PRO Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Match from the 2018 Las Vegas Pickleball Open

PRO Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Match from the 2018 Las Vegas Pickleball Open

(electric guitar music) – A sun splashed September afternoon here in Las Vegas Nevada, as we are happy to bring you coverage of the inaugural Las Vegas Pickleball Open, here at the Plaza Hotel and Casino, at 1 Main Street, Las Vegas. Hey everybody welcome to Las Vegas. Dave Benz, hanging out
with Melissa McCurley, and Mark Renneson, and guys, we’re excited to be here and be a
part of this tournament as pickleball continues to grow, and yet another major tournament
added to the schedule. – Oh absolutely, it’s been a great week, we started with an amateur event the first part of the week, and then are going on with the pros today. – Mark you’ve seen this sport really grow, and to see a tournament like this, with a large purse for the
pros, it really is impressive. – What a thrill, this is one of the richest pickelball tournaments in the sport right now, and so to come to such a beautiful place, in Las Vegas, here at the Plaza hotel, it’s a real treat for
spectators and players. – Yeah the purse of
$25,000 vaults it right to the top of pickleball tournaments that are being played around
the country right now. Over 300 players, not just
from the United States, but four countries represented
in this tournament here. We are excited to get coverage underway, let’s play some pickleball
here in Sin City! Don’t go anywhere live
action coming your way next. (rock music) – [Dave] So here we go, game one underway, and we will begin with Simone and Kyle, with the serve 0-0-2 as we get underway. – [Melissa] Prepare to
be entertained for sure, in the city of entertainment,
amongst other things. – [Dave] It certainly is not
lacking in entertainment, that is for certain. (Melissa laughing) – [Referee] One zero two. – [Dave] Yates going at Ansboury, and it pays to his advantage in a two-nothing early lead. – [Referee] 2-0-2. – [Mark] That just barely stayed in. Yates thought that ball might go long, it stayed in, dipped in,
that’s that little bit of top spin, a lot of topspin really that Tyson McGuffin can put on the ball. That’s where that comes in to play. – [Dave] So, Mark, we
talked about the possible advantage that Ansboury
may have being fresh, is there any advance for Jardim and Yates in the fact that they
literally just played, and they’re feeling like
they’ve got some momentum from that last match? – [Mark] Yeah, I don’t
know how much momentum they feel like they have
from the last match, I mean these players really, they’re very good at, sort
of, finishing one match, moving on, getting ready for the next one. But I do think they’re probably feeling like they’re pretty in sync, that they’ve got a good game plan. They’ve just stepped off
this exact same court, so they’re familiar with what it feels like out here, these conditions
given this time of night. They’ve been playing
out here with the lights that are now on, so, I expect that they’re gonna be comfortable out here, they look that way so far. – [Dave] And they break serve, so a chance to build on their lead. – [Mark] So that’s an example of poaching, poaching is when you
cross the courts to hit a ball that would otherwise be going to your partner, McGuffin
was looking to poach, and intercept that, didn’t take it, and then Ansboury had that
ball go right past her. – [Dave] 4-0-1 after McGuffin
hits it in to the net. – [Melissa] So Yates and Jardin
off to a quick start here. – [Mark] I am expecting a
time out coming up soon, maybe if they don’t break serve here, – [Melissa] And this could just be, just trying to get you rhythm here, right? Simone and Kyle just came
off playing a match there and Tyson has been waiting. – [Referee] 5-0-2 – [Dave] 5-0-2, now, as Yates will take over the serve. Double hit by Ansboury, so make it 6-0-2. – [Referee] 6-0-2! – [Dave] Yates and
Jardin did win those last two games in the bronze
medal match, 11-2, 11-2. – [Mark] There’s the around the post, – [Melissa] Oh! – [Mark] Well done by Simone. – [Dave] That’s to a
seven-zip start in game one. – [Mark] Here comes the time out. – [Dave] Another look
at the around the post. McGuffin couldn’t handle it,
and time out on the court. 7-nothing in favor of Jardin and Yates, trying to get the early advantage, here in game one of the gold medal match. (rock music) – [Dave] The Las Vegas
Pickleball Open is brought to you by The Plaza Hotel
and Casino, the place to be downtown, and by
Miller Lite, and Franklin, the X-40, the official ball of the Las Vegas Pickleball Open. – [Dave] Back here in Las Vegas, 7-nothing in favor of Yates and Jardim. After the time out taken
by McGuffin and Ansboury. 7-0-2 to be exact. – [Melissa] What’s the
latest on the stats, Mark? – [Dave] That’s out by McGuffin to make it 8-0-2 – [Mark] So right now we’ve seen zero third shot drops from
Ansboury and McGuffin. They’ve been using their drive. Now, to be fair they
haven’t served very often, because Jardim and Yates have been going on a run, so we’ll see what they so here, whether they look to slow things down with that third shot or look to speed things up. – [Dave] Jardim got to that net ball, but it threw her off
enough, she wasn’t able to get it over the net on her own side. I love the banter going back and forth here on the Facebook live stream. Matt Wright saying it’s always to come back and play after getting
through the winner’s bracket. He feels the other team, coming through the loser’s bracket
generally has the advantage. And then Raphael Siebenschein
saying Matt Wright should know he’s usually
waiting on that side. (Melissa and Mark laughing) – [Melissa] Yeah, that, he definitely is. Matt is an outstanding pickleball player, and always a joy to watch. And that fired Kyle up there. – [Mark] Wow, what a shot. – [Melissa] It was, excellent shot, yeah. – [Mark] Yeah, so it’s
another poach there, it was not an ideal place,
the ball was down low, but he’s able to get enough speed on it, and keep it low enough that
it stayed in the court. – [Dave] So 9-nothing, and Yates hits out, so 9-0-2, as the serve will stay with Jardim and Yates. – [Referee] 9-0-2! – [Dave] See if Kyle can add to the lead. And indeed he does, so now a point away from taking game one. Now bear in mind, as
you mentioned, Melissa, in essence, Yates and Jardim would have to win three games to win gold, because they are coming through on the opportunity bracket. – [Melissa] Yeah, absolutely,
so that, you know, just knowing that, at least
for Tyson and Sarah there’s, you know, an opportunity,
even though they’ve been sitting, to get warmed up, kinda get in their groove, get their chemistry back that we saw earlier in their match when they did play and beat
Kyle and Simone earlier. – [Dave] Yates into the net, and finally – [Melissa] Finally on the board. – [Mark] Yep. – [Dave] It is interesting,
though, in essence Ansboury and McGuffin lose
two games and then win one, and still win the gold.
