Pre-Season Training with the Hurricanes | Gillette World Sport

Pre-Season Training with the Hurricanes | Gillette World Sport

Off the back of winning the super Rugby Championship
title for the first time in 2016, the Hurricanes returned to their training base in Wellington,
New Zealand to begin their preparations for the 2017 season. Preseason is a massively important time for
the guys to re-energise and rejuvenate, get bigger or stronger or faster or whatever is
most important for them and we do that in a variety of ways. The goal is to prepare the players for the
rigors of the 8 month super season just making sure that during that preparation that we’re going to provide the coaches with players that can execute the positional demands and also
we like to facilitate a bit of their growth mind set so the guys embrace new challenges
so that when things get hard and they in the grind, they get excited. We do a lot of profiling with the guys and
their demands are quite different so we use that profiling to sort of individualise. I’m Nehe Milner-Skudder. I’m an outside back so I play close to the touch line, they call us the ‘flashy’ guys…I usually just
claim all the glories and all the big boys do all the hard work up front so yeah I usually
just finish it off. I’m one of the smaller ones so I use my footwork and speed to not
get smashed. Pre-season is huge because its where most
of the hard work get done, they’re building the aerobic base on the field and clocking
up a lot of K’s inside and you can start working on fine tuning the speed elements. The focus for backs that we’re really working
on is increasing aerobic capacity We’re sort of looking at giving them a bit
more sort of fit education, and why we still do our typical drills and sprinting, The keys point is posture so we’re try to
make sure the guys have a nice power line and we’re using the band as a bit of feedback
to sort of get the back and forwards and really get that drive in to that nice forward lean I’m a forward number six or ‘loosey’. Us Forwards…we’re kind of in the mix all the time in a lot more rucks, maybe making a few more tackles
when it might be a be more physical. This time of year it’s all about getting
in to a good shape and putting a bit of size on. Forwards these days, especially some loose forwards
are quite big and maybe I’m one of the shorter smaller loose forwards so maybe I need to get
up a couple of kilos. Forwards are a bit more force dominate in
Rugby it’s really important to be able to produce force, apply force and also absorb
force from your opposition. We have a real focus on increasing the foundational strength.
Generally with your strength stuff its heavier weight lower repetition. We’re actually using
a tri-phasic model at the moment, which really focuses on acentric contraction for our key
lifts. We do have two streams, strength stream and size. Streams are guys who need to put on a little
bit more lean mass and that kind of give us a guide of when we’re bucketing our players
and how we’re sort of managing their programmes. Pre-season can be a bit of a grind
it’s pretty full on, its big days the guys are tired so we do try and change the environment
a little bit. We try a lot of different stuff we’ve got
some gymnastics on the programme which is a bit challenging for the guys, we do boxing. You have to be prepared to get in the grind
at the end of the day if we can provide that grind in different ways I think it keeps the
guys stimulated and they’ll work harder. It’s quite tough this time of the year you
know, we’re always running and doing the same thing so I think the chance to do a bit
of boxing keeps the boys fresh and it’s just another chance to get the heart rate
up and ticks a few different boxes and it’s just changing it up from running up and back
along the field so it’s a bit of fun as well. There’s a group going to do gymnastics who
are fitter guys, we use that to increase functional strength, core strength, proprioception, so awareness
and space and also some mobility and stability through the movement they’re going to be
going through. In gymnastics you know you see some of the
fellas are quite ripped, they use all these muscles that I don’t think I have ever seen
or heard of on my body before so it will be a huge plus I reckon. At the end of the day there is a social cohesion
that’s required in a Rugby team like other teams and so we make sure we
try and get the guys to work together even though they might be different things and so that
gives them the connection that you know they are a team which is really important. We’re looking at building those relationships off
the field within the player so that when they do take the field they’ll work harder for
each other so I think that’s it’s a really important part of pre-season as well. The hurricanes begin their Super Rugby Title
defence on February 23rd against the Sunwolves in Tokyo with the hopes of repeating last
year’s success. Once you win it once you kind of get a taste
and you want to win it again, I don’t think many teams have won it back to back so we’d
love another chance to put our hands on the trophy but as we know we all start from square
one and there are some good teams out there. The new season is going to be a challenge
we’ve lost some good men to other postings but the bones of our team are in a nice place
and we’re exciting about getting back out there and having a rumble again.

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  1. It must be great just having someone tell you what to do, what to eat, how you're doing and giving encouragement and pointers during your working day. Great life; much better than an office.

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