100 Replies to “Police Simulator 18 Gameplay”

  1. The game needs definitely needs improvement, The I don’t mind old graphics, but in a 2018 simulator game they are atrocious, the game itself seems to have some good features to it. The Vehicle livery needs changing as well, the siren is bad too. But I’m still giving this game a chance

  2. I like this game… but I don't like the officer being able to just pat down anyone without probably cause or without them being under arrest.
    "Requesting nearest prisoner transport to my location" Eh doesn't tell them where the location is… no proper use of police codes.

  3. They know how to pogo the game in Spanish??

    Please … I want to play it but I do not know English. So I do not understand the game so much
    Please tell me

  4. What I'd love to see would be a Police game made to the same level of quality as GTA.

    I personally am not a big fan of games like GTA so would love a game where you created a character who is a new recruit at the Police Academy where the aim is to graduate then progress through the ranks of the Force with opportunities to experience all the different jobs such as Investigations, SWAT and K9.

  5. When is it going to be released? It has been said that it will be released in about 2018 from about two years ago, and I feel too early. I have not developed yet.

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