Please help me so that my children can live in a world without bias[HelloCounselor ENG,THA/18.9.24]

Please help me so that my children can live in a world without bias[HelloCounselor ENG,THA/18.9.24]

“Superman’s Grief.” After talking about the first concern, I’m sure Yunseo’s dad has many thoughts. Please pay attention to this one. Hello. I’m a father of two girls, ages 7 and 14. My daughters call me Superman. I cook breakfast for them, do house chores and go to work to earn money every day. Then what does he go out to drink? This is a complete opposite concern. When I’m asleep from exhaustion, my girls come and kick me in the head. (Gratifying) That was ad-lib. – You scared me. / – It was a joke. Do I do these things by myself? Yes, I do. To be honest, I’m a single father raising my two daughters alone. It’s tough being a single dad raising two girls. “Dad, I need pads.” “Oh, okay. Let’s see. Which one do I need to buy? Okay. I’ll be right back.” But… “Oh my goodness. Look at that man. He’s standing in front of the pads section.” It’s not easy because of what people may think. I try very hard so that they don’t notice their mother’s absence, by my younger daughter… “Dad! We have a performance tomorrow at school. They are telling us to bring our moms.” There are so many things that I just can’t do. This is what’s most upsetting. “Hey! Why does your dad take you to school?” “Well…” “What a poor girl.” People are biased about them being without a mom. This is what upsets me the most. Please help me so that my children can live – in a world without bias. / – Thanks for coming. (We’ll help you!) This really isn’t easy. It sounds like he’s doing a good job already. He’s very dedicated to his girls. I think he’s an awesome father. He’s taking care of both of his daughters too. What broke my heart as I read this is Koreans tend to say things out too loud. “Why is a man standing in front of pads?” – Right. / – They don’t need to say that. That’s why he’s hurt. Seyoon is raising two kids. He watched the kids to give his wife a break. You said that you had a hard time? If you’ve never done it, you wouldn’t know. I try to do this more often, but that day was so tough for me. But at the end of the day, my son told me, “I am happy that I spent the whole day with you.” All the hardships just melted away. The hardships melted when you heard that? Yes. But he’s doing this every day. – Imagine that. / – He even works. He’s a true Superman. Where can I find a guy like you? There’s none left now. They are all gone. As his girls grow up, he’ll have more concerns. Please come on out. (Who’s the single father of two daughters?) (Here’s the real Superman) He looks so nice. He is well-built. (Kim Gihyeong) How did you end up raising two girls by yourself? My daughters are 14 and 7 years old. Their mother left us, not wanting to raise them. So I’ve been raising them by myself for 3 years. It’s tough. I work from 2 to 8 p.m. every day. I cook them breakfast, take them to school. Then I come home and do house chores. Since I work until 8, I can’t cook them dinner. So I make dinner before I leave. – The problem is… / – That’s amazing. They have different tastes. One likes spicy food but the other one doesn’t. – You cook separate things? / – Yes. I make spicy beef and soy sauce-based beef. You even think about their tastes. (Dad’s homemade dishes made with love) So I’m curious about how other people do it. I heard that most single moms or single dads get help from their parents or relatives. But my parents live in Canada, so I’m by myself. You’re completely alone. If you are busy looking after your children, how do you manage your social life? How do you do your social life? That’s so important for men. He’ll be left out in the society. Tell us. When do you go out? You don’t see your friends? I can’t. You gave it up for your kids, right? Yes. Your family is always home. What’s so important about that? – Kids can be on their own. / – Sure. Please stop. You’re quite used to this life now, but what is the toughest thing you face? The toughest thing is people’s bias. I used to own a private institute. But after the divorce, a rumor went around that it was my fault. But it was actually the other way around. Students started to leave. But I was more worried about my kids getting hurt. They became kids raised by an unethical dad. I was worried that my girls would be hurt. So at the time, I couldn’t stay in Korea. So you left and came back? Yes. Did anything happen to hurt your kids? My older daughter once asked me, “Is it okay to invite my friends over?” I said, “Sure. But you should tell their moms that I’m a single dad. If they are okay with it, I’m okay with it.” That’s understandable. But no one called back. It