hey guys before you watch this video I’m
warning you this team is filthy hallelujah how’s it going guys I have got the
chance to use one of the best teams I have seen on people so far and it is
from another youtuber yes you might know who it is from the title so I am playing
with road to shorts ultimate team his FIFA 1902 the team and this should be
fun this should be really really fun
apparently he’s got new players in his team so I don’t really know what players
he has got okay I’m gonna go to his team and see what team I could build a cake
great new squad what should I call a I’m gonna call it bro – sure Oh mad team
okay it can only spell TTE Wow colony a cut you add more like characters okay so
guys I’ve got a blank team let me see what Lance is rocking in the scene
before I start this oh my god oh my god that is not legal that’s not legal folks
would see no way but the players I just saw Wow again let’s get into it I think
I’m gonna go for a full three to one that’s the best formation on this game
and now and start with a goalkeeper so in gold we are starting with the ninety
two races daddy they are look at his stats look at his attribute they are so
godly he’s working 91 dive in a 688 can I apply reflex and 89 positioning he is
the 90 to break it down with the hair of the Champions League versions they could
look like impacts for there no impacts any more
so this card is pretty damn rare well not rare but it is a good car to get
like he costs 393 K dies a lot for a goalkeeper oh I will still take that now
we’re gonna go to the Ryback now Ryback oh my God he’s got icons Annette e92
graded icons a Betty cause 975 K I don’t have that for an icon right back he’s
got high attack in high defensive so he will run up and down on that wing he’s
got 86 face 63 sure in 88 pause in 85 triplet 90
defended at 81 physical came right back down now move done to my left back okay
so my left back today I don’t know who I’m expected I’m expected an AGA
Champions League Judi al 194 bass literally what is the stat
what are these times this is illegal you can’t have a card like this in your left
back position am i to center back it’s my first center back I am going with 19
for Ray and Maldini 86 page 56 shooting 75% 69 dribbling 96 amended and eight
degree difficult Baldini is 94 ray is I need the percent back in my teeth
well not my team rotor shorty my I can’t afford the team is and linking up with
him we okay with the 93 rated per se he’s icon as well with my right back and
left back on the wings I doubt anyone will pass these players but I’m thinking
to switch the formation I want to switch it to something else
I think I’ll switch it to though or triple – yeah that looks bad because we
got to see DMS so my first CDM is the ninety one rated Stevie G the guy that
slipped for Liverpool but never mind he’s an icon now look at these in-game
stats tell I just see green but a snare I think I know my up icon linking up
with Gerard we are going with wait whoa I swear he had Lampard
wait yeah where is the CDM so it turns out
Lampard left the team okay cool he said I can buy anyone I want so I’m gonna go
into the market and see who I want to buy it as CDM who do I want to buy with
300k I know who I’m gonna buy so the guy I just snipe for city I’m
linking up with Gerard is the one and only 85 rated for be no I’m telling you
if you get this card you would not regret it one bit
now you’re probably thinking why you gonna lick for video and like a fool I
got Stephen hear me out I’ve got a lot to say about him that one
FIFA 90 came out I did pack an 85 rated Fubini oh and I was like hey he’s 85
rated he’s got some good defensive stats why not use him for a couple games oh my
goodness was Anita gray s MIT the guy’s got 91 penalties he will score
every penalty 91 peddle you that’s not the highest ever he’s also good in the
air when I told you he wins every boy in the air corner kicks here’s your man if
you don’t have Ronaldo for being Yahoo dude and he’s physically stronger every
challenge he goes into he is stopping it like I’m telling me so great I love him
on this game am i central tacky mid I think he’s got like hacky or someone I’m
gonna go with Wow i’ma go with LA then it has 95 days
ninety six hundred ninety three balls at 96 and 76 physical his in-game stats
look at em oh my goodness 97 vision 94 Jilla t90 a reaction 94 head in accuracy
and the guy 5/5 for a what the hell he’s got 95 acceleration 95 sprint speed my
you say with the second position 98 finish it oh my 98 composure
this card is unreal this card is amazing five stars skill moves four-star week
for high attacking and he calls 4.8 million coins 4.8 mil and if you have
penny you’ve got the secret to have his rival Maradona 97 rated Maradona
that’s the highest Meyer done you can get eCourse 2.6 milk
– what that’s decent high tech in medium defensive 5 sauce skills that is decent
