Pro Wrestlers Who Tried MMA

Pro Wrestlers Who Tried MMA

A lot of professional wrestlers have tried MMA, but not all have been successful. This is a list of the most popular pro wrestlers to try MMA, from winning the UFC championship to getting kicked in the head by Mirko Cro Cop. These are pro wrestlers who tried MMA. Dave Batista started wrestling in the WWE in 2002 and won the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 21. Aside from his long history of professional wrestling, Batista is also an actor and starred in the hugely popular movie Guardians of the Galaxy. “Your words mean nothing to me!” At 43 years old, he made his professional MMA debut against Vince Lucero at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Rhode Island. Batista wasn’t exactly impressive, and his inexperience showed, as he was tagged multiple times early in the fight. [MMA Commentator] Lucero comes in right away with the right hand, and another right, another right. He lands two big rights! After three minutes that seemed more like ten, Batista eventually scored a takedown, and from there his opponent, Vince Lucero, showed why he had 23 prior losses, as he struggled to get out from underneath the WWE superstar. [MMA Commentator] That’s it. And Dave “The Animal” Batista wins his mixed martial arts debut. Batista was declared the winner via TKO four minutes into the first round, and in the four years following hasn’t fought since. Bobby Lashley started wrestling for the WWE in 2005 and has also wrestled for TNA and ECW. Lashley won his MMA debut in 2008, and won his next four fights in a row before suffering his first defeat to Chad Griggs at Strikeforce. [MMA Commentator] Chad Griggs sends Bobby Lashley to his first professional MMA loss.” Lashley’s record currently has 14 wins and only two losses, although he hasn’t exactly fought the best competition, with his best wins coming from Jason Guida, Wes Sims, and Bob Sapp. Lashley signed with Bellator MMA in 2014, and is currently 4-0 in the organization. Mexican fighter Alberto Del Rio Began his MMA career well before he joined the wwe Del Rio was a successful amateur wrestler, and made his MMA debut in 2001, winning after breaking his opponents arm during a takedown. In 2003, he was signed to Pride Fighting Championships to fight kickboxing champion Mirko Cro Cop. Del Rio always wore a mask during his fights, but limiting your peripheral vision in a real fight, in hindsight, seemed unwise. Del Rio went 0-2 in Pride, losing his next fight via decision, but ultimately retired with a winning record of nine wins and five losses. The most successful pro wrestler to enter MMA was four-time WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Lesnar made his MMA debut in 2007 against Min Soo Kim, who won the silver medal in Judo at the 1996 Summer Olympics. Lesnar won the fight with ease. Afterwards, Brock was signed to the UFC, losing his first fight to Frank Mir, but went on to win the Heavyweight Title after defeating Randy Couture at UFC 91. Lesnar retired in 2011 due to diverticulitis, a digestive disease which caused him to have 12 inches of his colon removed. but he returned at UFC 200 to fight Mark Hunt. Lesnar won the fight, but tested positive for banned substances before AND after the fight, and faces a potential two-year suspension if found guilty. And a few honorable mentions. UFC 1 veteran Ken Shamrock started in MMA, then went to the WWF, then back to MMA again. Bam Bam Bigelow tried MMA in 1996. It didn’t go so well. CM Punk is training for his UFC debut, by punching WWE fans in the face. Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe.

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  1. Lesnar was and is on steroids becore he even became famous. He generates so much money that nobody cares. They only test him after he's made them 10s of millions of dollars. Why do you think 9 times out of 10 they test the fighters after their big PPV fight? So they can make money still. Of they tested them before they would have to call off the fight. Like jon jones. He was caught again before fighting Gustafson recently. He failed the test. And instead of suspending him. Just moved the fights to a different state because of legal issues. UFC is bs. Most of them are on roids. Almost every champion of the UFC has been on steroids since the very beginning of the UFC. Its messed up because anyone could become a badass and become a prize fighter if they train and do steroids. It puts you on another level then men with normal testosterone levels. Dudes that do steroids bones grow even if their done growing. This stuff is so unnatural that you can be a skinny twig, get on roids and become Lesnar. Ive met so many guys growing up and at the gym even present time. That are juiced up and think they are special. No… Your fake and artificial. I will never be a fan of a cheat. So many times ive been fan of guys then they end up getting caught. And im like Damn… Ofcourse. Its almost inevitable when it comes to professional sports. The NBA like doesn't even test guide I think they have some of the most steroid use in sports

  2. The most successful professional wrestler to join MMA is Ken Shamrock.
    Just nobody knew he was a pro wrestler first.

  3. Nobody in the transition of WWE to MMA has been epic, legendary and successful than one CM PUNK.


  4. They're not pro wrestlers, they're from WWE. That ain't wrestling at all. That's some street fighting with the advantage of a ring to do "crazy" moves. Soooo yeah, they ain't pro wrestlers

  5. I don't think Phil Brooks is cut out for mma and his wwe injuries could be playing a role in his lack of speed. He was better at wrestling and should do that…

  6. cm punk @ 4:16 is something he could not do against his two opponents once fights actually happened

  7. Am I the only one who thought he was talking about real professional wrestlers? Im curious to know how their win/loss stats compare to fighters from other disciplines

  8. I would say this again without pro wrestling,mma cant be that big right now. thanks to exposure mma is big.Yes,pro wrestling is fake but main reason of pro wrestling is about entertainment not to show real fight. thats why mma promotion was created to show real fight. but many wrestler(expecially from japan) did mma.many mma fighter also did pro wrestling

  9. Brock Lesnar a true disgrace who lost to a Mexican all natural no drugs for enhancement was used by this Mexican .. nothing but good Technic and heart defeated this roid infested baboon and even made him a Corona and eat tacos.haha what a shame

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