to it, but I’m kind of having one of those days where everything kind of goes shitty alright But let’s turn it around I’m a human. Okay. I’m a human. Let’s get some gas It’s actually so funny because the other day I got a comment on my video like oh emma,we never see you get gas well bitch here I am actually sorry I didn’t mean to call you a bitch. I literally don’t know how– oh that’s a problem I do not like pumping gas. It scares me. I feel like everyone here is gonna Try to kill me and it scares me, but I don’t know I have like a little dry patch of skin right here not too fond of it to be honest also. There’s a cop over there. Just fucking staring at me honestly I’m not doing anything wrong, but if he arrested me. I wouldn’t be surprised because I’m just kind of sketchy you know oh my god. I’m getting a really scary look from that guy oh no no no he’s giving me a scary ass look I’m trying to get the fuck out of here Let me get my receipt and just dip squad. I’m out I’m not literally out this bitch trying to get out of this bitch boy ok bye. I’m leaving oh my god I’m getting back in the car, and I’m gonna lock it so quickly whoa all right. We’re good fam. Well I’m gonna drive there now, and you know what I’m gonna focus on the road focus on that traffic fam And I’ll see you when I get there okay peace out Okay I’m here now. I’m in the city just found a parking spot. Hopefully It’s a legal parking spot. I don’t know I hope who knows these days. the sunset coming in here was fucking beautiful Flawless, I mean seriously it was like Romantic it was romantic I wanted to just write a novel about it It was very hashtag beautiful so that was really nice, but now I’m gonna meet my dad at the coffee place, so let’s skedaddle out over there I also caused a little bit of road rage on the way here because I don’t really know how to drive in the city and Somebody yelled at me and like was like trying to like scream at me through the window, and I just kind of was like Haha and looked away, and then didn’t look back again because I was afraid for my life anyways Okay, well let’s go to the place now the place is called st. Frank I’ve never been there before so hopefully it’s not shitty let’s go Hey what’s up. You’re a hot mess this morning Oh Yeah Cheers boy take notes let’s try the latte now st. Frank coffee. Let’s see if it’s any good It’s actually it is kind of good espresso is a little bit sour But that’s usually how rich people like it so oh you just spilled it on yourself a little bit But it’s okay. My dad just spilled his coffee on it, so I guess that’s what happens when you get older He’s not gonna like that when he watches it back. What? nothing. the coffee is actually a solid seven out of ten Environment, ten out of ten. I mean look at this pretty aesthetic if you ask me we have the nice tiles here We have the nice wooden tables. We have the nice high ceilings a nice workspace. We have some greenery It’s very rustic. I think it’s great I think they really did a great job with the aesthetic one more thing about it. Is that the ice cubes are humongo. They’re really large, and I like that because I think it looks cool (music) (music) Hi Okay, um actually do want to hold this for me make my life easier wow this is good I could get used to this hands-free baby. Actually you know what it would probably be easier use your– you know what we got it? You don’t want to freakin–No no I would do it but I think it’s easier for you to frame it while you’re holding it That’s an excuse he just doesn’t want to hold it But we’re gonna go to the place that we’re gonna take some pictures now. We’re going to the tennis court I love tennis courts don’t play tennis, but I love tennis courts (jazzy music) Hi puppy! oh god. I hate people’s dog voices though. This dog is very soft though. Oh, yeah, we out here boy Oh, I think he likes me. What do you guys think comment down below? Do you think puppy likes me mmm? I think so puppy’s freaking closing his eyes. I am putting him into a freakin rub induced coma baby This is lowkey my bae now like I might even take him home He’s so cute, and his legs are so short cuz he’s a little weenie pup he loves a belly rub I mean like who doesn’t but I think he’s like particularly like a hoe for belly rubs That’s his thing like that’s what really keeps him going. Oh my god Oh my God look at that leg going look at that. Leg. wait. I almost had it going there. It’s going hey Why’s is getting inappropriate? I’m sorry look at the wait. Let me get the leg going again That’s like my main goal in life is to like find the dog’s Spot you know what I’m sayin me and him are bonding so hard right now. Hey peace out buddy I’m putting on some yellow. Glasses. Just because that’s where I thrive (funky music) That was so good wait, you know what let’s do a little dance segment We love a talented queen All right, and that was my dancing for the day also, that’s what I hate about that So um in case you were wondering I actually am very athletic I did sports um At some point. Today, I’m just gonna be kind of proving to you my athletic abilities not trying to brag all right Let me show you First let’s do some running all right people now. I’m gonna sprint and it’s gonna be really fast It’s not gonna be pretty, but it’s gonna be good. Can you make it gun noise with your mouth Please father? okay. Pow! Wait wait, not yet I’m not ready, (inspirational music) (mario music) Like even when you’re like on your off days like you’re still training like in your mind And then like when you just come out here, you just kill it And just am so proud of me. my fastest mile time was like 10 minutes but we’re just gonna go now so okay moving on one more thing (crickets) I Was a cheerleader yeah, you heard that straight heard that right and um? (mario music) Nice. Pretty good