– [Melissa] Yeah. – [Mark] Yeah they
definitely given themselves a bit of an opportunity here by not having lost so far, right? And so I hear what Matt’s
saying about, you know, this tougher matches early
on, or throughout the thing, if you, throughout the bracket, if you’re in the winner’s side, but they’re playing knowing that they’ve got a little bit of wiggle room here. – [Dave] Although not
necessarily in this game, as they now are facing a 10-1 deficit, 10-1-1, with Jardim serving for the game. – [Dave] That lob shot is long. – [Mark] So tough to
lob especially if it’s a little bit gusty, I think as soon as Kyle hit that he knew that was poor shot selection, but when you’re up 10-1 you can afford it. – [Dave] He goes to the well again. – [Mark] I guess – [Dave] And same result. – [Mark] Well, when you’re up 10-1 you can afford it. (Melissa and Mark laughing) – [Dave] Well, you don’t want to give somebody the opportunity
to get off the mat, though. – [Melissa] No, I mean
even though it is 2-10, we’ve seen it happen, people be up 10-2, and still lose the game. – [Referee] Second serve! – [Melissa] I think the
biggest deficit I ever saw was a 14-2 deficit, and the team at two came back and won 16-14. – [Dave] Wow. – [Shout from The Court] Out! – [Dave] And out of bounds, so the serve now will go back over to Yates and Jardim, and again the game point here. – [Mark] That’s a good
deep serve from Jardim. – [Dave] Nice scoop there by Kyle. – [Melissa] Wow. – [Mark] So there’s a good example of what we talked about
earlier, being more aggressive on those 50-50 balls, and she, paid off. You can see this ball
was not quite, not quite below net level, but
she’s able to generate some speed, she can keep it low, and that’s what initiates
winning the point. – [Dave] How ’bout this? 11-2, 11-2 in games two and
three of the bronze medal game, 11-2 in game one of the gold medal match for Yates and Jardim, suffice it to say, they are feeling some momentum, up one game to none here
in the gold meal match. Back to Vegas with game
number two in a moment. (rock music) – [Dave] The Las Vegas Pickleball open is brought to you by The
Plaza Hotel and Casino, the place to be downtown,
and by Miller Lite, and Head, power, precision, touch. – [Dave] A look at the sights and sounds from the Independence Day Pool Party here at the Plaza Hotel and Casino
a couple of months ago. They know how to put on
a party here in Vegas, and especially at the
Plaza Hotel and Casino, and it is right across from
fabulous Fremont Street, here at 1 Main Street in Las Vegas, and guys I’ve become a
fan of Fremont Street. The strip is great, but
the Fremont Street area has so much to offer, and the prices are a bit more friendly as well. – [Melissa] Oh yeah, it’s
just a great environment, a lot of people just having a lot of fun, and you name it, entertainment-wise, you’re gonna find it down there. – [Dave] And especially here at the Plaza Hotel and Casino,
they’ve got a great show going on, with The Mob
Story, great restaurant, we’ve been running ads for Oscar’s. A big contingent of our crew had a dinner there last night, it was fabulous. So much to be able to do here, make a plan to come out here and visit
the Plaza Hotel and Casino, and make it next September when the Las Vegas Pickleball Open is going on. – [Melissa] Yeah, beautiful
hotel, we mentioned earlier that it was renovated in 2011. Hotel’s been here since 1971. – [Dave] 1971 was when it opened? – [Melissa] Yeah. – [Mark] Maybe I’ll come
next year for this tournament in September, and the
Independence Day pool party. – [Melissa] Hey, look, those hot dogs looked pretty good, didn’t they? – [Mark] How many hot
dogs can you eat Melissa? – [Melissa] Well, I can probably – [Dave] Not as many as Joey Chestnut. (Melissa laughing) – [Melissa] It depends,
is it a contest, you know? – [Mark] Contest, oh yeah. – [Melissa] It’s all about
the competition, right? – [Mark] I know you’re a gamer Melissa. – [Dave] That was an
impressive shot by Yates there, to put it away, and make it a three-nothing start to game two. – [Melissa] So, what did we end up having in the unforced errors
there for Tyson and Sarah in game one? – [Dave] And time, McGuffin hits it long. – [Mark] Ansboury and McGuffin had four, uh five, unforced errors in game number 1. And that was matched with a five by Jardim and Yates. – [Dave] And McGuffin with some power, unable to force the error by Jardim. – [Mark] Just seems to me like McGuffin and Ansboury seem a little flat. When I was watching them
play earlier in the day, they seemed up, they seemed bouncy, you could see them encouraging each other, you know, put their hand
on the other one’s shoulder when they did something well,
or they did something badly. They just feel a little bit flat to me. And so maybe hitting a
few of these balls hard right now, let’s see what Tyson does, the serve we know is gonna come hard, so there’s free point because of it, let’s see if, maybe they
can get a little bit of that energy they need to
challenge Yates and Jardim. – [Dave] 1-4-2 as McGuffin and Ansboury finally on the board, they don’t retain the serve for long however. – [Mark] Yeah, those
drops are tough to play when it’s a bit gusty,
Tyson’s missed a few of them. – [Melissa] The players are
playing in the U.S. Open, the official ball is
the Franklin X-40 ball, that neon green color. – [Dave] So 5-1-1 as the
lead continues to grow here. – [Referee] 5-1-1! – [Dave] Jardim and Yates
trying to make short work of this match and get
it to the tie breaker. Jardim and Yates do
win this best of three, they will go to a one game
to 15 point tie-breaker to decide gold. – [Referee] 6-1-2! – [Dave] 7-1-2. – [Mark] So there’s another example, we talked at the start of this match, about how Simone was playing
