Pokémon Elimination Race Kanto Region 1st Gen w/ Commentary | Pokemon Rush

Pokémon Elimination Race Kanto Region 1st Gen w/ Commentary | Pokemon Rush

(mystical music) – [Bob Rogers] Welcome Poke Fans to the Kanto Region Elimination Race. I’m your host Bob Rogers and joining me once again, is the Pokemon expert Professor Marble. – [Prof Marble] Oh thank you very much. – [Bob Rogers] This should
prove to be an exciting race, seeing how all of our contestants are from the Kanto region. – [Prof Marble] Actually
I have $5,000 on Jolteon. – [Bob Rogers] I didn’t know that. That’s actually against the rules. – [Prof Marble] It’s under my wife’s name. – [Bob Rogers] Well then, let’s head over to the track, shall we. Today’s track is inspired by the Kanto region. – [Prof Marble] Yes and actually, all the Pokemon competing
today are from there. – [Bob Rogers] Fascinating. It looks like the Pokemon are taking their places. Vaporeon being the first to make it into Pallet Town. Each Pokemon looking for an opening. Looks like Bulbasaur’s
cutting his way to the inside but Vaporeon cuts in front funneling closer. And Vaporeon makes it. Flareon and Bulbasaur not too far behind and here comes Ponyta, making it four in Viridian City. There goes Jolteon with Krabby still stuck at the top. And, if we look over to Viridian City we’ll see Bulbasaur and Flareon fighting to get ahead. Flareon taking the lead, getting a little stuck at Viridian Forest but ultimately making it with Bulbasaur following after. Looks like Vaporeon will come in third, with Ponyta fourth. And Jolteon advancing eliminating Krabby. – [Prof Marble] Well smart move for Jolteon if you ask me. Saving his energy. – [Bob Rogers] You’re right that is smart because in this race it is
less about coming in first and more about not coming in last. And the Pokemon are off for round two in our elimination races. And, we see Jolteon slowly making his way to the center with Ponyta trailing behind and then Flareon cutting his way through and he makes it. Heading through route one and onto Viridian City. And, it looks like Bulbasaur and Ponyta will be joining him with Jolteon soon after. Vaporeon still stuck in Pallet Town. Bulbasaur making his way to the exit and it looks like he did it. Going through Viridian Forest and securing him a spot in first position. Followed by Flareon coming in second. Jolteon in third and Ponyta in fourth. Well, there you have it folks Vaporeon is eliminated. – [Prof Marble] Yes,
you could see Vaporeon loosing steam in this race, having worked so hard to come in third. That’s kind of why I
like Jolteon’s strategy of just staying behind. – [Bob Rogers] Wow, that
is incredibly biased. And now, back to the race where we have Ponyta making her way to the front. And, it looks like
Bulbasaur cutting in front and being the first through. And, here we have Ponyta not too far behind with Flareon and Jolteon fighting up top and Flareon makes it through. Ooh, and there we saw Ponyta shoving Bulbasaur aside and taking the lead making a way through Viridian Forest and securing her first place. Bulbasaur soon after. And Flareon advancing, leaving Jo-Jolteon. I don’t believe it. Professor Marble what
do you think of this? (thud) Professor Marble? He’s fainted. Okay let’s move on. We are now down to the final three. Ponyta blazing ahead. The other two not too far behind. All three Pokemon circling the track but who will be first? Ponyta circling close and the first one through is Ponyta. Flareon and Bulbasaur still
stuck in Viridian City. Bulbasaur coming in second and officially eliminating Flareon. Wow, the Kanto region putting up quite an interesting race. (whispers) Professor Marble wake up. And, there you have it Poke fans, the final two contestants Ponyta verses Bulbasaur. Both Pokemon taking their places and heading out. Bulbasaur being the first through route one and into Viridian City. Ponyta chasing Bulbasaur’s tail. Bulbasaur cutting to the inside, making tighter and tighter circles. Ponyta trying to cut in front. Ooh, this is a close one but Bulbasaur’s through and breezing through Viridian Forest and becoming our winner and our champion. Bulbasaur is the champion. – [Prof Marble] Oh, oh
well what did I miss? – [Bob Rogers] Bulbasaur is the champion of the Kanto Region Elimination Race and you owe me $5,000. – [Prof Marble] What, why? – [Bob Rogers] Because I
bet $5,000 against Jolteon also under my wife’s name. – [Prof Marble] My wife’s gonna kill me. – [Woman] Hypno… – [Prof Marble] (screams) (gentle music)

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  1. Jolteon,flareon,vaporeon goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. The reason why Jolteon has eliminated because slow and steady wins the race (Jolteon is one of the fastest gen 1 Pokemon)

  3. It's Looks!
    It's Eevee's evolved there 2 is
    Sealeon and Flameon!
    Bulbasaur and Shauna is the winner on the kalos region showcase
    But Bulbasaur Live in Kanto rehion laboratory
    Name: Proffesor Oak!

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