Pokémon Sword & Shield ANALYSIS – Direct Gameplay + Pokémon Camp Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details)

Pokémon Sword & Shield ANALYSIS – Direct Gameplay + Pokémon Camp Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details)

Thanks to the latest Nintendo Direct, we now
have even more details on the upcoming Pokémon Sword & Shield. Alongside the new Pokémon, we got our first
look at Trainer customization, the Pokémon Camp, and the Curry Dex. But you all know the drill by now. A new Pokémon trailer means a new Pokémon
analysis. So let’s break out the old Analysis Machine
to see what secrets and hidden details were hiding in this Direct! We’ll begin with some of the locations shown
during the trailer. Now most are places we’ve seen before, but
there are unique elements to point out. For one, we get a nice wide shot of the Water
Gym Town where we can see the Gym, the docks, and even statues next to the lighthouse. The thing is, we don’t really know what
those statues depict. They seem to be of Pokémon but none that
we’ve seen up until this point so we’re likely looking at something new. The bigger question is whether these are standard
Pokémon or a new Legendary beyond Zacian and Zamazenta. The next location is our first look at the
town near the Dugtrio statue. It’s not a wide look, but we can at least
see how the buildings are slightly run-down and that Maractus is running a berry stand
while a new kind of character is standing near the Pokémon Center. It’s not much, but it is noteworthy that
players can seemingly buy berries considering their importance in making curry, which we’ll
get to soon enough. We next see the female trainer standing beside
a salon in the snow town to the northeast. There’s nothing that new about this scene
barring the snowman, but it is a cool touch that we can see the grass beneath the snow
since it was recently used to make this snowman. It helps make the town feel just a little
more lived-in. Speaking of that snow town, we also got a
good look at the ruins leading to it, we can even see snow through the opening in the far
wall. And then we have the new Pokémon, Polteageist
and Cramorant. Polteageist are a pure Ghost type that enjoys
making their homes in restaurants and hotels. In fact, they can pour their power into leftover
tea to create more Polteageist causing many to consider them a pest in Galar. Cramorant is a dual Flying and Water Type
with the new Ability Gulp Missile. Any time it uses Dive or Surf, it will come
back with a fish in its mouth and if hit, it will launch that fish at its opponent. That’s neat in itself, but it’s extremely
unlikely that this fish is just a normal fish. There’s even artwork of Cramorant spitting
it out and we can see its unique design. We’d be shocked if this wasn’t another
Pokémon in the game. The question is, who’s that Pokémon? Oh, and another question. What are you wearing? Because the trailer showed off plenty of clothing
options in the game. Now we aren’t going to break down every
article of clothing, but we can see all the different categories available. There are shirts, outerwear, pants, dresses,
socks, shoes, backpacks, hats, glasses, gloves, and entire outfits. The prices aren’t shown in this scene, but
later some of the prices are shown for the hoodies. What’s more notable are the different brands
on display. And in fact, we can see the brand tag on both
the striped top and the Arcanine T-shirt. It makes sense considering how big advertising
is to the League in Galar. We also have to mention that it’s possible
to wear Nessa’s outfit, which is likely an example of an entire outfit rather than
individual pieces. Still, it bodes well for how many options
there will be. Beyond clothes, there’s also the salon where
players can change their hairstyle and appearance. And it’s here where the female trainer really
shines as they can not only customize their hair but the bangs as well creating the opportunity
for unique combinations. Find what hairstyle works for you is much
easier now as you can actually see the style before choosing it unlike the somewhat blind
choices of previous gens. Along with the color of their hair, trainers
can also change their eyebrows, eyebrow color, eyelashes, eye color, and lipstick, at least
if you’re a girl. If you’re a boy then all you can change
is your eyebrows, their color, and your eye color. Now that’s just character customization. Another new element introduced was Pokémon
Camp, but before we dive into that, we also got a look at the main menu which includes
options for the Pokédex, your Pokémon team, the Bag, your League Card, which we’ll touch
on soon, the save option, the map, Pokémon Camp, Mystery Gifts, Vs Battles, and Options. It’s all pretty standard except it appears
that you customize the placement of these icons thanks to the Swap option. We don’t see it in action, but we can’t
imagine Swap being used for anything else. And in fact, players can bring up the map
with the Plus button or save immediately from this menu by tapping the R button. It all comes across as player friendly, allowing