to go for a bit more, to speed things up, and she’s been rewarded, quite a lot, so far. – [Dave] And Ansboury and
McGuffin want a time out, to talk things over, as they are in a major hole here in game
two, in the gold medal match. (rock music) – [Dave] The Las Vegas Pickleball Open is brought to you by The
Plaza Hotel and Casino, the place to be downtown,
and by Miller Lite, and Franklin, the X-40, the official ball of the Las Vegas Pickleball Open. Back here in Las Vegas we continue on with the gold medal match,
here on championship court, Jardim and Yate with the
the seven-one advantage. Ansboury and McGuffin with time out to try and stop the bleeding. And instead the onslaught continues. – [Melissa] Yeah, Simone did say she was gonna come out here, you know, with a lot more aggression, and I think we’re certainly seeing that here. We’ve also seen her exploit
the middle a lot more, and when Sarah’s is where she is now, on that side of the court,
we’ve watched Simone on this side of the court take
it through the middle there, and take advantage. Oh, went for a little too much there. – [Dave] So the serve
will change sides, 1-8-1. – [Melissa] Oh, goodness. – [Mark] Wow. I mean it’s, it’s so tough when you play against a team like this, against Yates and Jardim,
where they just don’t miss, and every time you think
you’ve hit a winner, you’ve put it away, the ball comes back, one more, one more, one more. – [Dave] He hit a couple
of exchanges there where both McGuffin and Ansboury thought they had a kill shot. Ansboury hits it wide,
so now she will take over service. – [Referee] 2-8-2 – [Mark] There you go. You know the way they
hit paddles together, often you see players
just tap them together, and Sarah took a full
swipe at Tyson that time, so she is not happy with
this performance so far, neither is Tyson I’m sure. I’m expecting to see them start to play with a little bit of passion here. Here comes a fast one. – [Dave] And he hits
a little bit too long. So side out, serve changes hands, and Jardim and Yates
just three points away from forcing a tie breaker
game to decide gold. – [Melissa] Yeah, so Simone
went to that well one more time, and Sarah was ready that
time, Rets, that had been very successful, Simone, when I say that, driving down through the
middle on Sarah’s backhand. – [Dave] Man, Kyle just
not looking somebody who’s been out here all day,
he’s found the reserves. – [Melissa] Right, yeah I
agree, and you say all day, I mean this mixed-double pro
open started at nine o’clock this morning and it is now,
what, twenty minutes till seven, here in Las Vegas. – [Dave] And we’re talking temperatures that were knocking on
the door of 100 degrees at a pinnacle today. – [Melissa] Yeah, fortunately
this particular facility, the hotel starts to put shade
on the courts very early, so a lot of the players
were able to get some, stay in the cooler, 10, 15
degrees, at times, cooler, than in the sun. – [Dave] Kyle may be a
little too aggressive there, so the gap closes a little bit, 4-9-1. (wind blowing) – [Mark] Yeah, the wind is
picking up a little bit there, it’s going to make the soft touch shots a little harder to execute. – [Melissa] Wow. – [Dave] So far it’s making the soft touch shots
non-existent until right there. – [Melissa] Yeah. – [Dave] Finally Jardim hits
it out of bounds, so 5-9. – [Melissa] And you
talk about in the zone, you could see both Tyson and Sarah were in the
zone in that particular point. – [Mark] Yeah, I was thinking about what you were saying earlier
Melissa, about those balls going through the middle, onto Sara’s backhand, and it looks like she’s now really sitting on that backhand, she’s
starting to see it a bit better, she’s starting to expect more balls coming not so much at her body,
but on her backhand side, she’s a little better prepared for them, and then she can defend better, and sometimes even counter attack. There’s a good example. – [Melissa] Yeah, and – [Mark] Got her. – [Melissa] Yeah, I agree with you Mark, that’s exactly, exactly right. – [Dave] Melissa, Mark
Todd wanting to know, on Facebook, how many teams were in the mixed pro event here in Las Vegas. – [Melissa] Yes, and
I’m going to answer him, in just one moment. – [Dave] If I knew that’s
what, specifically, you were looking up, I would have held out asking the question. (Melissa laughing) – [Mark] 9-5-1. – [Melissa] Well I know there
was 16 senior mixed pro, it’s just the number is eluding my memory, I’ve been going since about six
o’clock this morning myself. – [Dave] Oh great job by
McGuffin to go back and get that and put it away, and Ansboury and McGuffin for the first time are showing
some serious signs of life. – [Mark] Good court
coverage and good power. This is game point here, match point! And looks like it’s going a time-out, from Ansboury and McGuffin. – [Dave] So match point
upcoming after this time out, will we be looking at a tie
breaker game to hand out gold, it’s sure pointing in
that direction right now. (rock music) – [Dave] The Las Vegas
pickleball open is brought to you by The Plaza Hotel
and Casino, the place to be downtown, and by Miller
Lite, and Hyland’s Leg Cramps. Back here in Las Vegas, game
and match point, right here, for Jardim and Yates, trying
to get it to a tie breaker to decide gold here in Las Vegas. – [Dave and Melissa] And there it is! – [Dave] So they win 11-2,
11-5, and they will reset, and we will have one game
up to 15, decide by two, to decide gold here in Las Vegas, Nevada. – [Melissa] And before we
go, 22 teams, Dave, 22 teams competed in mixed doubles pro today. – [Dave] And only one will get to say that they are gold
medalists, who will it be? The answer on the other
side of this time out. – [Dave] Amongst the highlights
of the calendar year here at the Plaza Hotel and
Casino, St. Patrick’s Day! Nobody knows erin go braugh
