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  1. With a 5G low lag connection, It could be possible to play demanding games in 1080p 60fps from an android device!! Cdn gaming stream, XD

  2. Looks good but GeForceNOW ain't doing too bad atm and is quite a bit further along . Be curious to see the input lag too

  3. Thank you good for letting me be a part of project stream! I’m using my xbox one controller and playing on my Mac 🖥. I haven’t noticed any lag so far and this is a great game to test it on! I’m barely in the beginning but so far so good!

  4. I tried this service with my 200Mbps connection, and the quality keeps dropping to unacceptable levels in order to keep latency down. Cloud gaming is just as terrible as I thought it would be.

    Further, why would anyone play games using this service on their phone with a limited data plan?

    Sorry Google, but I'll stick to my custom PC.

  5. Do not forget that together with all of this, computer had to run a screen recording software. Streaming a game is a great idea and very challenging one too, but considering that most of us use PCs and laptops which barely run these games on their and considering that most of us use the internet which loaded this video in 480 or 720p, I'd say we are going to a bit more for this technology to be available to us, even if they perfect the software by tomorrow morning, so to speak

  6. Look..I've been playing this for about a week. My stream is not turning out this clear. I got 50/50 and a 4K TV it's not this nice. Unless it's acting weird

  7. As beta tester for this project, it goes above my expectations. Ive tested this with a older netbook, A+ performance, with a good connection.

  8. this project is amazing, should really happen, with this one would be free of upgrading their expensive hardware time to time

  9. honestly atm I am using an at most decent connection and I was playing in hd with input lag that wasn't even noticeable to me. Obviously for more competitive games like cs:go it might show more but for any ac game it is perfect

  10. This existed…. years ago. Gaikai and OnLive. Both did this already and did it well. Sony bought the companies & tech (but obviously couldn't buy the employee's). Now there's Invidia GeForce Now and Microsoft is developing one as well. The tech was ahead of it's time, but the problem is still the damn same no matter when you release it. YOU NEED A GOOD AND STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION! OnLive worked great for it's time back in 2010. I finished a few games with it's service.
    People that complained about cloud gaming streaming were mostly those with weak internet connections. Something dependent on your plan, your ISP, your area, and hardware. Less likely hardware though because most tech could do 720p at least without using too much ram or cpu. That's potato pc personal problems.

  11. Ok, I played through the whole game on a couple of different platforms. I am an avid PC gamer and I have a self built PC that cost me more than $2000. I also have a 4 year old Intel i3 chromebook. I will tell you that other than the nice monitor of my home built tower the game play was nearly identical, as was on the two other laptops I played it on. The graphics were amazing and other than a few slow down hick-ups (which I can only assume come from the server side since my connection averages at about 180 MBS) the game play was fantastic. This is truly the future of gaming, if I were Steam, I would seriously start looking at some server upgrades because if Google goes heavy in this direction they will dominate the gaming market.

  12. Didn't origin try this with the Original Assassin's Creed? I Remember playing a Streamed version or something back in 2008 ish. It wasn't half bad! Back then i had an intel duo core with no dedicated GPU. Of course the graphics looked like you were watching a video in 800 -600 resolution, but at least it was playable!

  13. hmm, not the thing I want but looks like a really good stream but not replacing Hardware could be the future for mobile but you need a bit more work for desktop especially for higher-end so if you do this can you keep Steam around, please.

  14. I got into the beta program. However, it's only running at 30fps. I would've liked it to run at 60fps, as this video shows. Why was it downgraded to 30fps?

  15. no graphics setting , i dont know whether running game on ultra or not and nvidia and amd other hardware was going to loss if stream gaming coming hardware companies will gone another think no console . i have question if 1080ti is streaming more internet speed will need ?? in feauture cloud streaming game monthly package possible to increasae ??? at the same time internet price also chance to increase??

  16. I'ma let you finish, but why didn't you show any combat or fast movement? Oh, wait, I've used Gaikai and OnLive in the past, the reason is that everything breaks down during combat and you end up with either slow input commands or a macroblocked to hell display.

  17. google , thanks , I was really hoping I could test and play the game , but u lied to me , u lied to us Canadians … I cant apply because its not in Canada , thanks for getting my hope up …. bin having a bad week with Christmas coming and kids needing gifts with lack of funds …. u made my life a little worse today google ……. to think ive bin having a hard enough time then ,u go and do this to me !! 🙁

  18. Website based in UK and project is currently open in the U.S. only? Why @Google , rest of the world dont deserve to participate in project ?

  19. ขอให้โปรเจคนี้สำเร็จด้วยนะgoogle(ขอให้มีSEAเซริฟเวอร์ด้วย)

  20. This is great and all but it seems a little off, i don't know how to put it… But i support this, Google you get my approvement on this one

  21. Bring it to India and you will be rewarded. If the cost of assembling a monster desktop is taken out of the equation, most indians will buy from you.

  22. My friend was just saying how cool the idea of this would be and explaining the meat of how it would work…who knew it was REAL.

  23. At first o thought of lags like i have 800kb/s and its unstable but then i remembered i tried other stream services like sony's one even tho my country unsupported it was very smooth im sure internet connection speed wont be a big problem if google is making it

  24. Streaming destroys the pricing policy … we are dictated the prices of games and we have no choice, we have to pay them! Nowadays one can acquire plays in specialized shop or in exchange stock exchanges clearly more favorably … Example Sony PSN a game costs up to 70 €, as good as new, in the specialized trade the same play can cost up to 20 € less! That will be canceled … NO STREAMING👎

  25. If the hardware and software performs well then cool.
    But game subscription services are a horrible future for games.
    Your pretty much bringing the cable TV package to games.

  26. Like the idea but I definitely prefer physical games that don’t need a internet connection to play. I see the directions googles going but I don’t think we’re there yet with our internet connection

  27. А где описание железа? От куда, куда стримит, х/з. Получается, это просто видео геймплея АК Одиси (кстати, игра – отстой).

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