right? (screaming) It was pretty good Let’s do a little jump sequence (droplet noise) okay im just nervous. Im nervous I’m gonna insert a video of somebody else doing jumps right now. We can just act like that’s me Peace out we’re leaving this tennis court now. Oh, I need to take some atmospheric shots for the vlog I’m trying to add in some artsy montages into my vlogs just for a little bit of some Some context about where I am in this life Let me know if you’re enjoying those or let me know if you think they’re fucking stupid I like making them because I think it’s like kind of fun cue artsy montage here artsy montage right here (sad music) Euhgh (gagging noise) Sorry, I didn’t mean to. oh Im gonna wave at it Im gonna wave at it wave now. Thank you so much! oh my god I just– we need to go No no no no they’re getting off Wait It’s so bad because normally when you wave Normally when you wave They just go by so like you don’t have to like interact, I just can’t deal with that kind of confrontation sorry, I’m just nervous (music) (more nice music) (swagalicious music) (nice music right) (more nice lit af music) (nice music) (camera shutter) I’m just sad because I haven’t pooped yet No see this is why I need to do it This is why we can’t have nice things (lazy town music) There you go *cringe* (camera shutter) Dab on the haters people Frickin, we’re done here fam. first step put back on the poopy. It’s just a crucial step I should probably trademark the name poopy jacket if you’re using the word poopy jacket I will copyright it and You will be sued if you label a fluffy ass muh fucka like this and you put the word poopy in front Yo ass gettin sued. This is my pop socket. Not sponse definitely would recommend. I used to hate on pop sockets kind of thought that they’re for weenie hut Jr.’s, but you know what I got one, and then I was like well This is embarrassing. It’s actually really handy, so not sponse by pop socket because companies don’t sponsor me But get a pop socket if you want Hey, there’s teen boy on there, and he didn’t wave to me you know what fuck you okay ow oh my god I just dripped over this frickin tree. What the fuck fuck you Christmas is over. Okay, so what we just finished taking pictures now It’s time to get more coffee Download the photos onto my computer and just chill out so today Everybody we are going to be going to this okay Let’s try this coffee I have very high expectations actually my expectations are just normal Good that we’re just looking at the pictures they’re looking absolutely Swell you already saw them because I include them in the vlogs because I’m generous anyways getting it back to editing these photos now peace out Peace peace out all right peace I’m gonna go to the bathroom now okay bye Wish me luck We’re not going to talk about it Yeah All right almost back to my car. I have been here for four hours and its two hour parking Oh, we out here boy leaving. we did not get a ticket Wow we love good fortune. oh It’s recording now. It’s recording right now Oh Okay, cool. So are you– well you cant see me though. Yeah I can. really? probably. maybe not So we’re gonna drop off my dad at his car at his car, and I just thought let’s do a little carpool karaoke with dad No, no, no singing well then what else is it Just carpool sitting we don’t have to sing here karaoke I thought if its singing– we’re not gonna be singing oh, I hope I don’t make a mistake Are you nervous? What kind of mistake? also wanna know something thats fun? I’ve had this in here for two months. it’s gonna be like a coffee kombucha That’s gross. I actually accidentally took a sip of it like two days ago, and it was like rotten And I literally like teared up just because I was so mad their little fluffy things at the bottom of the kombucha Make a right here I know that. sorry, but yeah, the little things that float at the bottom of Kombucha like there’s nothing wrong with them But they definitely smooth me out a little bit. They’re not like here to harm anyone, but they definitely hurt my feelings You know what I’m saying. It’s a fungus right let’s not talk about it. I have the worst hang nails hmm, I dont know what the solution for that is Do you want to know what I actually do when I have hang nails that are like really bad I actually put chapstick on them Oh that’s a good idea No, it’s not cuz it doesn’t heal them at all all right all right peace. Let’s starting route to home What the fuck alright so that was a fun day? I hope I’m even filming. There’s so much construction going on around here There’s something about construction that really stresses me out because I have like this weird like inner phobia of like Accidentally driving into like wet concrete and then getting then accidentally like getting Accidentally getting stuck in the concrete my entire car sinking into it and then me freezing inside of the concrete like my fears are irrational But I worry about it in my spare time, so I’m a little bit irritable to be completely honest I don’t know why I didn’t get a lot of sleep And so I’m just kind of irritable may be mercury is in retrograde or some shit I don’t even know what any of that means, but I’m just not feeling like myself like I just kind of want to fight Someone not physically because I that’s not my kind of type of fighting. I want to fight somebody Verbally I just kind of want to argue. I’m not normally this problematic Yes, actually someone just texted me, but I can’t text and drive no texting and driving people don’t do it even though I really want to read it like really bad I really want to know who texted me because I don’t get texted very often so when I do I get excited. Okay I’m at a Stoplight. I’m gonna look. Okay. It was my mom. See this is why I don’t get excited

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