Cuphead People are loving cuphead It’s got ten out of ten on Steam thousands of user reviews you guys seem to love it as well, and I criticized uuuuuhhhhhhh Game Journalists for being Bad at the game now that the game has been out a couple of days. Let’s see What major gaming media outlets are saying about cuphead I find cup heads difficulty? infuriating not fun Okay that was kataka what about polygons, please don’t let cup head speedruns. Make you feel bad about yourself Don’t feel bad about being bad at games Just don’t feel bad. Please can we have a moment of silence for all the bad gamers? Can we please. I find it really interesting how there’s such a difference between Gamer and a game journalist with movie reviews I tend to listen to critics More because they’re professional. It’s their job. They know how to analyze movies Differently than your typical eye, but with games it just seems like the complete opposite I listen to what the audience review is rather than the critic review because when you’re this bad at games Why should I listen to what you have to say about the game is hard yes, but it’s not impossible cuphead really sparked the debate on difficulty in games and It even came out an article saying can we have our skip boss fight bottom now Game Journalists? wants to have a skip boss fight button But they really laid the foundation of this article very nicely I would say those who spread toxicity are those most likely to be on the side of condemning Gaming options that remove challenge so anyone that wants a gaming challenge You’re spreading toxicity. Okay. You need to tone it down a bit Because you’re being quite toxic right now. Can you imagine how annoying it must be that have a challenging bossfight? And then there’s just this skip boss button dangling right next to your face like are you sure oh? Jeez, this boss is a little difficult. Are you sure you don’t want to skip this one buddy look come on click me That’s got to be the worst idea. I’ve ever heard the journalist also tweeted anyone who ever uses the word gameplay needs to seriously consider their life choices What the heck is wrong with gameplay? Hasn’t PC gamer banned the word from its article. I should bloody hope so What did I miss here what happened what happened I? Don’t want to say. I just don’t understand. I did a little bit of digging to understand Why gameplay is a trigger word apparently for a game journalist and apparently it’s because it minimizes video games as an art form Telling developers how they should make games minimizes games as an art form Ok cuphead knows what he wants to be and it sticks with it. It’s not made for a wide audience And he doesn’t have to be and the people that do love it. Love it, and that’s why it’s getting so much praise Lastly no one cares like if I had a friend. That was bad at a video game I wouldn’t actually care all these means about like get good or no casuals It’s a joke like how hurt can you be from it? Please? Don’t let cut pic speedruns make you feel bad I Probably taught way too much, and I honestly just want to play the game So I’m just gonna do that okay a lot of you guys pointed out. I didn’t actually equip my goddamn extra heart point I’m thinking I’m gonna go with the automatic carry though So you haven’t equipped any of it. It’s so stupid. See you know even even a pro gamer like myself will make mistakes oh Cool, I’m in a plane Weight shrink oh, it’s like okay Hey cool Whoa so cool. Oh, it’s a visit a boss. Oh Shoes she literally killed me with a laugh attack That’s a meanie right there She became a cow everybody or a bull Okay well clearly I’ve already failed. There’s no way yeah. There you go Wow good job Felix let me change extra hit points. It would probably do me better here. Yes own everybody Oh Oh Why am I so bad what the heck man Stop oh No oh no, I’m gonna be here a while Oh, No so apparently this game was made literally just by three people How crazy is that? gosh damn, man Apparently also they had to take out a more second mortgage on their house just to be able to afford funding the game Now tonight’s it’s pretty cool. It shows the passion of wanting to make something. What is happening it might a bomb. That’s a little offensive Okay, now you went too far cut head I’m so bad at this boss. I don’t blow. That’s so cool. What is happening? Okay this I Made it halfway that time. Thanks mom I Mean trihard mo now it happened finally I’m doing amazing though. This is it mom. I don’t wanna dodge that I did it Shoes Love the music – it’s the kind of thing I would snap my fingers – if you know what I mean Oh What what it mean stop I’m a bomb I hit the wrong thing alright. We’re getting there. Oh Close one, what is she doing? What is she doing? What is she doing? What is happening? Oh? Whoa what the heck er that’s so cool Why would you want to skip a boss? This is so dope Oh Shoes, I almost got it. Okay. I’ll get it this time so it’s random which one they turn into oh I don’t know how to dice this Okay, just go around oh I love it SoDo if we get into Perry I’m not gonna get super now goddamn it No come on one more life come on yes nice Listen all right, whatever Okay, all right don’t look don’t look hey A+, A, A, A Shut up no no no it said a-plus everyone knows it it’s yes, I wonder What’s inside his cup you know? Milk it drinks milk in a cup. I don’t mr.. Perry Well I miss these levels these are fun What’s parry? How do I parry? Stop no yeah