everyone to do what works best for them. As for Pokémon Camp itself, it looks to be
the newest version of Pokémon-Amie and Pokémon Refresh. In this version, you can use toys to play
with your Pokémon and these include, at least so far, a feather toy and two types of balls. Interestingly though, we see the player try
to use the feather with Tyranitar, but it doesn’t seem to be enjoying it at all. Either this is its happy face or it could
be that different Pokémon prefer different toys. It’s also possible to talk with your Pokémon
to increase friendliness. We don’t see much of this, but after doing
so options appear including chatting more or playing. So we assume that players choose a Pokémon
or two to talk with and then they can be chatted or played with for more friendliness. But the big addition here seems to be cooking
curry on rice which is so popular in Galar that it even has its own Curry Dex. We’re shown some of the ingredients that
goes into these dishes which includes beans, bread, pasta, mushrooms, food tins from guys
named Bob and Bach, and sausages. What are the sausages made of? Uhhh, best not ask. Once the food is selected, players then add
in up to 10 berries that will affect the outcome of the dish so it looks as if experimentation
is key. In fact, the whole process is a little like
poffins from previous games as there’s even a mini-game involved where you fan the flames,
stir the pot, and figuratively put your heart into it. Heck, the fan you use looks like a green Magikarp. Once all that is cooked, then it’s time
to taste and the emotion on the trainer and Pokémon are a sight to see. We already knew that they would emote more
in this game, but it’s still a treat. With over 100 different curry recipes in the
game, we need a Curry Dex to keep track of it all, which we get a short look at. It tells the name of the curry, its number,
a picture, a short description, its taste rating and the key ingredient that went into
making it. We still don’t know what benefit the curry
actually provides though. Some of the curry is listed as bitter, sour,
dry, or spicy so it might tie into a Pokémon’s stats in Cool, Beauty, and the rest for Contests. And like Poffins, which served the same purpose,
curry can be made with friends as well so there’s plenty of connections. The thing is, there’s been no sign of contests
in the game so far, but maybe they do return or have some kind of connection to the Gyms. We don’t know, but it’s the best guess
we have as to the purpose of eating curry. We’re almost done here, but there’s still
a few things to cover that weren’t in the Direct. League Cards and Surprise Trades. Surprise Trades are essentially the successor
to Wonder Trades where players put up a Pokémon to trade and its randomly traded with another
person. The big difference here is that it can not
only happen online but through local wireless as well if you’re playing in a public place. Additionally, it’ll happen in the background
while you continue to play and will be notified by the Y-Comm when the trade occurs. League Cards are items that you can receive
both from characters in the game and other players. You can customize your own to have different
backgrounds, effects, and frames along with posing your trainer. They can be given different emotions and poses
then have that pose zoomed, moved, or rotated for a League Card that’s all your own. The League Card is shown when battling friends
and can be customized through the Rotomi. The only question we have is what the stars
mean on the cards. Could they be a reference to the players rank
in Ranked Battles? Or is it something else? Finally, it appears we may have the canon
names of our new trainers. While they’ve been referred to as Sword
& Shield in the past, here we see the names Victor and Gloria. This isn’t the first time these names have
shown up but due to the consistency of their reappearances, we think it’s their actual
names. And they’re both celebratory in nature. Victor for victory and Gloria for Glory. Now to become Champion! But that’s everything we could find in the
new Nintendo Direct trailer for Pokémon Sword & Shield. While a lot has been shown, it’s quite a
surprise to see how much Game Freak is keeping close to their chest about the games so far. We haven’t gotten a single town name or
even a starter evolution yet. It makes us excited for what’s to come and
wonder if it will come at all. Perhaps this time many of the secrets and
surprises will be left as such. Or they could just wait until right before
release. But of course let us know if we missed anything
in the comments. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe
to GameXplain for more on Pokémon and other things gaming.

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    Also, making curry looks real cute. It's great to have a good main story and even better to get distracted from that story with tons of fun side stuff. I've always valued exploration and pokemon discovery over battling (though that's cool too) in these games. I want to live in the world as much as I want to defeat it.

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