Professional S. Korean sports teams and Miss Korea winners boycott training and beauty…

Professional S. Korean sports teams and Miss Korea winners boycott training and beauty…

Boycott of Japanese goods and services continues
to spread here in the nation. Korean sports teams canceled off-season training
in Japan. National beauty pageant winners chose to skip
an international contest being held in the neighboring country. Lee Min-sun has the updates. The worsening situation between South Korea
and Japan has spread to the sporting world. Seven out of ten South Korean professional
basketball teams have called off scheduled off-season training in Japan. Eight women’s pro basketball and volleyball
teams have also canceled or plan to cancel training in Japan and are scouting out local
places to train instead. Local sporting competitions are making similar
moves. Gangneung city had previously invited teams
from China and Japan to a friendship curling competition, but decided on Monday to pull
financial support for the Japanese team. And the board of a basketball competition
will make a decision on Wednesday on whether to revoke invitations to two Japanese teams
for an event in late August. The official from the Women’s Korean Basketball
League explained that by principle politics and sports should be kept separate but the
current relationship between the two countries is quite exceptional and they are trying to
come up with a soft way to deliver their decision to Japan. In addition to that, South Korea’s national
beauties decided on Monday to boycott the Miss International beauty pageant taking place
in Japan this October. It’s one of four major international beauty
pageants. Delegates participating in the events are
required to take part in the promotion of Japanese brands and culture. It’s the first time ever that South Korea
has boycotted the event. Lee Min-sun Arirang News.

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  1. LOL Dont come too, we will have 1 less competition. Can you please announce it publicly or are you scared?

  2. I guarantee you this fail country will come up with contest that they can win. Maybe plastic surgery LOL cause doctors can now participate, like e-sports LOL Olympic Cheaters.

  3. Right wing Japanese and trolls, get out of Korean channels. Your guys are annoying and too loud!!! Get a life and leave quietly

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