was the same thing for my younger daughter. She makes dates with her friends every weekend to go to the kid’s cafe. She asked me for my phone number. I gave her my number and waited for them to call. No one called me. Why is that? Just because he’s a single dad? It’s a lot for them. I understand how other moms feel. Moms tend to create a group chat room and exchange pictures. They could feel uncomfortable about contacting a kid’s father. Sungeun, you’d know more about this. Now that I think about it, I have many group chat rooms with other moms. If someone’s dad were to join us, it would feel a bit uncomfortable. Now that I think about it, I can understand them. (I understand) Do your girls understand why mom is gone? My oldest daughter went through it so she knows. My younger one doesn’t ask for her mom, but it’s sad that other people keep reminding her. That’s sad. I went out to send her off on the school bus. Other kids asked, “Where is your mom?” My daughter looked perplexed and I was so heartbroken. That’s why I drive her to school myself so that she doesn’t have to face that. It’s sad to read her school newsletters. “Play-with-mom homework.” “Ask mom.” That’s what’s written there. – That’s their homework? / – Yes. – Is that true, Sungeun? / – Yes. Rather than saying, “Homework with parents,” everything refers to mom. They do that because in Korea, people assume that dads are too busy to spend time with their kids so the homework is mostly for mothers. It’d be nice to write down “Spending time with mom and dad” instead. I got worried that my kids would face bias so that’s why I came here today. If I talk about this on television, I thought people would be less biased. – That was a great idea. / – What a great dad. I’m sure there are many other people who are in the same situation. Let’s meet his precious daughters now. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. She’s so cute. The younger one is so cute. Her smile is so beautiful. Did you know about your dad’s concern? I didn’t know he was this concerned but I knew to a certain extent. Younger one. We’ll talk to you later. Put it down. I feel like I have to ask her something. Tell us your name. What’s your name? Kim Ieun. Kim Ieun? Hi. We’ll talk to you later, okay? Okay. – How cute. / – How cute. Your dad talked about the slumber party. How did you feel when you couldn’t invite them? I was sad. I wanted to show my house to my friends, but dad said no. I didn’t know that my friends’ parents said no. – You just found out today? / – Yes. I didn’t know people were so biased. – I’m a bit disappointed. / – I see. Did you ever face people’s bias? People think I’m the mother when we go out. They say, “Your wife is so young.” What? It’s perplexing. That shows that people’s picture of an ideal family is to have both parents. We went to Canada once and we were detained at the immigration office. They thought dad was kidnapping us. He needed to show documents to prove who he is but he didn’t have one. The police asked me, “When did you see your mom? Is he good to you?” They let us go after they asked those questions. I wondered if they would’ve asked if I was with mom. Canadians are the ones who are biased. (It was upsetting then) The younger daughter. It’s your turn now. It’s finally your turn! Do you know why you are here today? – No. / – She doesn’t know. Do you know what broadcasting company this is? I sincerely apologize. How do you get to kindergarten? I ride in dad’s car. Does anyone ask why your dad takes you? Yes. How did you feel? I was surprised. You were surprised? Why? They asked out of the blue. You should ask, “Why does your mom drive you?” (Right) Let’s practice. Why does your dad drive you to school? Because my dad loves me very much. That is awesome. That’s touching. I have tears in my eyes. Be honest with us, Ieun. Are you jealous of those who come with their moms? – A little bit? / – No. – Not even a little bit? / – No. You give them so much love that they have the brightest faces. I can’t see their mom’s absence in them. You’ll be performing at school? Yes. “Song of the Tree.” “Song of the Tree.” Can you sing a little for us? Would that be okay? Go. One, two, three, four. ♪ It’s a great day today ♪ ♪ It’s sunny ♪ ♪ A sweet song like the bird ♪ ♪ The tree sings for us ♪ (Good job) Sir, did your girls ever sing to you? – Not even once. / – Not once he says. It’s just that you don’t remember it. Yunseo is saying, “We did!” We did! You don’t have any problems as a family. But you’re having a hard time because of the prejudice you face. “How can a dad do it? How can a man do it?” I get that a lot. I really don’t like to hear that so I dress them up differently every day. My daughter has to pack different