Probably Impeccable Picks 2018, Week 6: The champ is back and he’s out of control

Welcome to Probably Impeccable Picks and
the excitement around here is palpable because after an 18-4 week of
predictions, I have returned to my rightful spot atop the Fearless
Forecaster standings. That’s right, the champ is back, baby. I’ve been so pumped,
I’ve been walking around like McGregor all week. “Hey what’s up, Kyle? NOBODY LOOKS
THE CHAMP IN FACE. OK, maybe I took things a little too far, but in my
defense, I made it very clear to those cameramen that they were expendable. And
how else are they gonna make $4 an hour pre-tax? Onto the picks and there was
disappointing news out of New Jersey this week as Belvidere was forced to
vacate two of its victories after use of an ineligible player. This reminds me of
the time I had to vacant my spelling bee championship after I filled that pee
test afterward. Third grade was a rough. But anyway, Belvidere hosts Delaware
Valley this week, and I think the Terriers were going to win. Looking at the
Colonial League: Palisades at Notre Dame. And it finally happened, Palisades’ run of
Colonial League dominance has come to an end
with a resounding defeat against Southern Lehigh. I fallen off the
bandwagon and now I just hope it doesn’t run me over.
Crusaders win. EPC action now, Emmaus at Liberty. Liberty doesn’t have its
quarterback. Emmaus has its quarterback and it’s running back, and its other
running back, and its other running back, and some wide receivers, and … North
action Dieruff at East Stroudsburg North. Much you like the Huskies, I am heading
to the Poconos this weekend, but I am going for a wedding. They are going to
win a football game. Last but not least, a very intriguing matchup: Parkland at
Nazareth. And I’ll tell you what, every time I’ve seen the Blue Eagles play,
they’ve been impressive. Unfortunately, I’m going to be in Easton this week.
Trojans win. Happy birthday, Rose … oh, and and Dad. See ya.

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