Professional alpine snowboarder prepares for the World Cup – Roland Fischnaller

Professional alpine snowboarder prepares for the World Cup – Roland Fischnaller

I take so much energy and so much power from nature I started snowboarding in our valley, the Val di Funes. I was born there, on these mountains, I grew up in the alps. I chose alpine snowboarding because I liked to carve the slopes and to ride on a steeply slope, a thing that was not possible with skies in those days, in the 90s..and that’s was what I loved. I became a professional because I had and I still have lot of passion for this sport. When I’m at the starting gate I have feelings and emotions. It’s like a drug. I have to say that. Once my top speed was 151km/h. One time I went a little bit faster than my usual limit, but fortunately nothing happened. I’ve really felt what going fast on the snowboard means. In the summertime my training is very tough. I go to the gym five mornings a week, while in the afternoon I ride my bike or cycle. It’s very tough, but I know it’s necessary to do my best during the winter and this is the only thing I can do to get better. stretching, weights training, being in balance, slackline…cycling. That’s because I race just for myself and for no-one else. I’m really excited because my summer tough training is always a guarantee when I’m racing, Not so many people know about that. I just know that I made the right choice when I train. To win the Slalom World Cup, the crystal trophy, that night, I was.. bad! I still get very angry and that means that it is still good to be an athlete, because when I don’t get angry anymore, everything will become ‘the usual’ and that’s when it’ll be time to end this. I’d like to race for the World Cup for a couple of years, because I enjoy it too much, I’d like to compete until the next Olympics game in Korea, It would be my 5th one. In the Slalom competition I’ve showed to be the best in last years. I’m a professional, I’m still a racing machine.

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  1. So why is it that it’s 2018 and we still somehow don’t have an alpine downhill event for snowboarding?

    Not short slalom, I’m talking Birds of Prey downhill at Beaver Creek.

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