like the Plaza Hotel and Casino, fireworks, and Irish
music, they’ve got it all. And we are onto the championship game in this mixed double pro division, as, well, we’ve gotten as far as can get. The comeback by Yates and Jardim, to force this tie breaking game, up to 15. – [Melissa] Yeah, this
is as far as we can go. First team to get to
15, win by two, is going to be the champion mixed doubles pro, here at the inaugural Las
Vegas Open at the Plaza Hotel, winners going home with $4,000 today, Dave, between the two. – [Dave] This is the
sixth game these tandems have played against each other today. It’s five-two in terms
of games won in favor of Jardim and Yates, but
yet, Ansboury and McGuffin just by winning this one
would be the gold medalists. – [Melissa] Yes they
would, and they stayed on the winner’s side of
the bracket all day long, so that’s the opportunity that they get, they did lose the two out of three, so let’s see if they can take advantage of the opportunity in the one to 15. – [Dave] And an early hole, and they get back to within one, Bill Harris on the Facebook stream saying he wishes we could stream a tournament each weekend, we’d love
to do that as well, but it is not inexpensive to this, it requires a lot of man power, and we want a really thank
Grant Carcia, Jonathan Jossel, both with the Plaza Hotel and Casino, who really stepped up
to make the contribution and the support to make
this weekend happen, and make the telecast happen. – [Melissa] Yeah, they certainly have, Pickleball Channel’s
been doing a great job, and I know at last report that I had, 18 people, people don’t
understand what happens behind the scenes that
allow this thing to happen, 18 people involved in the production of this particular broadcast. – [Melissa] Irina
Tereschenko went and visited the production truck today. – [Mark] Yeah, there’s another example of the importance of using
your serve effectively. Just got a 3 point off of it. It’s windy, it’s fast,
I think the players, even rec players, can
take note, and can start to do a little bit more with their serve like we’re seeing here. – [Dave] So now, after
three consecutive points by Ansobury and McGuffin, Yates and Jardim on the short end of the scoreboard. And it will go to 2-3-2. – [Referee] 2-3-2! – [Mark] Wow, what a dodge there by Tyson, and this is now, I just saw
them high five each other, they’re, Tyson McGuffin
and Sarah Ansboury seem to have a little bit
more of that chemistry that we talked about earlier. But that’s a bad unforced
error on the serve. You can see the net just
blowing, the wind is picking up. – [Dave] Yeah, and you can here the gusts through the microphones. – [Mark] That’s already
five unforced errors from Jardim and Yates
here in this first game, – [Melissa] And that’s as many as they had in the whole last game, wasn’t it? – [Mark] That’s right. In game one and game
two they had only five, they just now have six. – [Dave] And that’s shut out, so 4-2-2. – [Mark] Thank you to Chad Edwards for being our statistician. All day today and all day
yesterday, helping us keep up-to-date with what’s
going on numbers-wise. – [Melissa] Yeah, appreciate
ya Chad, that’s for sure. And it’s also worth a
mention that in the game of one to 15, win by two they do change sides at eight. – [Referee] 2-4-1. – [Mark] There’s that lob again. – [Dave] Oh, that was
impressive by McGuffin, went up and got it and Simone
Jardim couldn’t handle it. – [Melissa] Yeah, it was
great, great court coverage by Tyson, great communication
that he had with his partner, letting her know that he was
going to go back and grab that. – [Dave] McGuffin out
of Yakima, Washington, has been a very
accomplished singles player, now starting to mak.e a
mark as a doubles player, on the pickleball circuit. – [Melissa] Yeah, we talked about earlier, he was the first player
to have a professional pickleball coach in Morgan
Evans, and Morgan and Tyson have worked very hard and
over the last 18 months or so, and Tyson has now proven his
doubles game is just as good as any other man in the field. – [Dave] He won gold in
doubles at the tournament at champion’s earlier this year. He was the first doubles
gold that he’d ever won, he’s looking to get
another one here in Vegas. – [Mark] Well we just saw
there by Sarah Ansboury receiving that backhand well. We talked about it earlier,
game two, earlier in the match, her backhand volley was a real liability. It’s starting to see in
that third game she really started to sit on that
backhand a bit more, to see it, to expect it. Yeah, right here, what we
see right here that’s called a misdirect, you can see
that Simone was looking left, her body was moving left,
she hit the ball right, totally fooled Tyson McGuffin there. Nice misdirect. – [Dave] Kind of like looking
off the defensive back and then throwing it down their throat. – [Melissa] Yeah, Simone’s
got vision for the court. – [Mark] Mmm, that’s
a good eye from Sarah. – [Dave] So 2-5-2. Again this game will be
to 15 to decide gold. As Ansboury and McGuffin came
through the winner’s bracket, and can hear some cheers
McGuffin and Ansboury as they – [Mark] And just look at
Kyle’s face here, right, he looks a little bit down, he’s looks a little dejected, he didn’t come back and chat with Simone which they usually do between points, so to me this says McGuffin and Ansboury
believe that they can win, whereas as Yates and Jardim
look a little more worried, a little more distracted
by other things going on. But don’t count them out yet. – [Melissa] Yeah and if
you look in the stands behind Tyson and Sarah, it’s kind of the Tyson entourage has
gotten together back there, so maybe they’re feeling a
little bit of that energy. – [Mark] Team McAnsboury? – [Melissa] Hey, there you go. – [Dave] McAnsboury, love it! (Melissa laughing) – [Dave] 6-2-2, Ansboury