things each day like PE uniforms, bathing suits or aprons. I don’t ever want to make a mistake. So I do my best to pack everything right. You might be better than most moms. – Moms tend to forget things. / – Sure. When other moms say, “I forgot!” I am overjoyed. (Impressive) Other people tend to worry about you because you only have one parent, right? People think it’s bad or it’s different. Many people wonder if I only have a dad, who would do the housework? You help him out a lot, right? Well… I don’t do much because he does everything. He does everything so his girls wouldn’t. He is making sure they don’t miss their mom. That’s very impressive. Some of your friends may not know this. They ask me, “Why do you always talk about dad?” I just say, “Because I like dad better.” Once this is aired, all of your friends will find out. I don’t have to worry about it anymore – so this is better. / – She’s all grown up. She’s so mature. You raised your daughter so well. “I’m not wrong. I’m correcting those who are wrong.” I like the way they think. It’s great. If they were boys, it’d be easier. Some things are hard to talk about with them? I was putting away clean clothes. I saw some really dirty, old and small underwear. It was my oldest daughter’s. I couldn’t help but cry. So I went out and went to the underwear section. I remember buying a whole bunch of underwear. Here’s another story. One morning, I saw that her mattress was wet. I didn’t get her sanitary pads – and she didn’t know either. / – You both. She was only in 7th grade. So I went out to get her some, but I didn’t know what to buy. Wings, regular, oversize… (Please stop!) (Ha ha ha) You’re a professional now. Now I look at underwear often. I buy bigger ones in advance. – Because she won’t tell me. / – I see. It’d be easier if she talks about it first. I guess she’s embarrassed about it too. When I first started my period, I couldn’t tell dad. Luckily, my grandmother in Canada helped me. It is true that I can’t talk to him about this. Why couldn’t you ask him to get you bigger underwear? I felt bad about asking him to do that. That’s why… Isn’t there anyone else she could talk to other than her grandmother in Canada? A relative? Or an aunt? There’s no one. I don’t have a sister. I don’t know who I can talk to. When I’m waiting for my children’s school bus, I run into the other mothers. You could talk to them. I’m a strange man to them. I don’t know what they would think of me. You’re just another parent. You are all parents. It’ll be easier now. “Hello. I’m the single dad from Hello Counselor.” It’ll be much easier. You should worry less about that now. I’ll tell you some good online communities to join. Whenever you need help, call me. Then later… “Please stop calling. From Jung Jogook.” Until then, you can talk to her freely. (Stare) – What? / – Huh? You strange man. I sometimes see you as a strange man. (Why you) Strange man. (They get along so well) Since you’re here, ask us any questions. Let’s say this is a meeting of parents. Don’t think of this as a television program. What do you want to know? They only talk to moms about boyfriends. I listen to them like a friend. “Don’t tell dad. I’m only telling you.” Then it makes me happy. If you open up to her, I think she’ll open up to you too. Should I set a curfew? Am I interfering too much? I think 9 or 10 p.m. would be good. I think 2 or 3 a.m. would be good. For me personally. I must be out until then for something to happen. I need to get married. But she’s in junior high. It may be hard at first but talk to each other and work it out. Once you set rules, it’ll become easier. Her face is already blushing. Are you dating someone already? No. Me neither. Sure. That’s Iji’s friend. Hello. – Hi. / – Hello. Are you two best friends? We’ve been friends since we were 5. – You two are besties. / – Yes. She’s quiet, studious and she has many friends. She was the class president last semester. Have you known about this for years? I found out about it last year. My parents got in a fight and I talked to her about my concerns. She said, “My parents are divorced too. I’m hanging in there as well. Cheer up.” That’s how she comforted me. What a good friend. Since you’re her best friend, how do you feel about having a boyfriend when she’s still single? (Tell us) I don’t have a boyfriend but… (A big catch!) – Iji has a boyfriend? / – What? Her voice is trembling. Did you promise Iji that you wouldn’t say it? I tell her when I like someone, but she tells me after it happens. (First act and then report) After it happens? She already had a boyfriend. Can you give us an example? (Her soul has logged out) Like what? Well… Can I tell them? You already did. You already told us everything. Just say