Pool Lesson | Six Steps to Improve

Pool Lesson | Six Steps to Improve

Today I want to show you how my training session
looks and how you can adjust it in the best way to fit your own needs and you can win
a brand new cue! Yes you heard right. You can win a new cue. I recently got sponsored by Lucasi and got
my own new cue. Since we just reached 50k subscribers I wanted
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to hit the button. And now let’s start with todays lesson. Training is big part of improving in pool. Of course you can gain a lot of strength,
experience and convidence by playing matches and you should definetly do this. But some parts of your game just need to be
trained. Today I am showing you a possible training
routine that you can adjust depending on how much time you have, your personal skill level
and your weaknesses. And by the way: You can find a seperate video
to everything I am showing you here in the video description. So if you’re watching this in the pool hall
for example, you could do the exact training routine that I will show you. And now let’s start our training! In the beginning it’s very important to not
just start with a really difficult drill but to slowly get in stroke. So we’re putting all the balls on the table
and play them really loose in a random order. While doing this make sure that you don’t
analyse if you miss, don’t train specific shots and so on. Just play and get loose. Do this until you’re feeling well, then raise
the difficulty a little bit by either trying to run solids and then stripes, run one group
and the group other in order, or transition like I did here into straight pool. It depends on your favorite game or the game
you have to play in the next tournament, league day and so on. After 10 to 15 minutes you should be in stroke
and can start with the training. After getting in stroke I am working a little bit on my
pre shot routine and my stroke. You could either do this with this drill where
you just have to make the ball with a stop and then go back and forth. Make sure that you really take the time here
to concentrate on your pre shot routine and your stroke. What you could also do is to put 15 balls
on the table like this. Ball in hand on every shot and play 50 to
100 balls. And here you can also adjust by moving the
cueball further away or closer to the balls, depending on your skill level. I do this for around 30 minutes because a
proper technique and pre shot routine is very very important. We’re in stroke now, we worked on our pre
shot routine and technique, and now can work on certain weaknesses of our game. You can now choose if you want to train on
cueball control, speed control, your shotmaking ability, defensive game, kicking, banking,
jumping, breaking and so on. As I said it depends on you. I for example do a drill that will just train
my cueball control. I invest around 30 minutes into a drill, so
that it’s not too long but long enough to get really commited to it. And in the next training session I for example
replace this drill with working on my break, in the next session I will work on jump shots
and so on. It’s important that you don’t do the same
thing everytime. Now that we trained a certain part of your
game we can switch to a drill that requires everything. I do this drill here that trains my shotmaking
of course but also my short positional and long positional
game. The nice thing about this drill is that you
can adjust the skill level. More about that is explained in the seperate
video. I also do this for around 30 minutes. Okay we got in stroke, we worked on our technique,
worked on a specific part of our game, did a drill that requires to put everything
together, and now we’re playing a race against the ghost. This will simulate a match situation. Every mistakes will be punished. You can play against the 8, 9 or 10 ball ghost. But you could also play against the 5 or 6
ball ghost, with 9 ball rules. I for example train against the 12 ball ghost,
with 9-Ball rules. It depends on your skill level again. The link to the full match is also in the
video description. Okay, the match should have taken around 30
minutes again. And now I am doing one last thing, that tests
your technique and trains your shotmaking, because making balls is obviously very important. But: It also trains your mental strength. I am doing the around the clock drill, were
I have 24 shots on the table. This is the best drill to train your patience
and mental ability. And at the end you can write your score down
and compare your development from session to session. This will probably take around 20 – 25 minutes. Okay now we did a training of around 3 hours. If you have more time just play a longer race
against the ghost or invest more time in the drills or your technique Or add an additional drill. Depending on your personal needs. If you have less time maybe don’t play the
match against the ghost or remove a drill. As I said all the links are in the video description. If you have any questions feel free to write
a comment under the video. And don’t forget to comment and subscribe
to participate in the cue stick giveaway. If you liked this video consider to leave
a thumbs up and check out other lessons. And now I wish you a lot of success for your
next training. Thanks for watching guys. And as always: See you at the next lesson
– take care!

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  1. Since a lot of you guys were asking me how to practice I made this video for you. You can find the timecode to each step and the links to the videos in the description.

    To get more details about the cue check out the link in the description. Also don't forget to subscribe and comment to participate. Good luck to everyone!

  2. I Need a change of luck. To watch ur video at 430am.Ive been beaten badly at the table. My pain has turned to anger Im tired of Losing but especially to a certain ol timer wit more experience who laughs at me and verbally insults me every time i play him. He told me 3 min to beat me wasnt worth his time to play me. I want to take this vet down so bad…. Thankyou for your videos…or war exercises, They give hope. Im going to prepare for billiard warfare.

  3. Three hours may be all the time I have in a week, especially since I need to rent a table to practice. Hitting the basics every time is something I learned on Sharivari's channel. Make the shot, pace, natural roll to position, and how to safe. Huge improvements in a year. Thank you!!!

  4. Great way to start to shoot and get in the flow of the shot. For me I do not Plat the ghost but play right vs left hands. Thanks for you great videos and explination.

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  7. I been trying to get in stroke and I notice there are some days my arms feel wobbly and there are days my stroke is dead center… I’m thinking I need to get into shape and do some daily exercise to keep my muscles in shape … still learning … I love this game ❤️

  8. I been looking to buy a lucasi, I’ve been watching your videos a lot in the past year, and because of it I think it’s time to upgrade my cue.

  9. This came at the perfect time. I have been wondering about a training routine recently. Thanks for posting this. Also a new fancy cue would be awesome!

  10. I like the drils. They are great. I've a question though. Since I've just started to play pool couple of months ago, these drills are somehow hard for me to do and make me demotivated when I'm not doing it properly. What's your suggestion and are there any other drills for newbies to improve their fundamentals? Thanks.

  11. Mate, these drills and programs are a godsend to me. Been playing for many many years, but finally now I have my own table and with your videos as a guide, I'm starting to become more than an average player. It's a dream of mine to enter the state championships, and now I can see that happening. I'd love to win the cue give away as well. Fingers crossed.

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