545 same height as me 98 balanced 94 reaction 19
Bukit Joel 98 dribbly 95 composure this card is surreal why if I wanted to
choose our pal a marathon off the Kokopelli cuz the head and accuracy
heading on this game is OB four corners have my strikers my striker this is
where it’s gonna get filthy I do not know he’s gone well I know one
of the players but of one I don’t remember who’s got so striker he has got
93 rated Thierry on read this card I wanted so badly but he has got some
amazing stats first oh no cause he did get him in a pack like he came in a pack literally why does he always get the
padlocks and when it’s me I just don’t get nothing
I get ninety one rated Mort rich so when I saw this card I was literally like hey
Harry chill please and the striker linking up with him is 94 rated
Cristiano Ronaldo he is the one sovereign and he cost him 2.9 million
coins that free cheap for once a watch but still that’s Ronaldo he has got 90
days 93 shooting 8090 turbulent and 79 physical he’s so good in the Andes I
wanted the best when it comes to any affinity literally Harry you feel sweaty
your team is honestly swayed what the hell is that I caught a food is
T but this team is like freaking 50 mils and male I don’t know it’s a lot of
coins and yeah this is my ultimate team well road to show those to the team but
I get to play it so for now is my ultimate team I didn’t hack him so
please I just want to get out there I did not hack him I arks him and never
lose it this is cool and yeah once again thank you for letting me use the field
but enough talking let’s get into this come on come on who’s the sky sure miss
team Jimbo okay come on Jimbo I’m ready be come on Jimbo showed me
that team and Jimbo back toe Jimbo didn’t want the deed Jimbo didn’t want
to get slapped silly hey I thought someone I found someone come on again
come on a dog training who’s his team oh my god hazard macaco baiu hate his team
I hate Babel I hate Lukaku and I hate as odd especially takaku he’s so annoying
bhishan josh please don’t disappoint his team wrath penalty yes penalty come on
Maradona night for Pelle night free okay he’s getting worse I’m gonna leave it to
Maradona less let’s go marathon oh come on Maradona please oh good
in the middle no I don’t know and I miss oh we’re good okay
brush that side we still got this cuz this is a Ronaldo head on or pates oh
please open a oh my god what a go go go penny that’s why he’s so good the guys
I’m five foot two and he’s scoring headers not pennies unreal without Oh
Dobie upside your head upside No Ronaldo where was that no no I hate Lukaku who’s
that sanity oh my goodies got pace he’s so let like
a cougar like a coup but this is why I hate Lukaku Oh what did I tell you about
Lukaku he’s so annoying so black I keep thinking Fubini oh so hungry and
hundreds for be know they both got peanut hence this guy’s doing these one
twos I hate the one zoos ten a claim that cross it in honorees there oh my
god oh he’s lucky who’s that Jared Jared hurry hurry
yeah Epis what to go a decent assist by Jared what’s the code see on read 90 be
read ha dream Oh bad what’s a goal Connery finesse yes
country with the finesse cover harder uncle my god wanna go come on yes Kadri
scores free now I’m getting hot get super offer child for his proposed
submits he’s so quick what a blonde yo dis defense is mad no no he has
sporty Oh game over Wow red words no free game he just
literally down the tub don’t leave me for me not oh yes five no he’s probably
staying in the game cuz he thinks his hairy plane is not hairy
it is me hello oh well good luck this team is
so good bye literally so casanetti yo I like sanity on this all my sanity is so
good hello tawdry hungry hungry hat-trick to
go tawdry hat-trick oh my god yes finally win a game on Viva I’m the worst
wherever I’m on penny come on penny Pele one more goal sorry I was it
supposed Audrey but Ronaldo scores yes I thought it I like I won a game and kept
a clean sheet with this ultimate mega team I’m so gassed I’m actually so gasps
what a victory literally for those I’ll say this is fake this is not faceless
it’s actually a steam is actually 15 Wow I don’t even want to know how much this
team costs like look at his team oh yeah that’s his team thanks Harry for making
me use your team such a sick team but yes not it’s not fake is not a fake back
opening or whatever you wanna call it is actually his FIFA 1902 the team so yeah
guys thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time goodbye I can’t believe
I’ve just played over T my tears oh my god oh man go about 16 belts my shelf
they say I’m a chump they call me Ric Flair secured the backbone changing
gears got the engine roar like I’m in a Mustang
been about five minimal and stack the loose change circuit on a FIFA pad my
moonwalk crack can’t handle to pack my white crust can I get airbag


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