it. I can’t because… – It’s better that she doesn’t. / – Alright. Did you break up with him? Or are you with him? No, I don’t have a boyfriend. My friend used to have a boyfriend. You did too! (Their alliance is now gone) (He can’t laugh) (Let me go cry by myself for a while) Dad’s friend is here as well. – Hello. / – Hello. I’ve known him for over 2 years now. He wants to come play badminton often. But he can’t. “Ieun wants me to play with her. I can’t go today.” “Iji is sick and we went to the hospital. I can’t go.” He can’t come about half of the time. Even when he does come, he only plays for an hour and goes home. His focus is only on his children, right? Yes. Everything is about them. You can already tell by what he has said so far. He always worries about what to feed them. Even when kids have both parents, they often go out to eat. Or get delivery food. Right. But he doesn’t do that. He feels like he must feed them homecooked meals every day. That’s hard to do. He’s a great father. He sometimes goes out when I’m asleep. Ieun wakes up and calls dad. She calls dad? He comes straight home even for no reason. I feel bad because dad’s free time was ruined because of me. I feel like he couldn’t have free time because I didn’t take good care of Ieun. – You are all too kind. / – Right. – Too kind. / – What a kind family. They may end up fighting from being too kind. Iji is much older now. But I guess Ieun asks for you often? She is always by my side. She loves to touch my armpits. (I like dad’s armpits) She goes like this. – She’s obsessed? / – Yes. She looks so peaceful when she touches it. Even in an elevator or at a restaurant, she’s always touching me. You must look after your armpits well. Sometimes she kisses my armpits. – Your armpits? / – Yes. She’ll cry if you get your armpits waxed. Where did it go? Where did it go? What’s so great about dad’s armpits? It’s prickly so I like it. That’s why you like it. She’s been enjoying that since she was young. You can’t sleep unless you touch his armpits? I do sleep without touching them. – You feel peaceful when you do? / – Yes. What about your sister? She doesn’t have hair – in her armpits. / – I see. (Why does she sound so serious?) They’re doing so well. You don’t need to worry. You raised them so well. You are too worried about them feeling their mother’s absence that you’re trying to do everything for them. She likes to write. – Iji? / – Yes. I read her work. The main character doesn’t have a mom. The dad in the novel always cries. I tried not to reflect my life in the novel, but I just ended up writing it that way. I didn’t know how to portray a mother. That’s why. I feel like they are children with lots of scars. I always feel bad for them. You’ll always feel that way. This is what I’d like to say. I lost my sight in college. I got a corneal transplant so I can see now but that wasn’t real hardship. The betrayal by family is even more painful. I want people to be good to their families. Dad was hurt so badly but he was able to overcome it thanks to his girls. His daughters helped him. (I wouldn’t be here today without you, girls) (We hope the three of you are happy) A single father wrote us today and he’s here. But there are so many types of families out there including single mothers. Just because they’re different, even if they don’t mean it the bad way, they may blurt out hurtful words without realizing it. Pastor Jang Gyeongdong. He said, “Words I said without thinking can hurt other people. But this also means that I don’t need to be hurt by words that people say without thinking.” You don’t need to be hurt by those words. Just discard them. Please say a word to your daughters. Just do as you’ve always done. I feel loved just by your presence. I will continue to do my best. I will do my best to raise them, so please don’t look at them badly. Please don’t be biased. That is why I came here today. Ieun. What would you like to say to your dad? Dad. Thank you, dad. If we work hard, I’m sure we can change people’s bias someday. I love you, dad. (I love you too) I want to reward him. This isn’t a concern. Sungeun. Raising children is very stressful. You could explode one day. If you can enjoy some free time sometimes, that won’t happen. This is about people’s bias. This is something we should all think about. This is a concern about people’s bias. It’s a concern when we talk about people’s bias. If you can relate to his concern, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. Stop. Please show us the result. (Announcing the result) – “Superman’s Grief.” / – Not many people voted. Did they get over 100 votes? (Many people pressed the button) The first concern got 157 votes. What’s the result? 116. (They got 116 votes)