Leave me alone whoa whoa whoa it’s mr.. Pecker. I’ve missed the parry gosh somebody What the hell it’s a hole Okay all right here we go no Come back. I want the coins. Here we go. What’s the hacker man? What the woodpecker? Give up Nikki bug you Oh Where’s my double jump huh what it put in there stop stop it ah This this Hill sucks, okay, let’s oh? My god this game sucks. Okey? Slap that stupid thing Great Hidden coin got it no way. Oh, my god. What the heck this game is impossible Don’t feel bad Felix. Just don’t feel bad about being bad. There’s nothing worse about than feeling bad. Oh There it I’m parring left and right buddy left and right look at that buddy look at that buddy get him cuphead style Gangnam style uh, no i was gonna parry that, shoot another one let me parry man In the world Cup hits down Another coin thank you. Oh you made me waste it. I don’t trust you. I don’t trust you Oh no someone killed him Okay here we go Here we go look at that platforming skills look at this look at the skills look. Oh my god No the ball of flame just came out of nowhere. Oh my God No, I must be extremely bad at this game. (you are pewds) I really don’t back up my claims with the gameplay. Do I oh? My God look at that dude look at that. How do I get up there? Noo! it! Aah! I’m fine. I’m fine What is happening? What is happening? Oh? my god You’re killing all my friends. I will have to stop you with my kamehameha, I was not ready for a boss battle. I just That’s gonna hit me is it dead please be dead Thank the lord, thank you little flies Impossible jump. Oh my brother. Let me see my breasts bellissima a grassy male heir tutti Oh Give me that answer power can See those skills game journalist You’re never gonna get C+ Showed you I showed you Long range with below okay, no smoke bomb yeah, I want that one Invisible – that’s pretty good. Oh That’s disgusting you’re disgusting he’s not which way we’re gonna go huh? I’m gonna go up or down that Oh shzzle. Oh Wait they explode oh shizzle I just got bamboozled man What is happening oh My god. What is he doing? Is he stuck? Oh my god? What is happening? What’s he doing okay, this is different. Oh, wow, okay? Fine Shoes Nope oh This is a tight one. It’s a real tight one boys shoes Yes got it That’s oh my god This is why flowers shouldn’t have teeth right there a walk in the park first try first. Try are you paying attention? journalist first try So easy my God look at that a-plus. I love this game. It’s so fun skip boss option my god Well look at this new area oh Why you so sad? Ok let’s go help the mouse I Am literally stuck this game is absolutely awful This is the worst game. I have ever say I’m stuck 0 out of 10 Worst game I take every praise back I take a back out Gemma. There’s a glitch in it Where’s the skip boss vital button? Why can’t I just skip the entire game? Huh? Where’s that option? Huh you can fast-forward a movie right huh you can fast-forward of the movie. Why can’t I just fast-forward with a game, huh? Huh that’s legit criticism. They used oh cool What I don’t I? Did it what how do I dodged? Oh? I don’t know what I’m doing I do I shoot the duck sir. I am pissed It’ll taken out god. I Don’t know what to do let’s jump up on the beetle What the heck just happened Oh What? Seriously where’s the skip button I don’t want this Come on dude this sucks this sucks this One is really not that hard at all Yes, that’s right stupid Pluto What now what now oh my God, I don’t know what’s happening all I know is I could die any second. That’s a bit creepy oh wow, okay All right Very fast train okay, and I’m dead God damn this one is difficult compared to the other ones zero deaths, okay zero deaths I Got it. Now. I get it. I get it. I got it again. I mastered it. I mastered the arts I mastered the urge all of them all of them at the same time look at that I missed that move on purpose, and then why it’s too easy too easy Take this stupid bit I hate it. I hate the Super balloons. Okay, they’re annoying they’re knowing to me. I’m sorry I hate I don’t like vanilla ice very much. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I don’t like balloons. I’m sorry I’m killing it though. I’m killing I’m not sorry die please No No, thank you Oh, we got this stupid one. Yeah, I’m calling you stupid now. Oh He’s gonna come here now. I know you know young your whip is snappy Get it get it right up your ass, that’s right, easy Must be a genius to figure that out you must be a genius like myself Come on little penguins Blah I missed Come up penguins where’s your little penguins? What are your little penguins? Huh? Where are they time? Right I killed penguins. What are you gonna? Do put it by murder of penguins polygon you gonna write about thing you’re gonna write about my no. I’m not gonna okay? Maybe you will write about that thing that can’t fight our Dude last one hit me that was not fair stop No, no, I’m not Berenice very easy. Oh my god It was so easy look how much help I have less 500 it Look okay alright fine fine. I’m sure you got eight plus the first time you beat It sure buddy sure buddy sure sure keep talking keep talking know what I hear this Yeah, but that bad bad bad bet a bad bet I okay alright. That’s it for me for it for now Hope you enjoyed this episode Leave a like if you did really appreciated. I love cuphead. You know it’s not a game for everyone But there are games for everyone, so play those instead you crybabies Jitsu ow