takes over the service duties. – [Mark] Of course these
four players also spend a considerable amount of their time when they’re not out competing at pickelball, coaching pickleball. Sarah in South Carolina now is heading up the PPR, the Professional
Pickleball Registry. Kyle Yates coaches in different places around the country that he combines with his playing schedule. Tyson McGuffin, based
in Yakima, Washington, but of course he’s all over. And of course Simone Jardim in Bonita Springs in Flordia. – [Melissa] And Simone too, to traveling, and to do coaching as well. – [Dave] So the serve will change sides, Simone a former tennis coach, before getting into pickleball. – [Mark] I meant that – [Dave] ’round the post, can’t get it. – [Mark] That’s actually the situation, so Sarah Ansboury, tennis coach, has now left it to do
pickleball full-time. Tyson McGuffin, tennis coach, pickleball. Simone, I’m in the same
boat as all of them, there’s a lot of us, a
lot of the top players, aren’t just great, don’t just come from strong tennis backgrounds, they also come from coaching backgrounds, which helps them to be more
effective players on the court. Lucy Kovalova, who we
mentioned earlier still works as tennis coach
as well as pickleball. There’s many of them out there. – [Referee] 3-7-2 – [Dave] 3-7-2, as Yates and Jardim trying to close the gap here. – [Mark] She got away
with the backhand there, she got I think a little
with the wind actually, ’cause she didn’t handle
that ball that well, but she was able to get
it back over the net, keep it low, and not get
into too much trouble. – [Melissa] It was a great job by Sarah to keep them into that
point with that block that she had that came
from Kyle, it wasn’t easy. – [Melissa] Oh! – [Dave] Credit Simone too she dug one out a few shots back to keep the point alive. – [Melissa] Yeah, Simone’s
got tremendous defense, I mean, it didn’t matter
where on the court she is, she can be sitting down and
still, still get winners. – [Dave] Kyle goes in front of Simone. – [Mark] She almost
was sitting down there. – [Dave] Yeah, but he’s
able to come up with it. – [Melissa] Look at it here again. – [Referee] 3-7-1 – [Melissa] Oh what a get! – [Mark] Wow, wow. – [Melissa] Great
recognition there by Kyle, he knew, that was taking
Simone out of place to be able to continue to make a play, he was able to put it
into the body of Tyson. – [Mark] That’s right. – [Dave] Great execution as well. – [Mark] Sort of feels like
it’s a momentum shift here. Yates and, even though
they lost that point there, Yates and Jardim, they’re
smiling, they look positive, they feel good, if they
get another point here, I expect McGuffin and
Ansboury to call a timeout, even though they’ve got a lead. – [Dave] Into the net,
so the momentum continues to be with Yates and Jardim right now. And that margin on the scoreboard starting to reflect that. – [Referee] I’m sorry no, you’re left. There you go, the right
server, yes, 5-7-2. – [Mark] One of the things
that sometimes happens when you stack, when you put both players on the same side of the court, when you’re serving or returning, is that it can be easy to forget. There’s the time out. – [Dave] So 6-7-2 the
score here in this game to 15 to decide gold,
we’re gonna step away for a short break, back with
the conclusion after this. – [Dave] A little
Hawaiian luau action here at The Plaza Hotel and
Casino, that looks fun. Wish we were having a
post game luau tonight. – [Melissa] That’s what I’m saying, boy that looks really fun. It makes me want to be here at The Plaza all year round. – [Dave] I don’t know that there would be a bad time to be here at
The Plaza Hotel and Casino. We got a tight game here in
this decisive tie breaker game to 15 to decide gold. Dave Benz, Melissa
McCurley, and Mark Renneson with you, we’ve been thrilled to be able to be court side here at championship court all weekend long. And we’ve seen some terrific pickleball. – [Melissa] Yeah, we really have. We’ve had some of the top
players in the country competing right here on this
beautiful championship court that the Plaza Hotel has
put together for the players and viewers and spectators
all to enjoy on the rooftop. – [Dave] Ansboury leaves it short. – [Referee] 7-6-2. – [Mark] That’s trouble. – [Melissa] Yeah. – [Mark] Wow, what a
good read by Kyle Yates. – [Dave] It really was. – [Mark] So that’s
what’s known as an erne, when you step outside the court, you’re right up near the net, and you can see when he went for this, he realized Ansboury was in a position where she could only hit down the line, so it’s a great time to attempt your erne, and it’s an easy winner. – [Dave] McGuffin thought about trying to smash that one down. – [Mark] You know what, he’s so good at disguising, the way he
sets up his paddle every time when he hits, you can’t
tell whether it’s gonna be a dink, or it’s gonna
be a flick, a faster shot, and having that consistency
of set up really allows him to keep his opponents guessing. – [Referee] Point. – [Melissa] That’s really
a rare dink miss by Sarah in this particular match. – [Mark] Yeah, she had one forehand dink a couple of points ago,
her backhand volley has become much more
solid though she’s got to make sure that she
maintains the rest of the game. – [Dave] Yates goes to the lob. – [Melissa] Really nice
lob there by Yates as well. – [Mark] There’s another misdirection, wow, so it’s great get
your body going left, and it’s just that little switch of the angle of the paddle that allows him to hit down the line, even though they’re looking cross court,
over their bodies cross court. – [Dave] So advantage Jardim and Yates as they will switch sides, let’s take a look at that last point, Simone pretty fired up when it was all said and done. – [Mark] That’s right, you’ll see here, she looks to her left, she’s looking at Ansboury, she re-misdirects it down the line for a winner, and that’s a nice way to win your 8th point. – [Referee] Hey, ready
