PLAYING FIFA 18 WITH FOOTBALLERS ft. Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi, Pogba, Sanchez | Footy Friends

What’s up, Broskies? PersianBroskie here. Today I bring you ‘Playing FIFA 18 With Footballers’ Make sure to hit a ‘Like’ on this video and subscribe for more ‘Footy Friends’ videos just like this one. You ready Neymar? Let’s get into it. Alright, let’s get this game started. Yo, what are you doing, dude? Ah! penalties and freekicks! Well done, well done. It’s a one man team. Call that ‘Neymar FC’. Alright, let’s just play. Alright, let’s do this Ronaldo! You are on the FIFA cover. That’s exciting! We can skip this screen. I get it, you are on the cover. Let’s go ahead and skip. Alright man, I get it, you are on the cover. That’s great. But can you skip this? Let’s play the game. ugh. Dude. Yeah your stats are great, man. Ooh, wow! Nice statistics. You beat Messi this year, congratulations. Can we play the game now!? Thank you. Come on man! Forget that, let’s play. Come on! Can you pick up the controller and play? That’s it? 1 pass and you are subbing yourself out? Where are you going? Let’s play! This guy is so overrated! Come on! That’s not a foul! I barely touched you. Oh yeah, penalty. Of course it’s a penalty. What’s going on here? Wait a minute, did you just select Neymar to take the penalty? Neymar! Come on man! Cavani, where are you going? Alright, let’s play. We got Messi! Let’s play this! ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’? I know you are not a big fan of FIFA because Ronald is on the cover but I don’t even know how to play this game. Alright. I will give it a try. I will give it a try. For you. How come you are not playing? Pick up the controller. Let’s go. Ok. I see how it is. Arlight, Gareth Bale in the house. Let’s play this. Let’s do this. Are you alright, man? What happened? Are you injured? Oh no! Get well soon my friend. Injured? Such a shame. Are you sure you don’t want to put those snacks down? Ok. You do you. Eat as many snacks as you would like. That’s a goal right there. Where’s all this money coming from? Oh! The money man himself. That makes me feel great.

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