Pokemon Sword and Shield – FULL DEMO GAMEPLAY (E3 2019)

What’s going on everyone it’s Abdallah here with Pokemon Sword and Shield demo at E3 2019 we’re going to give it a full gameplay and hopefully beat the Trainer at the very end. So let’s do it! Okay, so tell me, you can come on over and like tell me a little bit more about the game. First, you’re going to Tom. And I notice that the trainer is female and it’s random whatever comes right? Is that how it works? Okay, that’s cool! Gotcha! So you can come back to him and feel your Pokemon. In the game, if you actually spin your joystick Like, and she’ll do a little dance move! And then you feel like whistle too, right? So always start now with Sobble in the demo build? Are you kidding me one HP? What was that? Yeah, you can all see what type of you can see like your own stuff and your abilities and stuff like that? Oh, that’s pretty cool! Tell you more information on each attack. Right! Sobble’s doing some work, now this is a timed demo right? so I could get timed out potentially right? We gotta go quick 20. minutes is 20 minutes pretty generous? You would say so? okay like you don’t have people like getting cut off for the battle you think? Yeah I will try to do the order of the buttons, yeah yeah. Water flow. What is that on his shirt. Did you see what Pokemon that is? Okay, that’s pretty great so let’s get out of here. Okay, so we got our score bunny. Attack stat is pretty big double-edged, quick attack. Sobble more special attack oriented. Okay, that’s pretty cool, Torrent Scorebunny, okay so Grookey is more attack based, different speed overgrow. Is this your favorite Pokemon? everyone’s going nuts over Wooloo Yeah, yeah fluffy has the damage taken from moves that make direct contact but it doubles up its fire, okay! Corviknight. Flying Steel. Brave bird. Oh that’s gonna be really cool Oh then Yamper this is like the new one? I gotta go quicker if we’re gonna get to this thing. But you use Dynomax already? no, no not yet! It looks pretty cool. I don’t think it’s like we’re they all save it for like the final boss or whatever! Yeah, that thing is crazy! It’s so strong but I got to bring Grookey out. Oh, you’re gonna want to go yellow. Let’s go beat up this thing though. She’s going to be your life Gym mission. Yes, and this last puzzle was pretty intricate with doing the red the yellow and the blue from what I’ve done So yeah, I may need some help with that so here we go. You can actually see what type there if you click “Y.” I don’t think I have anything that’s like super effective on him. Sucker punch! Okay, out sped! Okay, all we are doing yellow… That was it? If you want you can heal your Pokemon. You can talk to the vibe. Yeah, you go all the way back at the beginning. Oh Yeah, I think we’re gonna go for it. I don’t think Sobble is going to be doing any work anyway, so I love the outfits the outfits a really cool game and like what the other trainers Yes! Yeah, that’s really cute! Like no like feelings emotions in the face just straightforward, like what in the world? All right Nessa To be able to lift your leg that high you see that wow? that’s pretty crazy. I don’t know how anyone can do that. It’s like completely vertical! Hah, what the heck? Yeah, all right, come on come on Sobble you’re a little weak to the fight but you should be ok, let’s do water pulse! Sobble’s here to take the hit for the team. I know it’s not gonna do anything but we’re gonna let Sobble go. Not a big deal. Grookey! Grookey’s going to be the king! Let’s try Yamper. And it’s so cute with a little lightning bolt out of there! I think we should go big, yeah we’re gonna go big! And then you can also take a look at like what typing Drednaut is too, right? So water rock? yeah, that’s pretty cool! Max big boy! Looks pretty cool. So gigantic! Oooooh, is that not the nothing cutest Pokemon? All right, what a good boy, let’s go! Max Geiser. Oh dang, watch out! I’m slow. That didn’t do anything! That literally didn’t know damage. Oh my gosh! There’s no protector anything right? like, protect max Starfall max darkness? Well, we gotta sacrifice a Pokemon. You know, I think that like I wanted to show off like a big little doggy here! Maybe Grookey probably would have been the best! But everyone has seen big Grookey! Big Yamper, so I’m gonna go with we’re gonna Scorebunny. Because we got to lose someone right? He only has one more turn to this nonsense. Flinch! Oh, come on tried for the flinch didn’t work! Boooom gone! Take down, double-edge, cotton guard, okay That thing’s too strong! That steel wing, neutral. That’s a little bit of damage, okay. Yeah, Corviknight’s got it he’s got it! Oh dang! Ah we’re good! That was a hard Pokemon to get past right? a little ring of sorts? I thought it was really fun. I thought that was really cool! Yeah, I can’t wait to see what the full game is. Like, right? It can’t come out soon enough! Captioner note: Game releases November 15! Captioning by N1nt3nbr0.

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