  1. Its awesome that pewds seems to just love the game so much that he doesnt rage at all, it shows his love for this kind of art and gameplay

  2. Me and my brother found that if you play 2player when 1st player dies click the menu and u will come back to life but 2nd players HP goes down to 1

  3. On the first boss felix plays in this video o his second try he says "I'm so bad" but that same boss too me a day to beat

  4. That's what I think if a game is too easy it's boring… I love hard games because when you win and finally get the goal you feel amazing!

  5. I'm saving for a gaming PC. Really want to play this game. The art style is beyond amazing. Its but it's worth it. It's more rewarding if it's hard

  6. Can someone tell me the exact translation of what Pewd said on 11:56? He said it funnily and I thought it's a real language and sentence

  7. Jesus lol. Even back in 2017 "journalists" were already calling anyone who didn't agree with, or liked what they said toxic. Because you can't just have a different opinion on something or think they're wrong.

  8. As someone who fucking terrible at video games but still plays them, I generally try to avoid very difficult games. However I'm not gonna be a dick and say it's bad just cos I'm shit at it. How dense are the journalists

  9. Well played bro .. And thanks for respecting somebody's hard work ..its really hard to imagine this kind of art work

  10. You actually listen to movie reviews from critics? You've been tricked, you've been backstabbed, and you've been, quite possibly, bamboozled.

  11. Please don't make pro baseball players make you feel bad that that you're not as good as someone who worked hard to be a pro at the game

  12. Doing a challenge is challenging I want to skip and just be given the satisfaction of completing the game instead of actually earning it

  13. Gamer's Skill Level

    Game Journalist

    Oops sorry I put Journalists in gamers, in reality they're just cry babies.

  14. There should be a difficulty option that gives you invulnerability, super strength and light speed, and call it "Game Journalist Mode."

  15. Honestly, I recently beat the game on switch. At first, through maybe the second isle, i was in the "this game is honestly way too hard camp." I felt like it was unfair difficulty (I.E: the enemies predict where you're going, certain cases of 0% chance to dodge, etc)

    While there are some cases where you can't dodge (stuck in a corner) when i got better i did realize that there were patterns to look for that helped me tremendously.

    Game is hard. But now that i got better, it's fair. Loved it.

  16. The thing that I hate the most about the "Skip Boss" button is the fact that bosses are supposed to be this powerful enemy that you HAVE to go through since it teaches you new stuff about the game, though I guess game journalists will be small brains forever.

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