to play not in break. – [Mark] Players understand what it is that directly controls
where the ball goes, so, for example, in that
case it wasn’t how her body was turned, it wasn’t
where she was looking that dictated where the ball went, it was the angle of her paddle
at the moment of contact. And it’s really important
that players understand that, and it’s really important
that coaches understand that, what exactly controls
where the ball ends up. – [Melissa] Well there’s
certainly been a shift in momentum here, I believe
that Ansboury and McGuffin were up at one point, 7-2,
and now they’re down 7-8. – [Dave] Some people on Facebook
wondering whether or not the refs may have missed a couple of foot faults here tonight. – [Melissa] Yeah, well
these are certified refs that are here, and they know that their primary responsibility is to watch that kitchen line. – [Ref] Yeah it’s okay,
I worked over here. – [Melissa] And tonight’s
referee for this match is Bill Plesha, he’s out
of Goodyear, Arizona, there are also all certified
referees calling the lines, there are six, six line judges. – [Dave] 7-8-1, all eyes
on championship court here as we have a tight one to decide gold. It’s to 15, must win by two. – [Melissa] That was a
good read by Ty that time. – [Dave] Oh, McGuffin – [Mark] Well, he’s burned
twice before by Simone, and so now he’s starting
to see in that situation she’s looking for that
misdirection, he’s there for it, but that’s two good a put away from Yates. – [Melissa] Oh, yeah. – [Dave] That was nicely played by Ty. – [Melissa] Yeah, and
nice floater over Simone’s left hand shoulder, she wasn’t sure if she should come down on that thing or let it fly and go out. – [Referee] 8-8-2. – [Mark] 8-8, a reminder
this is a game to 15, for this tie breaker game. – [Dave] And so the
serve will now head back over to Yates and Jardim. – [Referee] 8-8-1. – [Melissa] Oh, yeah. – [Dave] Put that one up too high. We talked about the height of the ball, and how important it is earlier today in the broadcast, Mark. – [Mark] Well this is the thing,
lobs are incredibly risky, if you don’t get just the right height, just the right speed in, to
get the distance you need, that’s what’s gonna
happen, and so, you know, it’s a little bit like gambling, right? We’re here in Las Vegas, you have a little bit of success and those are the moments you remember, you
sort of forget the mistakes. And, look there, as soon as Sarah hit that she said to Tyson, that’s terrible. – [Melissa] Yeah, and that
was a well-placed ball there by Sarah, she put a nice dink at the backhand end feet of Kyle. He was unable to bring it back. – [Dave] That was an impressive shot. Makes it 10-8. – [Referee] 10-8-2. – [Melissa] And so, and
someone’s asking, April’s asking what do the hand signals mean? The hand signals really are letting your partner know what you’re going to do. If you’re going to stay on your position on your side of the
court, or if you’re going to move to the other side of the court, so that let’s your partner know where they need to be covering. – [Mark] Just caught inside the line. There’s gonna be a time out here, I think. – [Referee] 11-8-2 – [Mark] But yeah, it’s
when you’re returning serve the person at the net
might give a hand signal whether they’re gonna cross
after that return gets hit or not to confuse the serving team. – [Dave] So 11-8 in
favor of Yates and Jardim in a game to 15 to decide gold. Back to Vegas in a moment. Well a time lapse of Shepard Fairey, the street artist who designed
one of the three murals that now adorn The Plaza Hotel and Casino and decorate the Las Vegas skyline. The murals were put up in
unbelievably timely fashion, and they are fantastic to look at. Make a great backdrop here for this tournament in Las Vegas. – [Melissa] Yeah they really do, I’d say. I’ve mentioned it before,
I took some great pictures, just the red bleachers
and the colorful mural just behind it, turned out fantastic. – [Dave] So 12-8-2, three
points away from gold, for Jardim and Yates. – [Mark] So in this
game so far that is now the 10th unforced error
for Ansboury and McGuffin, to eight unforced errors
for Jardim and Yates. – [Dave] So 13, you have
13 to 8, 2, or 13-8-2. And side out now, so this
is a very important service, needless to say, for
McGuffin and Ansboury. – [Melissa] Right, that
we need to see make them a run here, and Sarah
just got on her back foot and wasn’t able to make that drop. – [Dave] And McGuffin, this
could be the last stand. – [Mark] Wow. – [Melissa] Yeah. – [Dave] So serve headin’
back over to Jardim and Yates, man that was impressive. – [Melissa] That was, that
was quite the rally there. – [Mark] Yeah, I mean the
amount of defense here, and Ansboury had three or four backhands that she handled well. It’s
gonna be match point here. – [Dave] Well, one more point
and it will be match point. – [Mark] Oh I’m sorry, sorry, sorry. – [Melissa] Oh wow, what a get by Yates, and then two, three now
great gets by Simone. Oh, impressive, impressive. – [Mark] Tyson’s got be
a little bit frustrated at how many times he’s got to hit the ball to put away those winners,
such great defense, defense from Jardim and Yates. – [Melissa] Oh, and that’s gonna go out. – [Dave] So they break serve, they’ll get a chance to
try and climb back in it. – [Melissa] That was a
great off speed there, that Sarah put in. – [Referee] 8-13-1 – [Dave] 9-13-1 – [Mark] Dodged a bullet
there, you see Ansboury laughing a little bit, she
knows that they got away with one there, it’s not
too often that you give Yates or Jardim a ball that high and they don’t put it away for a winner. – [Melissa] Yeah, I think she knows the importance of the