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  7. He is such a wonderful father and person, his daughters are so loved and they were raised so well.. I wish the family all the best!!!

  8. I admire this man so much. I hope his eldest becomes more comfortable opening up to him so they can learn together. What a beautiful family. The youngest is freakin adorable. He raised them so well and they're so respectful and humble! I have both my parents but my dad wasn't very active with us so my mom tried to overcompensate out if guilt. We grew up to be spoiled brats ? Looking at these two wonderful girls and how appreciative they are really makes me realize how awful I've been. He did an amazing job! What a touching story.

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  14. This is not just a problem in Korea. People all over the world are very judgemental of single fathers and almost always think they are a bad guy or some type of sexual predator. Single moms are seen as strong and single dads are seen as sexual predators and it just sucks. That is probably why the other moms didn't contact him, because they thought since he is a single father he must be a sexual predator. It's really fucked up. I feel so bad for single dads like him. He is taking such good care of his daughters and trying so hard.

  15. He has set the bar high for fathers. It's saddening that the mother is no longer there but he's doing a wonderful job raising 2 beautiful girls and they look soo happy and loved. I hope that other parents will be welcoming to them and understand that being a parent overall isn't easy. I think they will be fine and I wish them endless happiness!

  16. Watching this episode makes my heart ache cause I never knew my dad all I know is his pictures and smile. He passed away and I was raised by my mom and my step dad as well as my real dads parents. My step dad made me feel loved as he accepted me as his daughter. And until now I am grateful and thankful of him. I do think how life would be like if my dad was still alive and with me. I didnt know my stepdad was actually my step until 3rd or 4th grade when my mom decided to tell me. She cried and I cried and she told me on new years. I have never actually got to ask how my real dad was like cause Im scared to regret not being able to see him and remember him. Sometimes I wonder how his laugh sounds like and sometimes I imagine how his voice sounds like. I even sometimes… well most of the times would be really really happy if I heard him say "I love you my daughter." Even though they dont have a mom I feel that they are really lucky to have a dad like him. Im not saying my stepdads a bad dad he is a good dad, but I do sometimes think how my life would be like if my real dad was still alive.

  17. The father is probably doing better than most of the Moms our there. He isn’t gossiping about other parents, is giving his children space for their friends to come over, tries to not forget anything for them for school, etc. He’s such a great father, I hope people will stop being so judgmental.

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  19. Korea is like my country
    I lived in the Stars for 75% of my life and I love it here and in US now there is no such thing as “normal person” everyone is different.

    But last year we flew back to Asia (you know where this is going) and there were two boys holding hands. Obviously I didn’t think anything bad of it but then we saw 3 elderly couples yelling at those boys the boys looked like they were 20-22 and those elderly couples were yelling at them

    They said obviously something like “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”

    My dad has a friend who is a single dad for now I think 7 year old boy and my dad’s friends is getting mocked all the time by people

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    not trying to offend anyone ?

  33. my Korean friend told me that Korean is not that's really different from what we watch in Korean drama. in Korea there's a lot of discrimanation from look or different things. if they find you different they will discriminate or bully you.that's the reality .

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  36. The situation in Canada wasn’t bias, if one parent is traveling with kids they need to have either special passports or a document where the spouse gives permission for traveling. And I guess if the parents are divorced custody papers or something. They were just doing their job. It had nothing to do with him being a single dad

  37. I really don’t understand why certain people think they have the right to criticise a lovely father bringing his girls up alone, they only have these worries and concerns because of other peoples attitude. I also certainly do not understand why mothers would not allow their children to stay over just because he is a single dad!!! There would not have the problem if it was a single mom..this wonderful father is being victimised because his wife left them, instead of criticising this dad they should be congratulating his commitment to making his girls ? healthy and happy. You are a credit to your children Sir and your girls are just beautiful….I do hope that after this is aired that people’s attitudes change, it’s disgusting to think he has had to come on national TV to air his worries about people’s bias opinions…how sad is that!!


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    (No I’m not a 65 year old man, I’m a 13 year old girl)

  41. i have both my parents but my dad is always the one to pack our bags, lunch, get our p.e clothes etc. he also cooks breakfast and dinner,

  42. you guys have no idea how jealous I am of those daughters like if I had a dad like I wouldn’t miss my mother either and I was bawling while watching it on how nice he was being like I know I’m gonna sound bad but my dad really needs to learn from him like I know that my dad really loves me but he doesn’t show it and is always angry at the small mistakes I do like just give me that man as a dad for a month and I would be the happiest. THOSE GIRLS REALLY ARE LUCKY

  43. I wish my family's like that. They're so warm and loving. The dad's doing a great job and the children are very understanding. I hope people realize how happy this family is and not look at them with prejudice.

  44. Such a caring person. He such a good parent, This is called being a good parent, Caring, And getting them any they need. Not what some people are doing Like ignoring and not making them feel loved. Such a caring man.

    Also both of his daughters are adorable

  45. Around where I live, it’s quiet normal for there to only be one parent around. So it’s a bit strange to see so much judgement at this fathers family. Good luck to the three of them!

  46. The older daughter is stunning! And the younger one is so cute! The father is continuing to do an amazing job by taking on both parental roles.

    (Also Jaebeomie looked so good didn’t he. Uugghh! <3)

  47. As a Canadian , I say Canadians are not biased. They are protective so they want to make sure the kids are safe because of recent cases of child traffickin. Im sorry if you felt that Canada is biased ❤️. We are a very diversed country

  48. It’s nice to hear a touching story which is not a kind of querrels between hus and wife having appeared everytime on this show. They are such a lovely family.

  49. The girls are lucky to have such a great father , mothers are not always good my parents are divorced i ended up with my mother cause my father doesn't want any responsibilities but life sucks with her she doesn't even bother to ask how i'm doing

  50. That man is a ?.
    Good ? HUMAN. We rarely see those type of human in our WORLD.

  51. I like this show because they broaden the mind of other people. With different situations they break stereotypes even though small and change people’s attitudes on themselves or to other people.

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