President Trump Welcomes Members of Team USA for the Special Olympics World Games

President Trump Welcomes Members of Team USA for the Special Olympics World Games

The President: Don’t get nervous in front of the press. (laughter) The President: When you won all those medals, you weren’t nervous. You were so focused on winning, right? Well, I want to thank you all for being here. This is special for me and
special for the First Lady because this is the
Special Olympics. And, I have to say, Vice
President Pence and Karen Pence have been so involved. And because she does such
a good job with so many things, I’ve asked Karen Pence to
represent our government and our country on
Special Olympics. And we have a lot of the
great champions here. We have some
of the winners. They won, and they came in
a couple of seconds and a couple of thirds, but
a lot of first places. And we did fantastically
well in the Special Olympics. And I’d like to have Karen
Pence say a few words. You have done a fantastic
job, and we appreciate it. Mrs. Pence: Well, thank
you, Mr. President. And thank you for asking
me to lead the delegation. This was probably the
highest honor I will ever have as Second Lady. And you have here,
represented — you have representatives from
Special Olympics, but you also have coaches here. You have unified athletes and you have Special Olympics athletes here. And they represent
several different sports. And we’re just so
proud of all of them. We’ve become
close friends. I got to see them at the
Winter Games and then I got to see them again
at the Summer Games. And it’s so great to
see the familiar faces. But one of the great
things that I think the President needs to know
about all of you is that you are such good
representatives of our country. They have made friends
with other athletes all over the world. And they stay in
touch all the time. And you are really adding
to the diplomacy that the United States has. You make us so proud —
not just for your athletic prowess, but for the way
you represent our country and the way you reach out to other nations and other athletes. And it was such a
privilege to be able to be here with all of you today. And I don’t know if Mary
Davis — the President wondered if you could say
a few words since you’re the CEO of the
Special Olympics. Ms. Davis: Sure, Mrs. Pence. Thank you so much for the
opportunity, President. The President: Thank you. Ms. Davis: I know our
athletes are absolutely thrilled to be here. We create an environment
every single day in Special Olympics so that
our athletes can be the very best they can be. And we also create an
environment so that the rest of the world can
understand their abilities and their courage and
their strength and their determination and so
that they will be more accepting, and we can
build a more inclusive community and world. And we were so fortunate
to have the Games hosted in Abu Dhabi. And the ambassador is
here, I know, today. And they’ve just been
incredibly supportive of our efforts, and so have you. And in doing this, you
are all creating a more inclusive world
for everybody. Thank you — The President: Thank you very much. Ms. Davis: — for
Mrs. Pence being here. I’ve been at the World
Games in Austria and also in Abu Dhabi. We just had a blast;
we had a great time. She saw soccer,
she saw bocce. (laughter) Mrs. Pence: (laughs) Yeah. Ms. Davis: Not golf, mind
you, but — (laughter) — all the other things. And it was a
great experience. And you can see the faces
of our athletes, proudly wearing their medals,
standing tall. And — The President: Right. All of you are fantastic. Just fantastic. Ms. Davis: — it’s all
through opportunity. So, thank you
for your support. The President: Well,
Mary, thank you. And you did a
fantastic job. It was a great success. Where is the ambassador? Where is the ambassador? Mr. Ambassador, you don’t
have to stand there. (laughter) Come on up. Would you like to
say a few words? You’ve done a fantastic
job — your country has — and it was a great
Special Olympics. So thank you very much. Ambassador Al Otaiba: Thank you, sir. It was just really
an honor to host it. And these athletes represented the country very well. And the UAE not just was
honored, it was happy, it was proud. The people in the country
were actually joyful for the entire week that
this was going on. We were worried that we weren’t going to have enough volunteers; we ended up having 21,000 volunteers sign up for the event. Congratulations. Say hello to
all the folks. Ambassador Al Otaiba: Thank you, sir. The President: Our
friends, right? Great friends. Great friendship. Thank you very much. Well, I just want to
congratulate every — I mean, what you’ve
done is incredible. Bringing home
all those medals. How did you feel
about winning? How did you feel? Ms. Cameron: I did good. I did five — over five
time — five times over. The President: Whoa. (laughter) That’s
not bad, huh? (applause) Ms. Cameron: I did — I did fourth — fourth place. The President: Right. Very good. Thank you very much. Mrs. Pence: But, Mr.
