Product Red Sport Loop for Apple Watch – Review

Product Red Sport Loop for Apple Watch – Review

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
this is a brand new sport loop from Apple it’s in product red and as you can
see here it says sport loop hook and loop enclosure and it comes in at their
normal fee of $49 so it’s pretty expensive but all of their watchbands
are at least $49 so let’s go ahead and open it up and then we’ll open this here
and I saw this in the store when I was actually looking for this clear case
here and I hadn’t seen this before and then I realized it was brand new so
thought I’d pick it up because I don’t really like this band that much this is
a stainless steel Apple watch and the problem with this band is it’s either
too loose or too tight some of you have commented in my videos sometimes it
seems a little tight and sometimes it’s too loose so this usually takes care of
the problem one of these bands because they’re kind of infinitely adjustable so
this is all it is so we’ll take this out here and then they have this little
piece holding it in so you just pull this here and then you remove it so then
we can close this and put this away so now we need to remove these bands from
the watch so we just push this little button here if you haven’t seen one of
these push this slides out and then we take
this one and this goes on the top then this will come around the bottom and it
sort of matches little ring on the outside here and then it’s infinitely
adjustable and it says product right here now if you’re not familiar with
product read some of the proceeds from buying a product read products such as
this or the XR in product red edition that goes towards helping fight
AIDS across the world so I’ll link more information to that below I bought this
with my own money though it’s not sponsored or anything like that let me
go ahead and put this on my wrists and these are nylon bands so you’ll see it
goes like that and now it’s completely adjustable and it looks pretty good with
the black and the red that’s a combination I really like and this
particular material when it first came out I didn’t like it but after using it
for a while just trying it out not only is a waterproof it’s great it
breathes really well you can see it has this nylon pattern in it and the Nike
editions have reflectors in them for running and things like that but this is
nice and soft it’s pretty nice against the skin there’s no issues there and it
just feels really good it doesn’t stick if you have dry fingers or dry hands
your fingers aren’t going to really stick to it my fingers really dry it
doesn’t really stick or anything like that it’s very comfortable and I used to
really hate this material but it’s actually grown on me and then you can
just adjust it as need be and it’s pretty nice so that’s all there is to
this I just want to share that with you I’ll be using it for some time again
it’s kind of expensive at 50 dollars but they are hypoallergenic so if you have
any skin allergies or anything this shouldn’t irritate your skin or
anything like that now one thing I wanted to mention is how hard it is to
actually match red colors this is product red and so is this watchband and
this color is just very hard to match together so it’s going to look pretty
good and close and they also sell product rent cases so you’re going to
get very close but it’s not going to be perfect no matter what you do so it’ll
be pretty good but that’s that’s difficult to match and apples really
good at that but that’s the best I think you can do at this point but let me know
what you think about the red sport loop which color is your favorite which one
would you pick up or what Apple watch band are you using if you’re using an
Apple watch so that’s all there is to this let me know what you think about
the red sport loop in the comments below if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next

77 Replies to “Product Red Sport Loop for Apple Watch – Review”

  1. Man, you are awesome i just ordered mine yesterday and is ready for pickup today and after this video I guess it is a good purchase

  2. After getting my Series 4 stainless steel 44 mm I’ve been addicted to these bands I purchased the Nike sport band and Sport Loop I was wondering what you think about the Milanese band? And have you made a video on that one yet?

  3. I have a red 8+ and iWatch 4 with all the bands I have, leather and the rubber sport, I used the same style as of your red band but in Indigo. It’s so much more convenient and does grow on you. Since I have the Space Grey with the red cell ring, I think I might get the red one too. It looks great. You have great taste my man! 👍🏻 Have a great weekend and thanks for the video on the new red band, didn’t know it was out.

  4. When I bought my ss space black last year… THIS was the color sport loop I wanted sooo bad for it, but it didn’t come out until after I gave my sb to my mom and got the gold ss! I guess it’ll look good with the gold, too…😑

  5. That looks so g❤️❤️d! I love product red too bad I can’t afford more than one apple product I wanted the apple watch series 3 I’ll work hard and keep my money.

  6. I have the Storm Grey with the 44mm Space Black SS Watch 4 and that looks great. Now I want that Product Red too! lol. Don't bother with the Cape Cod Blue though, for some reason, when I tried that one in the Apple store, it just didn't look right with the Blue strap holder against the Space Black watch. I found the 'closeness' of fit annoying to start with but wear it all the time now. I just don't agree with the prices (here we go again! lol)

  7. Also, you had a case on that XR in this video! I'm disappointed Aaron! pmsl 😉 Next you'll be getting a screen protector, although if you do can you get the Whitestone Dome Glass and review that for us? Your attention to details will be ideal for that video.

  8. I’m using the black nike edition reflective version of this band. I really like it. Very comfortable. And it looks better than the standard Apple black band which has some weird color specks in it and is not reflective in the least.

  9. I bought Storm Grey today and love it. The sport loop is so much more comfy. Every couple weeks I take it off and wash in a delicates bag. Keeps it clean and smelling good.

  10. Hi Aaron! Thank you for the updates/review. I am buying one as a Christmas present and after this, I am sold for the idea!

  11. I use a knock off Melanese loop from Amazon in blue. I didn’t like the band that came with my watch. It gave me a rash. Or, more likely my sweat gave me a rash.

  12. I would love and dying to gets a new iPhone for a Christmas gift…
    I use cheapest xioami phone with the lcd and glass cracked..😭
    The red iPhone xr and the bands so nice. I love red

  13. 🔴 They should make a Product Red Special Edition Apple Watch Series 4…. so it could match my Product Red Special Edition iPhone 8 Plus 🔴

  14. I am currently using an Apple Watch Series 4 40mm with this (Product)RED band and it looks and feels awesome! I also have the black sport band and the black sport loop. I am looking to get more eventually but right now I like this red band

  15. Hellooo’ Wish u a very good Happy New Year ‘ Can u plz tell me one thing my frnd bought sport loop 40mm series 4 . But now he is confused about the size? I want small medium size. But he can’t find the size details over the box. So plzz let me know about this. Or is a general one size ?It would be great enough to get a feedback from you soon .
    Thankx .

  16. It’s too bad apple don’t make the nylon loop for the 38mm anymore. Was in the market for one, and can’t find them 🙁

  17. Very nice band. I have the red leather band on an AW3 Black SS. I’ve never seen the nylon sport loop worn with the loop at the bottom. It’s usually worn with the loop at the too so that the watch face tilts towards you.

  18. Hey bro I have one question please try to respond
    Can we choose our favorite bands while buying Apple Watch?
    Based on our favorite color with the same price tag not that leather or another one which is heavy priced

  19. Just for my knock off today of this exact strap and damn. Very for very velcroy $7 shipped from Washington state. Wish I could afford real one. Only reason I got the knockoff is because eBay gave me $5 to spend lol

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