Playing Indoor Golf and the Real Launch Monitor Numbers! OUCH!

Playing Indoor Golf and the Real Launch Monitor Numbers! OUCH!

all right so uh there’s a there’s a million reasons why we all hate golf right it takes too long it’s way too crowded many times the affordable courses are in junky condition so uh well I think I think we might have that figured out today let’s do it okay I’m outside precision golf centers here in Torrance California and they’ve invited me out to check out their indoor golf playing facility this sy this place I’ve never been here so it should be a pretty cool experience and it’s I don’t know we’ll see if we can get a round of golf in here see what it’s like all right and then maybe you could not leave a link below to their location there’s a they’re coming around so get ready this could be the the next best thing in the world of golf let’s do it hey great Craig Matt thank you all right how you doing guys it’s Craig y’all you’re the owner right yeah yeah two other partners which I’m sure you’ll meet shortly yeah man yeah welcome EJ overhead projector 4k display each one’s got a Forsyte Sports GC quad with club tracking technology we got the country club elite hitting Matt so Realty Matt’s and then titleist pro v1 X practice balls for the range balls I will warm it up do a little warm-up at my 7-iron we’re hitting off the GC quad it’s gonna give me all the numbers I could possibly imagine got my sensors on the club right here too right there huh the green is 165 out will see its first swing of the day give me a few to warm up so facility like this is gonna allow you to analyze your swing in a very precise sweat you can work on your club your club path learn about your average carry distance and it will be surprising how far you actually carry the golf ball compared to what you think you actually carry it but then it gives you your your data in terms of you know your variance shot to shot and your consistency really so really good information to have especially if you want to improve your game quickly having that kind of information will help you especially when you transfer it to the course because you’ll know oh I hit my 7 165 but it only carries 150 so I’ve got to carry 155 it’s not a 7-iron anymore right it’s a 6-iron that’s really gonna help you the carry distance is key if you want to get better faster a place like this is gonna help you help you get there you know it’ll shed a light on reality most golfers live in fantasy land and we need to go to reality land if we want to really improve and get better okay right now swing speeds 105 what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna try to hit it as hard as I can all right and let’s see what happens to my swing so I’m gonna give it everything I got it’s 92 I’m gonna swing smooth now compared to that last double and that wasn’t supposed to happen all right but uh let’s see what happens good smooth swing do it out all right now I can hit fairways all day like that that’s 102 miles an hour club head speed when I was a 256 yard carry which I’ll take all day long and my smash factor was one point four six which I think 1.50 is the highest you can get so one point four six is pretty saw that’s that’s right where you want to hit it on the clubface and what do they do for smash factor it’s ball speed divided by club head speed you mathematicians can work on that now what I’m gonna do here I’m gonna take all my wrists as much as I can out of the swing and a lot of people say you lose club head speed I’m at 106 right now normal swing I’m gonna no wrist it like a Bryson to Shambo style and let’s see if I lose club head speed I say no well you might lose a couple month but we’ll see 104 miles an hour solid drive all day long I mean like I said you can not wrist hinge and still hit it far 2 miles an hour I’ll take it if I hit more fairways so awesome what crams tell me about and a facility like this what you can do is he hits shots and then if it didn’t feel right he tries to guess what went wrong and then he looks at the data and it shows him what went wrong and so he can say oh is my feel equaling what is reality you know field versus real and because so many times you’re out on the golf course you hit a bad shot and then you want to reel all your golf swing and you know it could have been one little issue and you just don’t know what it is so when you practice like this not only do you learn how to get more consistent but you learn what goes wrong so that you can fix it for real and not just ruin yourself because you just don’t know what’s going on that makes any sense at all I got it he got it got it you got it if you don’t just skip this part and go boom one okay we’re going to set up the three-hole course we’re playing at Eaton Pines I’ve never played either of them where are they they’re in Torrance who knew poplar and Boulevard he’s giving me a beginner course okay put him on the black all right at least I’m playing the tip okay so first hole 404 10th par-4 I’m gonna play it if I hit it straight he’ll probably on the water so I’m gonna play a little cut just take a little get out that’s right then I hid in the water bad all right so I take a drop looks like blowing up over part on this hole okay 50 degree wet 108 we rough start for mr. short cane eight yards to the pin here 60-degree I don’t know this is where we’ll see we’ll see how dial in your short game I try hit the pin I almost got a dog I got a one point eight over par we’re on auto planner so that’s it’s a double boat so I hit it up hold a little drove it in the rough and to 268 I saw it I have 197 to the pin alright so we’re gonna go for iron I got some room behind the I’ve got park-to-park it 148 r3 I’m going 8-iron there’s definitely a learning curve when you’re on course but it’s really really solid I’m 2.5 over par in three holes well I did put one of the habit bogie golf that’s my that’s my three old challenge here at precision golf centers this place is awesome I’ll leave a link below to a precision Golf Center check them out and follow them on Instagram I’ll leave links for everything and follow them along and this is the place you know if you’re local here in you know the South Way in LA you’re gonna want to stop by and check it out awesome spot alright thanks for watching hit the like button subscribe to channel too haven’t done so already everything’s below we’ll see you in the next precision golf video

14 Replies to “Playing Indoor Golf and the Real Launch Monitor Numbers! OUCH!”

  1. Teton pines is in Wilson, Wyoming
    I played there a few years back. It is an awesome course. Beautiful place to play
    Great video!

  2. Can’t get 1.50 on quad as measures clubhead speed differently to trackman (will always be roughly 3mph higher) . Hence equivalent to 1.50 on quad is 1.45 ish, so you’re bang on optimising

  3. no wrists 😛 you say, paus the vidoe in ur top back swing same wrists there as when u hit the shot before 😛 ^^ btw love the vids 😀

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