Polina Edmunds Spins Between University and Figure Skating at the Olympics | Day Jobs

Polina Edmunds Spins Between University and Figure Skating at the Olympics | Day Jobs

SKATING, STUDENT, USA) I am all about
confidence, hard work. Being an athlete, it is
about knowing the rewards. Knowing that I have
the talent and a gift and I can share it
and show people what I can do. My name is Polina Edmunds,
I am a full-time student and I’ve represented Team USA
for figure skating at the Olympic Games. Skating is very, very hard,
it is very tedious, I have to do the same routine
five days a week, all year, basically since I was
a very young girl. It is really hard
and it’s very taxing. Your sarcasm is unappreciated. She was four years old
when I first met her, she was a young little skater
at the rink here in San Jose and her mum had asked me
to work with her daughter and to give her daughter
skating lessons. And when I first saw her, you could tell
right away she had potential and she had a strong commitment
from herself and her family. One, sharp, up. My earliest memories of Polina is back when she was
a cute little thing, she had this nose on, skating
to an artistic tune, Pinocchio. She was amazing. My mum grew up in Russia and she had always loved
figure skating and wanted to be
a figure skater. So she went to college and learnt from
the top coaches in Russia. And when she met my dad and
moved to the States with him she continued to teach skating. Apparently the story is that I took my older brother’s
skates at home and put them on my feet,
at 19 months she decided, OK, I guess it is time
to put you on the ice. To be a very good skater,
you need to have very good abilities to learn. I would say very first things
and you have champion mind. Good, nice. I performed pretty strong
in Sochi. I would say it was definitely
two of my best performances. It was a different experience
for me because there was
so much media and there was so
many cameras everywhere. So, it was
very, very fun for me to be in that situation
because I was like, oh, here I am just
like the other skaters that I have always watched
on TV, now I am on TV. Now all my friends and
my school and my rink and everyone in San Jose
and the States is watching me, everyone in the world
is watching me. I skated very strong
in the short, I skated very strong
in the long as well, I made one mistake
but aside from that I did my best and
I definitely have no regrets. I am currently studying
as a student at Santa Clara University
here in San Jose. I am a communications major. So, I am studying
communications and basically how people
interact with each other. Maybe we can start with Polina. – Share your example.
– So I went to… Polina is a great student, it’s wonderful having her
in the class. I very much appreciate the fact that despite having
a busy schedule and these commitments,
she keeps up with her work, she has not missed any classes or been late with any
assignments. She seems
to be doing the reading. She is really balancing
these two worlds very well and bringing them into
conversation with each other. That is an excellent point… This is a class called
acting for non-majors. And it is for people
interested in theatre, who may have some experience
or may have had none. Polina is focused,
she is diligent, she is committed,
she has a willingness to play. It is a feat to be able
to pull that off and she is doing really well. Freeze! My social life is definitely
important to me, especially now
that I am in college. I am making lifelong
friendships now. Just being around different
people, it is very nice and it’s probably one of
my favourite parts of school. We were talking in a group.
It’s on my Insta Story. Polina is always on her phone
to keep up on her social media, and I think she really focuses
on giving her followers like a full view of her life,
not just the ice skating. If we go to the beach,
she will post a picture. What shall we caption
the photo of us? She makes time for her friends,
figure skating and sorority. I share it on my
Facebook and my Twitter. You’d never think she
is an Olympic figure skater because she always makes time
to be a good friend, which I think is very cool. Posted. I have a very packed schedule because I have to fit my
studies in with my skating. There is a lot
that goes into my day, but there’s always been a lot
in my days since I was young. Skating is…
It’s a huge part of my life, but I don’t want it
to overtake my life and be so absorbed in skating
that it’s all I think about. Ballet has been
very important to my skating because I transfer that lyrical and those gentle arms
into my skating. That is basically what makes me
look like a dancer on the ice. Ice skating and ballet
go in hand and hand. For Polina, what I
usually work with her is the epaulement
that ballet is amazing with. She does a fantastic job
in our classes and I love to see her
put it towards her skating Eyes focus, yes! Good. My mom is there to be the eyes
that I don’t have, essentially. I can’t see myself skating,
I feel myself skating. She is brutally honest with
how I look and what I am doing. It is still difficult
training with my mom, just because of the
mother-daughter relationship that we have, it is always hard
if your parent is your coach, but at the same time it is
just the greatest blessing. There is definitely no way
I would be where I am if my mom wasn’t my coach. I think it is very hard
to be mother and be coach at the same time, but like
mother I am really amazed, and like coach I am amazed
at what we did this year and sometimes I am not
believing she is my daughter. The Olympics…
I am going to be focused and putting my all out there. It is just going to be very
hectic and high pressure, but this is what I’ve been
training for, for four years. Even though it can be
kind of frightening, it is so much more exciting. And I am just so ready to
get to go through it all again.

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  1. Polina hasn't had the best comeback season this year, but I think her track is more long-term than just this year. She's getting her triples back one by one and she is gifted artistically. Even if she doesn't earn one of the three spots on the Olympic team this year, she can have a long skating career if she wishes (or choose to focus on her studies/job instead of course).

  2. Is this the official youtube channel for the Olympics or a US channel dedicated to the olympics? 'Cuz its a bit of a bummer to see features on athletes who probably won't even make it to the olympics but no features on top athletes.

  3. She is very nice and lovely girl and I like her. But I think we won't see her at the Olympic games. It makes me sad.

  4. With Gracie out she has a good chance of getting the 3rd spot, no way she will medal, unlikely any of them will. Makes me nostalgic for the days of Kwan and Cohen.

  5. I understand she wants a balance in her life but I think if you really want something you need to commit to your dream or goal 100% to make it happen, especially in today’s competitive world. I don’t think Polina will make this year’s Olympic team :/

  6. She has a woman's body now. Sadly, that kind of height and curvature is not conducive to rotating the more difficult triple jumps.

    Artistically, it's beautiful to watch though.

  7. When I have a daughter I want her to be like this.. devotdd to soemthing she loves and go to school and be independent..

  8. she didnt have the best comeback because she went through the body changes, which is crucial for most female skaters. but she is a very good dancer in my opinion, better than a lot of top skaters like medvedeva, and she just needs to get used to her new weight or just lose them so she can go back to how she used to jump.

  9. Yo…communications major? Lul .Stop burning your parents cash. Commit to the skating thing full time – get a medal and then come back a get a proper degree.

  10. maybe 2022 but not in PyeongChang. And not until she tries to focus on studies and skating at the same time. No need for another Rachel Flatt. Although I like both of them, she has to choose what's more important for her for next years. Hope it's gonna be skating because she's lovley to watch.

  11. I've been watching all these series on the Olympic Channel and I would say each and every video has a really good content and a lot of inspiring stories being unfolded. I could spend all day watching without getting bored.

  12. idk if she's absorbed with university, she can't work on fixing her jumps especially with the big body changes she's had. she had so much potential, and it's sad to see that she's not 100% committed…

  13. In 2016 she was called "the future of American figure skating," and she was exquisite.  Too bad the injuries stalled her career.  She is still my favorite figure skater of all time.

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