68 Replies to “Porsche Legends Pack Release Trailer”

  1. 70th anniversary???? They built tanks in WW2 so it's over 70 years.
    Porsche was founded in 1931 in Stuttgart and it's 87 years ago. They built some cars before WW2 but not by its own name.

  2. Ahh so that's why you didn't put the game name in the title of the video. Because if you did, noone would click on it 👍

  3. I wonder if turn10 know what project cars and GT Sport do with there dlc hey lol 🙂 it’s a good pack I enjoy it

  4. Can you please add these cars before may or in a few days?:
    1 . Hennessy venom f5
    2 . McLaren Senna
    3.Fenyr Supersport
    4.Devel Sixteen 2018
    5.Aston martin valkyrie
    6. Koenigsegg agera rs
    7.apollo IE

    Any of these are ok but please add at least one of them please😇😅

  5. yucky game. odometer doesnt work! why would i spend money on this game? I love forza 7 so much! Thanks TURN10 and special thanks for MICROSOFT!

  6. I really want to play this game when I have good setup but for now it's all Forza 7. Project Cars 1 was actually playable but I couldn't even get a NASCAR 1 lap without crashing in this.

  7. I really eant to love PC2, but it's unplayible with a controller. Gar too jerky. I keep waiting foir the p atch that will fix that.

  8. In English, Porsche is pronounced Porsch-a. People that don't know that suck. And BTW, I would like a free Porsche. Thank you very much.

  9. When seeing this I thought it was forza lol but when I opened it. I saw it was project cars

  10. Cars that most people dont want to play with. Dont even bother when i saw the project cars logo. Too embarassed to even include the game title in the video title huhh?

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