timing of that as well. – [Dave] And Simone hits it wide. So 10-13-1 as the gap is closing. – [Melissa] Getting interesting here. – [Dave] Again, it is
win by two, up to 15. They have to win by two. And so now McGuffin will
take over the serve. We mentioned earlier in
the day coming into Vegas the last 54 events that
Simone Jardim has been a participant in and she’s won 47 gold, five silver and two bronze, so she’s usually walking away
with gold around her neck. – [Melissa] Yeah she is,
ever since she walked onto the scene in pickleball in 2016. – [Dave] And now they will
have a chance to serve it out. – [Melissa] Yeah and
that’s a place where Simone puts the ball, she’s been
successful this entire match, right through the middle,
up high over her shoulder, Sarah’s shoulder. – [Dave] Yates long however, so now it will be second server. – [Mark] So I’m looking to see a pretty aggressive backhand slice return from McGuffin, seeing
if they can make Yates. A little too aggressive, and there you go. – [Dave] He hits it out,
so now we have match point. For the pro mixed doubles
here in Las Vegas, the inaugural Las Vegas pickleball open. – [Mark] They’re gonna
have to stop the point. I don’t think so. – [Dave] And there it is! – [Mark] There not gonna No, Kyle hit the net,
yeah, that’s gonna be Ansboury and McGuffin’s,
yeah, that’s gonna be Ansboury and McGuffin’s point,
Kyle attempted his erne. – [Dave] And Simone and the
officials looking over here. Take another look. – [Melissa] Yeah, he’s
gonna need to appeal to one of his other referees. – [Mark] When you attempt
an erne you’re allowed to cross the net, which
she did, what you’re not allowed to do is touch the net, and Yates touched the foot of the net, you can see the weight came
flying right off of it, that for sure is going to be a fault. The referee seemed a little bit unclear what was happening, he said it allowed the point to continue. But clearly, what’s
interesting about this, yeah, if this was a So you can see him trip on it there. If this is a permanent net
that doesn’t have those legs at the side, those
wouldn’t have been there. – [Melissa] Yeah, there
was a question about what flew off the net,
it’s an actual weight that’s sitting on the net. – [Dave] So they do rule it a fault. – [Mark] 10-14. – [Dave] And now the serve changes side, there’s still a side for
Ansboury and McGuffin. – [Referee] We have a score of 10-14-1. – [Mark] 10-14-1, Ansboury and McGuffin trying to stay in this match. – [Dave] Oh, great shot by Kyle Yates. – [Melissa] It was a
really, really nice shot. – [Mark] Yeah, we’ve seen
a couple of misdirects earlier in this game by Jardim, and there was a misdirect by Yates. – [Dave] People asking on
the Facebook live stream, Mark why was the point not
stopped when that fault happened? – [Mark] It’s tough to say,
I’m not sure if the referee didn’t see that Kyle hit
it, from here in the booth we could hear him hit
the post, we could see the weight come off. I’m not sure, sometimes
what referees will do is they’ll let the point continue, and then, like they did
here, if there’s any sort of dispute that needs to be worked out they’ll sort it out afterwards. – [Dave] 11-14-2, but now
the side out and the serve and match point and championship point – [Referee] 14-11-1 – [Dave] And McGuffin puts it away! So we’re not finished yet. Second serve coming up,
it’ll be Yates trying to serve for the championship – [Mark] That’s that backhand. – [Melissa] Wow. – [Mark] Wow, so again Sarah
played a solid backhand, that’s kind of been the,
you know, her team has sort of lived and died based on how well she can handle those faster
balls that are backhanded. She did a really good job of it there, staying in the point to side out. – [Dave] Yates and Ansboury hanging in, but they need a rally
and they need it now. – [Referee] Second server. – [Dave] Excuse me, Yates
and McGuffin hanging in, I think I said Yates and Ansboury. – [Referee] 11-14-2 – [Melissa] And it’s – [Dave] I meant to say
McGuffin and Ansboury – [Melissa] That’s right,
that’s right, I was (laughing) – [Dave] It’s been a
long day here in Vegas. – [Melissa] At least
you know it’s Saturday. – [All Announcers] Oh! – [Melissa] He had a tough net break. – [Mark] So off the top of the net you see Jardim put up her hand,
apologize, look, she wants to win the point, she
wants to win the medal, she wants to win the
money, but she wants do it in way that she considers this fair. And when you hit a ball hard so close, and it clips off the net, so tough. Match point. – [Dave] Jardim serving
for the championship again. – [Melissa] And there it is. – [Mark] There’s another one off the net. – [Dave] And Yates and
Jardim, it took a long way through the opportunity
bracket, but they strike gold here in Las Vegas, Nevada. The championship point,
and they are your 2018 mixed doubles pro champions
here at the inaugural Las Vegas Pickleball Open, what a day, what a weekend it has
been here in Las Vegas. We will hear from the winners
and have the presentation after this time out, stay
with us on our live stream. Back here at The Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, what
a week, what a weekend, what a final match in the
mixed doubles pro division, gold medal match, they
needed an extra game to decide it, and in the
end it was fantastic, Jardim and Yates taking gold, but first before we make the presentation to the gold medal winners, let’s present the silver medal winners
with their hardware. And Sarah it really
interesting that final match, it seemed like they came
out like gangbusters in the first couple of
games, and then when you got to the tiebreaker you guys did find a little bit of energy, in the end they were just too much to handle. – Yeah, they played
really well, I think that we played better earlier,
I mean I think that’s a huge difference when we don’t coming out playing our game that’s,