President, Jane was telling us beforehand —
we were waiting in the Roosevelt Room — she was
sharing that she was so excited that her dad and
she both have the same color hair as you. (laughter) Mrs. Pence: Pretty
proud of that. The President: I hope he
has a beautiful head of hair like me. (laughter) Maybe it’s better. Ms. Cameron: But my
dad (inaudible) hair. The President: He
likes the hair. (laughter) That’s very interesting. I’m going to have
to think about that. (laughter) Thank you. Say hello to
your dad, right? Ms. Cameron: No. I’ll tell you why. The President: Go ahead. Ms. Cameron: My dad died. The President: Ooh. Ms. Cameron: And my mom too. The President: When
did your dad die? Ms. Cameron:
(Inaudible) home. The President:
That’s too bad. Ms. Cameron:
And my mom too. The President: And you
loved them both, right? Ms. Cameron: Yes. The President:
That’s good. And they’re proud
of you, you know? They’re looking down right
now, because you’re in the Oval Office. This is the big
stuff, right? You’re in the Oval Office,
and they’re looking down on you and they
see gold, right? That’s gold. Ms. Cameron: Yes. The President: That’s
really something. And they’re very
proud of you, right? Ms. Cameron: Thank you. The President: So,
congratulations. Ms. Cameron: Thanks. The President: Who
would like to say? Would you like
to say something? Anybody? On your great victory? Mrs. Pence: Well, I think
you should tell about your special accomplishment. (applause) Mr. Millett: On
behalf of Special Olympics (inaudible) —
we have 15 total. We’re (inaudible) to be
here in this great room. It’s a great honor and
privilege to be here. My shot was okay. It was three-fourths shot
at the end of the game. It was swish. It went viral. It really (inaudible). (laughter) The President: It was? It was (inaudible). Mr. Millett: Yeah,
it went viral. Yes, so thank you for
the honor to be here. The President: Thank you. Mr. Millett: This is
a once in a lifetime. So we appreciate all you
do for Special Olympics. And we — The President: Thank you. Mr. Millett: —
say thank you. The President:
Very proud of you. Thank you very much. That’s great. That is really —
how about over here? Anybody want to say something about your great victory? Ms. Rodrigues: I’m Delina. I’m a powerlifter and
I won gold overall. (applause) The President: You did? (Inaudible.) Let me see. Excellent. Yeah, I can see that. (laughter) So how much —
how much did you lift? Ms. Rodrigues:
I’d say 120. The President: Wow. I can’t lift to 120. (laughter) That’s fantastic. Ms. Rodrigues: Thank you. The President: I can see that. Thank you. Go ahead. Mr. Spaeth: I do track. I’m from Greensboro,
North Carolina. The President: That’s fantastic. (applause) I just left — I just left North Carolina That’s a great state. It’s a great —
they’re great people. Great state. I just left. I just got back. I got back late last night
from North Carolina. Ms. Cameron: Okay! The President: Right? Good, right? Ms. Cameron: Yeah. Ms. Cameron: I see you on TV. The President: You saw me on TV? Did you like it? Did you like — see? That’s good. Ms. Cameron: I did. The President: Boy, that was good. And I didn’t — I
didn’t pay for that. (laughter) I didn’t pay — I didn’t pay for that, Jon. But listen, just on behalf of Karen Pence; Mike Pence, our Vice President; Melania, First Lady; and everybody here — and,
Mary, I want to thank you for doing a fantastic job. Karen, I want to thank you
for doing an incredible job. You work so hard. Mrs. Pence: Well, thank
you, Mr. President, for restoring funding for
Special Olympics. We are very,
very grateful. (applause) The President: Thank you, everybody. Thank you very much. The Press: Mr. President,
if I may — Mr. Millett: Mr. President, we have a — The President: Jon, excuse me. Go ahead. Mr. Millett: Mr.
President, we have a shirt we’d like to give you. Mr. Vice President, I have
a shirt we’d like to give you. Mr. Millett: I have your
— we all signed it. The President: Wow. All signed. Thank you so much. Mr. Millett: Thank you
very much, Mr. President. The President:
Thank you very much. Okay, thank you. Thank you, darling. Appreciate it. Ms. Rodrigues: No problem. The President: No
problem is right. (laughter) Yes. The Press: And, Mr.
