Player Two

Player Two

[Music] well when I was four my dad bought a trusty Xbox you know the first rugged you blocky one from 2001 we had tons and tons and tons of fun playing all kinds of games together until he died when I was just six I couldn’t touch that console for ten years but once I did I noticed something we used to play a racing game rally sports challenge actually pretty awesome for the time it came and once I started meddling around I found a ghost literally the owner time race happens not the fastest lap so far gets recorded as a ghost driver yep you guessed it his ghost still rolls around the track today so I played and played and played until I was almost able to beat the ghost until one day I got ahead of it I surpassed it and I stopped right in front of the finish line just to ensure I wouldn’t delete it bliss [Music]

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  1. The video and story are okay. But this lame ass cliche of the protagonist running for no reason and suddenly stopping is stupid as fuck.

  2. My best cousin who i used to play PlayStation 1 with committed suicide in 2013 on top of that my great friend who was apart of my gaming clan from 2007 all the way too 2016 passed away from a heart attack & musculer destrophy. It's already been 3 years & it feels like yesterday me & the entire gang used to play online everyday & every holiday. I havent played Xbox or PlayStation in so long.. But I still regret not having the chance to play one last game with him or my cousins.. I just remember not being so much of a gamer when I got my Xbox one.. I just remember him texting me while I was working and at the time busy working & dating someone. But it was around Christmas time and new years I woke up on a misty snowy dark day it was foggy outside & my phone was blowing up of texts.. I read the first one from my cousin simply saying Willy died. all the other holidays before that we would've been playing online with the new games & all of that but ever since 2016 it's now 2018 I havent played.. I've been through alot but I'll always love the gaming community ❤? Willy was from San Diego I'm from Manhattan.

  3. This hits me right in the gut – I lost my dad when I was three and I don't have memories or experiences like this and it makes me glad for people who do have these good memories

  4. If I ever have kids I want it to be like this with forza horizon. But those little shits will never beat my top 10 worldwide times.

  5. I'm 18 now, I was 12 when my father died, we weren't close, not even remotely, he was a drunk and a drug addict, he died 3 years after the last time i had seen him on my ninth birthday, I always hated him for not making more of an effort because both me and my mother new that he could do better if he just tried, if he just tried he could have been an amazing father, he was a damaged man that experienced a Nightmare childhood, I wish he was still here, i wish i could just give him a hug, from the stories my mother told be about him he was both an angel and a demon, but on my ninth birthday i saw him stroll across the car park like a bad ass to come meet us, and in his hand, a copy of the sims 3, a game that at the time i had been dreaming about (i was a huge fan of the sims) and i was ecstatic, the memory of that day is a little foggy but i do remember the joy i felt in that moment, the joy i felt when i realized that my father, my deadbeat farther, had some kind of good in him, I'm sad i never got to see him again after that day, but I'm happy that the last experience i had with him was a joyful one, R.I.P Dad

  6. found this story on facebook and it was a emotional time as i read the story… I lost my father last year we used to play games with each other all the time even when mom used to say go to bed my pops would sneak in and get a round or two more with me…. this story touched me personally and i wish i could've been so lucky

  7. The last time I played MLB The Show was the 2007 iteration on PS2. I created my 9 year-old son as a player in Career Mode as a shortstop because that was his position and becoming a Major League ballplayer was his dream. He was killed tragically this past summer by drunk driver on the wrong side of the interstate about a week shy of his 21st birthday. I'd given away my old games, but I found my old PS2 and memory card in a box while housecleaning last week. Hopefully, I can find another MLB The Show 07 so I can play the game as my son again.

  8. Difficulties will always pass, tomorrow will be better! Everyone will experience death, don’t be overly sad! Fight to your life, guys!

  9. I have lots of screenshots of me and my dad playing games together. hes old in his 70s and this video brings me to tears every time

  10. Thank you for this video! My father died a few weeks ago. Now i'm sitting here with tears in my eyes! Great video! Thumbs up!

  11. I just had a son ( 2 years of age at the moment but I ALWAYS WANTED A SON FOR THIS SPECIFIC REASON) I am a gamer and he's already picking up the controller…..but i can't wait to whoop his ass in WWE, TEKKEN, 2K, NEED FOR SPEED, and any Co-op games we will make hella memories playing games like me and my lil brothers ?

  12. Man and I thought just the written post could make me cry the music in combination with a narration… oof pardon me while I go bandage up my heart.

  13. This is why I’m keeping my wii…
    So I can pass on years of MK Wii, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and New Super Mario Bros Wii to the next generation.

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