I mean, that’s just what it is, and it’s tough, but I mean, they did a good job playing their game, and using the wind to their advantage, and using the court honestly. That was a tougher part for us, but I think the biggest
difference is we did not, we didn’t get to our
strategy, we didn’t do what we talked about until that game to 15, so it’s kind of hard
when you can’t execute what you want, plain and simple. So I mean, you gotta, it happens. – Ty we were happening whether or not the break might have affected you guys, they had to exert more effort to get to this point, but the
fact that they had just played on this court, they were familiar with the conditions, did
that factor into things? – As much as I want to
say that, I think Kyle and Simone played pretty stinking good, so kudos to them, kind of like Sarah said, we didn’t quite, we
didn’t follow the formula, I think kinda that’s what it comes down. But Kyle and Simone
played better today, so – Well congratulations
on winning a silver, and Grant Garcia the
tournament director here to make the presentation. Alright, fantastic
tournament by Sarah Ansboury and Ty McGuffin, and
with that Jonathan Jossel making the financial presentation. Guys, thanks a lot, and
we’ll see ya down the road. Probably here in Vegas next year. With that, let’s bring in
Kyle Yates and Simone Jardim. Get a picture here. Alright, Kyle and Simone can come in, and I gotta ask ya, are you guys tired, because it’s been a long week, – Are you kidding, it’s
Vegas, it’s Saturday night, what do you think we’re gonna do. – I think you’re gonna
go celebrate a gold. – No, we’re gonna go to
sleep, no not really. He’s not, look at him. – Was the fact that you guys had to come through the opportunity bracket and you had just played three games on this court, and you’ve had the momentum
after that bronze medal match, and you knew the conditions on the court, do you think that favored you guys in this gold medal match. – It definitely helped,
I mean that was evident with the first game or two,
once the kinda game to 15 kicked in, they were well warmed up and it turned into the match we expected. But yeah playin’ and
having a tough three game, you know, we’re not really
tired, at least I’m not, I don’t know how she’s
feeling, but I think it got us going a little
bit, our blood flowing, and we’re playing better,
so I think that helped get us off to a good start, for sure. – Did the wind conditions take
away some of the finesse game and you had to go more to a power game? – No, I really think that a lot had to do with the strategy, like earlier
we were dinking a lot more, and we were playing softer and we lost. So, we were like, okay
we’re not gonna lose, well, we don’t wanna
lose, so why not change the strategy, try to win. And that’s well, what we end up doing so – Kyle, I gotta ask you,
you’re extremely decorated yourself on the pickleball
circuit, but what’s it like to play with
Simone, who now, the last 56 events she’s been in,
counting this weekend here in Las Vegas, she’s
won 49 gold medals, I mean, that’s mind-blowing. – Is that it? Is that all she’s won? No, I mean it’s amazing, she’s been such a good friend of mine, and
such a close family friend, being back in Florida,
and it’s really nice to be able to play with
her, and in my opinion she’s the best woman out there, so I wouldn’t pick anyone else. – Final thoughts from you
guys on the week of Las Vegas, how excited are you to
have this tournament now on the schedule, how much
are you looking forward to coming back next year? – I sure hope that it’s
a part of the calendar, because my kids have had a blast here. That swimming pool over
there has been amazing, they’re, you know, you can seem them, dancing around, so it’s been great because it’s, it becomes a family event for us, so we’re looking forward to it. – Alright guys,
congratulations, and celebrate, let’s bring Grant again,
he’s got the medals, Grant Garcia, the tournament director, and then Jonathan Jossel right behind him, who is the CEO of The
Plaza Hotel and Casino has the prize winnings. – [Jonathan] You got all my money, man you won every tournament, it’s unbelievable, he’s a winner. – [Sarah] I’m sure that you got
all the people’s money here. – [Dave] Hey Jonathan, let’s
get you in here really quick before we get a photo, I just
want to get thoughts from you, as the CEO of The Plaza Hotel and Casino. Everybody has about how
well this tournament has been received, about
how everyone’s been treated, how much they’ve liked being here. Would you consider this week a success? – Huge success,
unbelievable, and obviously congratulations to Grant
and all of the people here that helped put this on,
all of you for being here, and the players for doing a great, so huge success, and can’t
wait to come back next year. – Thanks for having us,
I appreciate it Jonathan. – Thank you, thank you. – And Grant, thank you
to you to, appreciate it. – Thank you. – And any final words? – Thank you guys, thanks for
showing up, amazing venue, look forward to seeing you guys next year, and you guys defending your title. – Alright, thank you everybody for tuning in on our live stream. Make sure you are here
next year, for the second Las Vegas Pickleball Open in
2019, for Melissa McCurley, Mark Renneson, and everybody
who helped bring this broadcast and this tournament
your way from Las Vegas, I’m Dave Benz saying so long,
we’ll see you next here, right here, from Sin City in Vegas. (rock music)

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  1. at 34:58 Kyle's ernie was a foot fault. He stepped on kitchen line
    and did not get both feet down before hitting the ball. I am finding more and more
    ernie shots have foot faults that are not called.

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