President, if I may, when your supporters last
night were shouting — chanting, “Send her back,”
why didn’t you stop them? Why didn’t you ask them
to stop saying that? The President: Well,
number one, I think I did. I started speaking
very quickly. It really was a loud — I
disagree with it, by the way. But it was quite a chant. And I felt a little
bit badly about it. But I will say this:
I did, and I started speaking very quickly. But it started up rather
— rather fast, as you probably noticed. The Press: So you’ll tell
your supporters never to say it again? The President: Well, I
would say that — I was not happy with it. I disagreed with it. But again, I didn’t say —
I didn’t say that; they did. But I disagree with it. The Press: But they were
echoing what you said in your first tweet, that
they should “go back.” The President: Well, I
don’t think — if you examine it, I don’t
think you’ll find that. But I disagree with it. Anybody else? The Press: Why did you
decline the NAACP’s invitation to be part of the presidential forum next week? The President: Because we
had a date set and then they wanted to
change the date. And they wanted to do it
within the form of an interview. I had agreed to
make a speech. I would have loved to
have made a speech to the NAACP. We have, as you know,
record unemployment numbers — the lowest
in the history of our country. We have — the poverty
numbers — it’s a poverty scale — and the African
Americans doing the best that they’ve ever done
in the history of our country. We have something
to be very proud of. I mean, really proud of. I was going over with
Mike, before, some of the numbers having to do with
the African American community. It’s the best numbers
we’ve ever had. I very much wanted to go,
but we had a date; the date got changed. And unfortunately, they
wanted to do it in the form of a question
and answer. I think you were going to
be, possibly, the person asking the question. The Press: I am
the moderator. The President: Yeah, I
mean, so — maybe you could answer the question better than me. Yes, go ahead. The Press: Mr. President,
will you appoint Senator Rand Paul as your emissary
to Iran, as it was reported? The President: No. I don’t know anything
about that other than I have spoken to Senator Paul. And Senator Paul is
somebody I have a very good relationship with. And I would listen to him. But I didn’t
appoint him, no. When did this come up? The Press: Yesterday
or the day before. The President: Yeah. No. He’s somebody
that I listen to. I respect Senator Paul. And if he had some
ideas, I’d listen. I will say that Iran is a much different country right now. When I took over, and Mike
and I came into office, Iran was the scourge
of the world. They were doing 14
different sites of confliction. They were fighting and
causing problems in Yemen and Syria and
Iraq and all over. It’s a much different
country right now. And you look at
what’s happening. You look at them
pulling back. And they’re not pulling
back because they love us; they’re pulling back
because they don’t have money. They’re being hurt very
badly by sanctions. And I hope that doesn’t
happen for long because I hope they’re able to
straighten it out. It can happen
very quickly. But if you look at the
original President Obama deal, it was a disaster
from many standpoints, but almost, most importantly,
because it was going to be ending very shortly. You know, it’s a very
short-term deal. And you can’t have a
short-term deal for a country. You need 100-year deal. You don’t need
a short-term. In a few years, literally
— in a few years they would be on their way
to a nuclear weapon. That’s unacceptable. Plus, they can’t do
ballistic missiles, and the deal allows them to
do ballistic missiles. And we have to
look other sites. The best — the most
important site we were not allowed to go
in and look at. What kind of a
deal is that? And other things. And many other things. So, Iran is not
the same country. They have inflation
now at 75 percent. They’re having tremendous
problems within the country. They’re selling
very little oil. We have an embargo. We have a stop on oil. Even the European countries are now agreeing with me. You see they’re
coming over. And they’re coming
over very strong. It’s very sad what
happened to Iran. All we want to do
is have a fair deal. The deal that was
made was a bad deal. It was not approved
by Congress. A lot of problems with
the deal that was made. And we can do something quickly, or we can take our time. I’m in no rush. I’m in no rush. The Press: Mr. President,
are you concerned that your supporters chanting,
you know, “Send her back” puts Representative
Omar or these other representatives in danger? The President: Well, I
have tremendous support. And I wasn’t happy with
that message that they gave last night. But that was a
packed arena. We could’ve
sold the arena. We could’ve sold 10 of
those arenas last night. There were tremendous
numbers of people that couldn’t get in. We had, outside, thousands
and thousands of people. We had thousands and
thousands of people that wanted to come, and we
said, “Please don’t come.” It held 10,000 people. It was packed. We could’ve sold
that arena 10 times. There’s tremendous support
for the Republican Party. There’s tremendous support
for this team — for the President, for the
Vice President. We have tremendous
support, maybe like nobody has seen in a long time. There’s great energy. I say there’s far more
energy on the right than there is on the left. I mean, I hear about the
left; all I see is the left is fighting
all over the place. I think we have far more
support than they do, and I think we have far more
energy than they do. And we’re going to have a
very interesting election. But I was not happy
when I heard that chant. Thank you every — thank
you very much everybody. The Press: Mr. President,
why did they do it? Why did they do it, if
not responding to — The President: You’d have
to ask them, Jon. What I would suggest as —
I was not happy with it. But what I would suggest. You go there, go to North Carolina and you ask the
people why did they say that. But that’s what they said. That’s what they — The Press: But you’ll stop them if they try to do it again? The President: Well, I
didn’t like that they did it. And I started speaking
very quickly. I could have — I could
have stood — The Press: You let it play out
for several seconds. The President: Really? If you would have heard,
there was tremendous amount of noise and action
and everything else. I started very quickly. And I think you know that. The Press: That chant went
on for — The President: Well, maybe you’re giving me too much credit. You’re used to giving me too much credit. Thank you, everybody. The Press: Will you
stop it next time, Mr. President? Will you stop it
the next time? The President: Yes. I will try. I would certainly
try, yeah. The Press: Thank you. The Press: Mr. President,
on the debt ceiling — The President: We’re working
on the debt ceiling. The Press: Are you close? The President: Don’t
forget, you know, the debt under President Obama
added more debt than every President put together. So you’re talking about a
debt ceiling. President Obama added $10 trillion
during his eight years. He doubled the debt. He added more debt than
every President — every single President
put together. President Obama doubled
— more than doubled the debt. So we’re talking
about a debt ceiling. The previous President
doubled the debt. And that’s what
we get stuck with. That’s the way
it is, folks. Thank you very much.

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