Project CARS 2: Built By Drivers – “From Sim To Pro” Featuring Tommy Milner

Project CARS 2: Built By Drivers – “From Sim To Pro” Featuring Tommy Milner

– [Tom] Sports car racing for me is, it’s been my home, it’s
what I grew up watching. It was a dream to go racing. (rock music) I feel like that there’s definitely a part of my driving that was
developed in SIM racing. The discipline needed to be good in racing you can learn that, doing that skill in Project CARS 2. That’s amazing though at the end there, like around the hairpin, the sun rays peaking in, you know, around, that makes you feel like you’re there. For sure. It’s unbelievable.
– [Man] Crazy man. – One thing that’s interesting about Slightly Mad Studios is that the founders of the company all started doing amateur racing game mods. And we’d make our own cars. We’d make our own tracks. We’d make our own interfaces. All this stuff was happening. It was a very exciting time. And there was this kid named Turbo Tom, as he was known in the forum. – (laughs) Yeah, Turbo Tom, that came from early on when I was
eleven, twelve years old and I thought, “Ah, that’s
a cool name. Turbo Tom.” – [Man] Here’s this young
kid who we knew wasn’t racing cars but he was
involved with the SIM racing scene and he would test our mods out and he’d give some feedback but in general he was
a fan of what we did. – I got hooked right away. Mod groups would sort of come around and I’d volunteered
often times to help them. Try and get the cars better. – Then we heard a few
years later that Turbo Tom had started racing cars. So, Tommy Milner himself, has grown up and become a professional racing driver at the same time that we grew up and became professional
video game developers. – [Narrator] An excellent
win with a corvette of Garcia, Milner and Baretta. – [Tom] Having done
SIM racing for so long, blending what I learned into real life, helped me prepare for
racing with Corvette. (car revving) – When you work on different
types of racing games, you can see that there’s
different philosophies with different game studios. So, for us it’s most important that the racing drivers
are there from the get go. And Tommy has had a big
effect on the overall handling of the race cars in game. – Felt like I was carrying quite a bit of slip angle in the car. Getting to the corners. That’s where some of that front drift feeling kind of comes from. Having been a part of Project CARS 2, it’s been a lot of fun for me, rewarding, to see how far the simulations come. I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had driving SIMS because I’m driving it criticizing every little detail, trying to figure out how
do we make this perfect. (fast paced music) I’m Tommy Milner, I’m a two time Le Mans champion.

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  1. Reads comment on a forum saying where are the other built by driver videos notif pops up… "Project Cars: Built by drivers"

    Me: Oh…good timing!

  2. Still seeing so many "it's not a sim" comments, lol….

    What is not "sim" about this? It has highly detailed cars and tracks, clearly reworked physics and tyre model, with dynamic everything. In depth car setup, now full motion captured pit stops. Certain elements listed other so-called "Sims" don't all have in one package.

    PC1 was not perfect obviously, but it is still "simulating" real elements, and the feel when driving with a properly set up wheel is not that far removed from real life. And yes I have played iRacing and rFactor.

  3. I hope the "glue" tires are no longer a thing in PC2, cars in Assetto Corsa just feels so much more alive than in PC1, hope PC2 can improve this.

  4. There are many people who do not know objectively, do not know how to appreciate the effort and improvements that Project CARS 2 brings, do not understand that it is a game and judge it as a laboratory simulator, it is a simulation game, but nobody knows that So accurate is, they only base their opinions on the sensations they get from other games but it is unlikely that they have driven a real race car. I'm sure your simulation calculations are based on mathematics, not on feelings, so when you say Project CARS 2 is not accurate, do it with math, if you can. They should be grateful that the SMS team will be forced to offer a better product. We always have preferences, but that does not mean that others do their job wrong. I prefer Project CARS and I can see that they are improving. I like that.

  5. You know your hooked when you have the picture of collectors edition as your phone background!!! I'm so pumped where is September already?

  6. You see what I like about this is that they are making sure each and everything about there game is the best, wish more game makers did this

  7. idk I guess I'm a noob, but I didn't like the first one at all.. maybe being able to do performance mods was more important to me then I thought. there was defiantly more conns then that… I still miss forza but I'm not going to buy a One just for that

  8. will you be adding interior sounds such as rattling and knocking from bumps and gear changes etc instead of just engine sound?

  9. Когда кодики разрабатывали F1 2010 с Энтони Девидсоном, у них очень хорошая игра получилась, а вы хоть мильйон видосов с Милнером запилите, у вас всё равно ГАВНО получится… при чём 2.0

  10. Hooray! SMS has utilized another asset to do what must be done for the ravenous lot….we the sim-maniacs. No better guy than Turbo Tom to tap into his vast experience and make PC2 the best it can be. Hurry up 09/22/2017!!!

  11. A SimRacers becomes a real-life racer, becomes a champ🏆 and still help develop SimRacing?
    This can't get any better! It's Good news to the rest of us SimRacer who can't afford real-world racing.

  12. I remember the same premises for pc1 and turned out being a mediocre arcade racing gamepc 2 gave me the deja vu effectassetto corsa >

  13. just recently got into sim racing. cannot wait for this to come out. Getting a new rig just for this. £300 SIM wheel mounted onto a table. rather embarrassing XD

  14. Man, I'd love to ride along let alone drive the Corvette C7 GT3 – such a beautiful car.

    Welp, time to get myself a Vive and it'll be close enough! 😀

  15. Biggest question is:' will the ai be normal or random like pcars1.. (meaning every driver had the same skill) the major dealbreaker for pcars1..
    I really hope this is fixed in pcars2

  16. Does really have sense to design a game based on the feedback of a pro simulator when most of the people who is buying your product does not have a system like this? How these average customers are going to be able to feel "those close physics"?

  17. Now don't ruin tbe game with giving half of the content with base game and other half with a dozen of DLC's. Make it all complete in one package please!

  18. Does anyone know if PC2 is going to be 60fps on PS4 Pro? I know it's 60fps on PC, but not sure if consoles will get 60.

  19. I remember Turbo Tom from the SPGT forums. I knew his dad ran the PTG BMW team back then. I've been rooting for Tom ever since he started racing pro.

  20. So with all that triple screen gameplay shown – do we have real support for it this time like Assetto Corsa where you can specify the angle of your side monitors?

  21. i hope we have proper triple screen support,not that stretched one like in pc1.i saw some laser scaned tracks so thats a step in the right know all those trailers with graphics and eye candy effects are great but this were great in pc1 as well.what the community of serious sim racers that have spend thousands of dollars in hardware asking is good physics,good online and to be able to use our equipment to the max.simple as that.if i cant, then i have to stay with iracing,assetto or those simple things and the tittle will be a huge success.TRUST ME

  22. I can't wait for this game.I hada dream a racing game like this and it's here.I am so crazy hype for Projectcars 2 ( best racer ever) Take my money!!

  23. I just hope this game has a better FFB than PC1, I have so many hate love with PC1, if they get close to what AC feels (I don't think is realistic, I think it is fun) it seems that is going to be a great game!

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  25. I loved PCars but yes was a bit critical of the lack of feel over curbing and the surface differential. I hope this does correct those and also introduces a bit more realism to the wet conditions. We charged hard for World Record times and were excited to compete with Team Redline for Time Attack world records, but they never showed up probably because of the lack of feel. In any case, excited to test 2 out now!

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